Q: If we talk about link building in Post-Penguin age, I would like to know how important are these two factors: 1) What the site is about? 2) Anchor text - on links as votes? A: Link building has become all about quality after the Penguin update. So, what is the parameter of quality? Firstly, the website should be real and not some junk such as

Q: I am helping small businesses with Google Places and noticed that most of them haven't claimed their listing. The reason could probably be that they don't know about it. If I am setting up their listing by adding photos, advertisements, reviews etc., am I taking the advantage of their ignorance to generate business, when they could have done it themselves?

Q: I am creating 3 web pages and optimizing each for similar but different searches. Is the okay to have similar content on these pages or same content in some parts of the page? Is it true that Google does not like similar or duplicate content? A: Duplicate content has high chances of getting penalized by Google. If you have same content (exactly the

Q: I have a list of 15 keywords that I would like to target my website for. How these keywords should be placed within the content. A: The very first task for you is to define the high priority target keywords. If you have 15 keywords, you will eventually end up having 5-10 of these in your list. The second phase would be to create landing pages

Q: How can one find out if he has been affected by Negative SEO? A: Negative SEO is a big concern for webmasters. When a competitor complaints about your website, this could result in affecting your ranking and getting you a manual action from Google. If you have been affected by negative SEO, you must have done something to violate the Google Term

Q: Is it right to use short and keyword heavy footers? What do you suggest using? Canonical and 301 redirect or just one of these, in case you have moved the content from one website to another? A: Short, keyword heavy footers raise the keyword density site-wide, allow for link-sculpting around the targeted keywords, and also get natural syntax onto t

Q: Is it true that moving up listing or say Search Engine Optimization in Yelp also results in an improved Google SEO Optimization? A: If you think of Yelp as a search engine, the very first step would be to claim your free listing on Yelp. The next step would require optimizing the listing by placing the search queries or keywords that people type i

Q: What is the importance of title tags for images in SEO? In the case of an image, is an image title as important as the ALT within the HTML code for the image? A: It is generally thought that the Title tag for an image is ignored by Google. However, I would like to refer you to the

Q: Recently, I decided to keep a check on how my site’s keywords are ranking with the help of Firefox's Rank Checker. When I checked the rank of a keyword, it ranked #150 and a week later, it ranked #6. I thought it might be a mistake, since the keyword ranking jumped 144 spots. When I checked back after 2 days, the ranking dropped down to #165. I am unable to figure o

The recently released Penguin 2.1 update by Google has taken the SEO community by surprise. Matt Cutts said Penguin 2.1 would affect >1% of searches, webmasters have however seen a significant impact of the update. Post Penguin 2.1, PageTraffic did an in-depth analysis of its on-going campaigns

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