Let's Talk About Your Finance & Insurance SEO Strategy

We know what it takes to rank your website higher on Google.


Our SEO finance services offer you an affordable, reliable, and proven way to attract leads round-the-clock without taking up your valuable time.

Battle-Tested SEO BFSI Process

Right from competitor analysis and keyword research to keyword strategy, content creation & content marketing to securing high-value financial domain backlinks to on-page optimization and tracking key metrics & offering monthly reports, our SEO finance process is well-optimized over the years and guaranteed to deliver results.


We know search engines like no other. We’re one of the first SEO companies in India and we’ve worked with more than 6000 clients, catering to around 400 campaigns every month. Besides India, we have a strong presence in America, Australia, UK, Canada, and the rest of Asia. So when we say we’re experts in finance SEO, we know the game, the ins and outs, better than most SEO companies out there.


Financial companies need to follow strict rules prescribed by governing bodies like SEC. Our SEO professionals know the strategies, tactics, and language that are prohibited and allowed on financial websites. We can ensure your site strictly abides by these regulations.

Proven Track Record of Success

PageTraffic has a proven track record of success in the SEO industry since the last 20 years. We have helped companies beat their competitors by ranking higher than them on Google search results pages. PageTraffic's team of SEO specialists are innovative and dedicated to improving your company's visibility on the internet.

Data Driven SEO

Our experts use the latest software to generate accurate figures for your campaigns. We do this with our time tested methodology to ensure you're getting top results possible! This means that you'll get the best results for your campaigns with our expertise and experience combined in it as well.

Responsive Customer Support

Communication with us is easy and straight-forward. We will keep you updated about the status of your campaign, as well as respond quickly to any questions or concerns that come up. We keep our clients updated about the SEO tasks we're doing and how their site is progressing. We also answer all messages within a couple of hours so you know your message was heard!


Investment Advisory

Drive qualified traffic to your Advisory website with SEO.

Financial Planning

Boost traffic and leads on your financial planning website.

Business Consulting/Planning

More leads for your Business Consulting site.

Retirement Planning

More traffic and qualified leads to retirement planning websites.

Estate Planning

Boost the ROI of your Estate Planning business with our SEO services.

Tax and Accounting

Rank higher in Google with our expert SEO knowledge.

Local Insurance Agents

Reach out to more potential clients with our local SEO services.

National Insurance Agencies

Expand the reach and ROI of your national insurance website.

Domestic Sellers

Increase the traffic, leads and revenue with our financial SEO services.


Grow your market reach and generate qualified traffic.

Mutual Companies

Get more customers with our SEO services.

Stock Companies

Rank higher in search engines with our expert SEO knowledge.

Case Study Organic Traffic Up By 300%

The Small Business wanted to boost their site’s authority, improve keyword ranking and organic sessions. To do this they needed an effective SEO campaign from a reputable company that could help them get in front of more people on the internet who would be interested in their services - which would lead directly into increased conversion rates!

The SEO Strategy we Used:

  • In depth intent based keywords optimization.
  • Restructuring the site, optimization of web content.
  • Conversion Optimization & Technical Updates.
  • Mitigating Toxic Backlinks.
  • Building momentum with strong links.

Want the full case study? Get in touch and we’ll send it across.

What are our Customers Saying

We take pride in our work and always aim to deliver the best possible SEO service to our clients. We're happy to say that our customers are just as thrilled with the SEO results as we are!

Let's Talk About Your Finance & Insurance SEO Strategy

We know what it takes to rank your website higher on Google.


PageTraffic’s SEO Process

Competitor Audit

We will show you how to beat your competitors at their own game by looking into all of these SEO tactics and recommending what's best for YOUR business.

Initial Analysis

Analyzing your site in order to find areas for improvement and opportunities that are appropriate for you.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is done extensively, with an eye for what users are searching for in your niche market.

Setup & Research

We analyze your website to find any gaps that need to be filled. Followed by a competitor audit which is useful for uncovering any strengths or weaknesses your competition may have that you can capitalize on. After this, the keyword research process begins with identifying the right keywords to target. We then assess the competitiveness of a keyword to determine what needs to be done in order to rank for that keyword.

On-Site SEO

We have a team of experienced SEO experts who can help you optimize your website for search engines, create high-quality content, and improve your website's architecture.

Technical SEO

Improving the technical aspects of the website to make it search engine friendly and rank fast.

Content Optimization

Ensuring your website content is keyword rich and fully optimized to rank in top of the search engines.


We write blog posts that are high quality and on topics relevant to your audience which makes a huge difference to your website performs in the search engines.


We work closely with bloggers to post high-quality, original content that links back to your website.

Content Marketing

We're experts at engaging content marketing strategies that start strong and get better over time, while building relevant links and boosting rankings.

Citations Building

Improving local SEO, Google Maps and Pack rankings by building citations in a local directory.

Link Building

Our team is passionate about creating the best links for you. We make sure they are relevant and natural so that your site stays high in search engine rankings, while also being safe from spammy tactics! We provide you with the best link building services that improve your ranking, while being relevant and authoritative. Building backlink opportunities is important to rank well on Google. If a website has more high quality links, then they will generally be ranked higher in the SERPs.


The main reason we're able to deliver in Finance & Insurance SEO is because of the technology platform and reporting our in-house engineering team has put together.

Our clients get access to real-time reports and insights that are unlike anything in the market.

  • See live rankings not just by today but also compare it with the baseline rank report when we started the Finance & Insurance SEO Work.
  • Monitor the total number of backlinks we have created with their breakup.
  • Keep a track of your site’s indexed pages along with page wise organic traffic and clicks breakup.

Read more about our technology platform.

Let's Talk About Your Finance & Insurance SEO Strategy

We know what it takes to rank your website higher on Google.



Top identified questions our Finance & Insurance clients are asking us about SEO.

SEO is the key to any digital marketing strategy. It helps build stable, lasting organic traffic for your company, while PPC advertising has some drawbacks--at least in specific financial sectors! For example, the average cost-per-click for the search term "financial planning" is $20.00, with a CTR of only 7%. As you can see, pay-per-click advertising is expensive, and most traffic still doesn't click on paid ads. But having a position in organic search results for SEO helps build your company's SERPs, which reduces costs along with it!

Search engine optimization is a vital part of marketing and growth strategy for B2B and B2C brands operating in finance. It helps you reach more potential customers with organic searches.

The benefits don't stop there: increased traffic from organically-driven visitors means better-qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and increased user engagement.

The more traffic we get, the better! When you have over 50K visitors per month on your website and see an increase in organic search engine rankings; it's amazing what a difference that can make. Beyond this not only does every penny spent equals more ROI but also cuts down expenses related to outsource PPC campaigns too!

More and more people are using search engines when looking for financial services. Thus, it becomes vital for all financial services providers to leverage the power of internet to reach out to potential customers who are already looking for your services.

Yes, backlinking is absoultely essential when it comes to boosting the organic traffic. A strong backlink profile that consists of relevant and authoritative links is a sure shot way of ranking in top of the search results.

Your website is in great hands. You'll have an on-page SEO specialist, an off-page specialist and a professional writer along with the Project Manager. The Project Manager will keep you updated every step along the way through our proprietary project management system.

At PageTraffic, we have dedicated a team of SEO experts specialize in finance industry. This expertise has been built with 20 years of experience in the field of SEO, and having helped Financial websites across the globe rank in top of the search engines.

Our website audit is a comprehensive report on your website's usability, mobile friendliness, load speed and other factors, along with vital on-page factors like unique content, page title and meta descriptions. It also provides insights into how well-suited keywords are to target compared with competitors' sites regarding their content strategy and information such as traffic levels.