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Scalability is the biggest roadblock that most large companies face when it comes to skill based services, such as search engine optimization and web development. If you are an established SEO company, PageTraffic Private Label Partnership program enables you to expand your client base and service offerings, bring down operation costs and offer the same high quality service that you take pride in.

If you are not into search engine optimization but will like to offer SEO along with your core services, you can offer our SEO services through your site and pass the projects to us.

With an experienced partner like PageTraffic, you will never have to worry about project management or deliverables. You focus on reselling SEO and marketing while we operate as your highly efficient back-office and remain invisible to the client.

A Reseller Partner You can trust

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How it works

Choose your level of private labeling:

You have a full range of choices when it comes to campaign management. PageTraffic can remain completely in the background and send all the project reports to you, which you can forward to the client.


PageTraffic can send the reports, imprinted with your brand name, directly to the client under a generic email id like


PageTraffic can provide access to our white label project management system to both you and the client. Both of you can log in to check campaign progress and communicate with the team. The client will never know of our existence.


You just have to pay us according to the package/service you order. Anything you charge over and above that is your decision and we never ask about that.

Client Ownership

All the credits for the client and results of the campaign belong to you. We will never claim the campaign as our own.


We will sign NDA with you and 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.


We will sign NDA with you and 100% confidentiality is guaranteed.


You shall pay PageTraffic as per prior agreement.

Pre-sales Support

PageTraffic shall provide pre-sales support with proposals and suggestions, if required. However, no support in terms marketing material or leads will be given.

PageTraffic Brand Name

You shall not use PageTraffic company name, its clients, case studies etc.

Partner with a globally renowned SEO company
Become SEO Reseller of a globally renowned SEO company that maintains your quality standards and charges upto 50% - 70% less than other US Companies.

Don't let scalability issues limit your growth. Our immensely flexible private label partnership program allows you to focus on sales and marketing while we take care of delivering the results. Growth is easy and hassle free with our eight years of SEO experience, white label project management system reports and expert support.

From starting out to making a big was never so easy. No staffing required no project management tensions too.

The great news is that you don't have to start your own company to make a big profit. You can earn thousands of dollars /mo by simply referring your friends or becoming a franchise of PageTraffic. There are no set up fees, no monthly expenses and you don't have even have to work full time. It's really easier than it sounds, given our world class support and brand name advantage.

franchise of PageTraffic
Our World Class Reporting Structure

Reporting is one of the most critial parts of a SEO reseller campaigns. Precisely why, we provide comprehensive and extensive reports, covering all parts of the campaign, so that you are always in the know about which way the camapign is going.

Having worked with more than 5 outsourcing partners in less than two years, we knew what we wanted in our partner. Good communication, proven expertise (page 1 results) and company which has been around for some time PageTraffic combines them all. No wonder, we have been their SEO reseller and partners for more than 3 years and thousands of dollars now".

- Darren Hayes
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