Q: I want to come up in Google Maps for other towns around the one I service. Adding these towns to my business’s About on Google+ hasn’t helped much. However, my competitors show up for these towns even thought they have not mentioned the other towns anywhere on their

Q: What is the cut off point for keyword volume in terms of global monthly searches? A: There is no strict rule regarding keyword volume. While large industries like insurance can use thousands of keywords in terms of volume in the Keyword tool, tightly c

Q: While creating an online marketing campaign, should I index my PPC landing page on search or use“nofollow” and “robots.txt” to hide it from search? Which is the best strategy for my conversion page? A: There are number of reasons for both ind

Q: When I type a query in the search box, Google automatically starts predicting what I am going to write and also shows results based on my location. As such, what is more important- the analytics which are always mentioned in optimizing the webpage, the IP address or the

Q: What should I do if I want to show my video in the Rich Snippets of Google Search Engine? A: To assure your video appears in the rich snippets of

Q. If an Indian company is optimizing local, how will it affect their organic search results in the USA? A. You can carry out local optimization for your company based in India, nevertheless, build your social media audience in the USA. Try earning link

Q: Should I just use one single keyword to optimize the homepage, or should I include few other keywords? What should be the keyword strategy for landing pages and blog pages? A: It is very important to choose the correct keyword mapping strategy for all the pages on your website. Each

Most entrepreneurs and business owners often think that having multiple small websites can help with their SEO part attracting a huge amount of traffic. Many businesses are already providing more than one product or service, apart from their main product/ service. And this leads to a milli

Q: How can I localize my website to make sure that it gets showed up for local searches? A: Google and Bing localize content for those searches in which the us

Q: What are sitelinks? How does Google decide which sitelinks to display for a particular search? Can I customize them according to my preference? A: The links below a site on Google are called sitelinks. If you search for a company name, Google will of

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