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PageTraffic SEO Report CardGet expert feedback on where your site stands in terms of search engines readiness. The SEO Report Card is a simple and well summarized way of finding out how different aspects of the site score when taken on a scale of search engine guidelines.

For ease of understanding, the Report assigns a grade on different aspects of the site, such as the following:

  • Indexation
  • Meta tags
  • Links
  • Viewable Page Text
  • HTML Validation
  • Layout - Navigation - Design and more.


"During the two years I have been running my online furniture business, I have gone through numerous audit reports and site review documents. However, I must confess I was a little lost in the details all the time. PageTraffic SEO Report Card, on the other hand, is neat, to the point and is very helpful in understanding what needs to be done on the site."
Dan L.

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Free SEO Report

Free SEO Report

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