Top YouTube Searches

Do you know what people are searching for on YouTube in 2024?

YouTube is the leading destination to stream video content and the second-largest search engine worldwide. With 2 million monthly active users and 30 million daily users, it is consistently growing popular.

Your video uploads on YouTube channels should rank on relevant search terms in your business type and industry to stand out in the crowded marketplace. When you check the trending searches on YouTube, you get insights into social trends, which can help you refine digital marketing strategies and understand the constantly changing needs of viewers. SEO services can always help you with that but you should also be aware of the top YouTube searches and the keyword research tools you can use to reach the right audience.

YouTube Channels

So, what are the top searches on YouTube? Find below the information depending on different factors.

Top 20 YouTube Searches in India

S.No.KeywordNo of Searches
2ashish chanchlani6,82,000
3punjabi songs6,69,000
4dynamo gaming6,32,000
7bb ki vines6,16,000
8t series5,44,000
10tom and jerry4,85,000
11emiway bantai4,81,000
12study iq4,78,000
135 minute crafts4,65,000
14amit bhadana4,06,000
15stand up comedy4,03,000
16mumbiker nikhil4,02,000
18tik tok2,37,000
19free fire1,63,000
20baby shark95,000

Top 100 YouTube Searches in the US

S. No.KeywordNo of Searches
5old town road25,01,430
6Billie Eilish23,55,459
7pewdiepie vs t series21,79,597
9David dobrik20,06,263
11Joe Rogan19,22,619
12James Charles18,52,057
13baby shark18,43,336
17game grumps13,99,182
22Shane Dawson12,18,344
23fox news11,94,207
25Mr beast11,55,660
28lofi hip hop11,15,248
29t series11,06,948
30gacha life10,88,275
31Stephen Colbert10,71,076
33Ariana grande10,45,804
36jake paul938,932
37lazar beam921,944
40Taylor swift894,841
44Jeffree star861,302
46study music840,359
47cardi b833,307
48juice wrld809,349
49game of thrones807,388
52John Oliver784,305
53logan paul775,211
54NBA young boy770,299
55try not to laugh766,004
58avengers endgame752,274
60Andrew yang732,854
61dude perfect730,066
62last week tonight726,970
63Peppa pig725,073
64Mr beast715,461
65chad wild clay708,328
68game theory693,334
71BuzzFeed unsolved682,198
74borderlands 3670,494
78tik tok658,256
81ben Shapiro650,475
82Seth Meyers650,378
83Rachel Maddow648,303
85pokemon sword and shield640,846
87Trevor Noah640,279
88critical role637,750
89Trisha paytas636,567
92first take622,691
96Ryans toy review611,976
98funny videos601,083
99sis vs bro599,916
100Jenna marbles598,684

According to  Ahrefs, the top 100 list comprises singers and musicians topping the charts in 2021 and 2022. With over 1 million searches, Billie Eilish moved upward from 7th to 6th position compared to last year.

Thus, Billie Eilish is undoubtedly one of the most popular artists as they could always promote their YouTube videos and channel well.  “Your Power, ”the song released in April 2021, has already got more than 116M views.

So, these are the topmost YouTube searches in the US.

But what about YouTube searches across the globe? Find below the top 100 searches across the world.

Top 100 YouTube Searches Worldwide

S. No.KeywordNo of Searches
4Billie Eilish13,801,247
5baby shark12,110,100
6old town road10,456,524
12pewdiepie vs t series8,252,156
13peliculas completas en español8,223,530
15Ariana grande7,599,148
16alan walker7,011,862
17tik tok6,918,634
21bad bunny6,462,239
24ed Sheeran6,098,093
25Peppa pig6,011,992
27la rosa de Guadalupe5,653,795
28Taki Taki5,437,988
29Enes Batur5,424,066
30Michael Jackson5,079,319
32t series4,948,708
34bad guy4,806,490
36Taylor swift4,709,317
39Paulo Londra4,606,009
41James Charles4,530,707
43imagine dragons4,471,413
44dance monkey4,468,853
47free fire4,368,431
48gacha life4,360,138
50Justin Bieber4,153,259
51Felipe Neto4,129,776
52Bruno mars4,125,165
537 rings4,071,507
57kill this love3,841,537
59maroon 53,771,017
60Joe Rogan3,763,617
61game of thrones3,762,771
63Linkin park3,735,715
64David dobrik3,707,115
65bohemian rhapsody3,702,925
67lady gaga3,636,055
68aaj tak live3,576,911
695-minute crafts3,542,329
70cardi b3,541,762
71geo news live3,529,420
73Selena Gomez3,452,110
77anuel aa3,421,588
81Los polinesios3,378,828
83Shawn Mendes3,303,856
88dua lipa3,215,514
89con Calma3,209,614
90funny videos3,185,759
94avengers endgame3,043,992
98GTA 53,000,893
99Romeo Santos2,995,028
100Katy perry2,993,646

“pewdiepie” and “bts” are still the most searched terms on YouTube worldwide. Even in 2022, people love listening to BTS, Ed Sheeram, Eminen, and Michael Jackson songs.

BTS has a massive fan following with 67M monthly searches and is one of the most popular search queries on YouTube.

Dream ON, a song by BTS, has 70M views on YouTube.

When it comes to learning the topmost YouTube global searches, you should also know about the most popular YouTube channels and their total number of subscribers. So, find such information below.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Music Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1Justin Bieber64,800,000
2Ariana grande49,400,000
4Katy perry41,300,000
6Bruno mars32,600,000
7wiz khalifa24,900,000
8Nicki Minaj23,200,000
10Chris brown22,000,000

Besides the singers, people also search for gaming vloggers and YouTubers these days. YouTube’s international search trends list reflects that.

Fortnite’s video titled, Marco Reus ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ Enote Coming to Fortnite, has grown to be very popular with 1.1 million views on YouTube.

Fortnite has 11.1M subscribers, reflecting its popularity as a YouTube channel.

As per YouTube culture & trends, as updated on 1st September 2021, below are some of the most popular YouTube gaming, cooking & health, beauty & fashion, comedy, film, and entertainment channels with their total number of subscribers.

Most Popular YouTube Gaming Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
5rooster teeth93,20,000
9ser winter5,98,000
10Giancarlo parimango3,27,000

Most Popular YouTube Tech Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1unbox therapy1,81,00,000
5Derek Banas11,40,000
6barnacules nerdgasm8,89,000
7the art of photography7,21,000
8Roberto blake5,33,000
9droid life4,14,000
10David di franco1,77,000

Most Popular YouTube Cooking & Health Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1bon appetit58,30,000
2the ford ranger52,40,000
4vahchef vahrehvah24,10,000
5food food14,80,000
6nickos kitchen12,40,000
7just one cookbook8,01,000
8Steph and adam5,71,000
9I heart recipes5,07,000

Most Popular YouTube Beauty & Fashion Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1Alisha Marie81,00,000
2meg Deangelis47,50,000
3Sarai jones34,90,000
5Arden rose14,50,000
7Leah pripps7,11,000
8Cambria joy6,19,000
10Tasmin Dhaliwal2,68,000

Most Popular YouTube Comedy Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1Jenna marbles2,00,00,000
2good mythical morning1,72,00,000
4Lilly Singh1,48,00,000
6people vs food1,24,00,000
7all def45,30,000
9Clifford Owusu4,31,000

Most Popular YouTube Film & Entertainment Channels

S. No.KeywordNo of Subscribers
1Miranda sings1,09,00,000
2BuzzFeed multiplayer99,00,000
4clevver news48,30,000
6grace Helbig26,50,000
7button poetry13,40,000
8hamilton Evans6,39,000
9Eile Monty6,31,000
10FYI television network2,43,000

Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy With Up To Date Youtube Statistics

If you’re like most businesses, you are probably already using YouTube to help promote your products or services. But if you’re not staying up to date on the latest statistics, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to reach more customers. Check out these latest Youtube statistics and trends to help you plan your next campaign.

Quick YouTube Statistics 

  • Total number of active YouTube users per month: 2.6 billion dollars
  • Total number of active YouTube users per day:122 million plus
  •  Average Daily Time Spent on YouTube: Time: 18 minutes
  • Total Daily Hours of YouTube Video Viewed: 1,000,000 hours
  • Total Ad Revenue on YouTube in 2021: 8.6 billion dollars
  • Subscribers who pay for YouTube TV:3,000,000
  • Subscribers who pay for YouTube Premium: 23.6 million people
  • Per day, the number of videos seen:1 billion and up
  • Per minute, hours of video are uploaded: 1000

YouTube’s Annual Number of Users 

YearNumber of Users
20120.8 billion
20131 billion
20141.1 billion
20151.2 billion
20161.4 billion
20171.5 billion
20181.8 billion
20192 billion
20202.3 billion
20212.6 billion

YouTube Demographics

  • Males account for 53.9 percent of all YouTube users worldwide.
  •  Females account for 46.1 percent of all YouTube users worldwide.
  •  YouTube is used by 81 percent of American people.
  •  YouTube is used by 82 percent of American male adults.
  •  YouTube is used by 80% of female adults in the United States.
  •  YouTube is used by 95% of 18-29 year olds in the United States.
  •  YouTube is used by 91 percent of Americans aged 30-49.
  •   YouTube is used by 49% of Americans aged 65 and up.
  •  62 percent of YouTube viewers in the United States claim they frequent the site on a daily basis.
  •  Every day, 37% of Millennials aged 18 to 34 binge-watch YouTube.

YouTube Usage Statistics

  • The United States accounts for 15.9% of all YouTube traffic.
  •  Mobile devices account for about 21% of YouTube viewing time.
  •  YouTube is available in 80 different languages for users, with 19 languages available for YouTube Creators.
  •  With 22.8 billion monthly visitors, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website.
  •  YouTube is the second most popular social media site on the planet.
  •  For 78 percent of users, YouTube is their primary video source.
  •  On YouTube, people watch roughly 100 billion hours of gaming.
  •  With 467 million YouTube subscribers, India is the country with the most users.

YouTube User Behavior

  • YouTube is the most popular site for Gen Z men to follow influencers (53 percent).
  • YouTube is used by 42% of Gen Z women to follow influencers, with Instagram being the most popular.
  • In 2020, 62% of YouTube users in the United States used the platform on a daily basis.
  • Users between the ages of 15 and 25 account for 77% of all YouTube users.
  • With a 77 percent user share, the 26 to 35-year-olds are tied to the 15 to 25-year-olds.
  • YouTube users aged 36 to 45 account for 73% of all users, while those aged 46 to 55 account for 70%.
  • YouTube is constantly popular among all age groups, according to statistics.
  • In 2020, 72% of male users and 72% of female users will have signed into YouTube.
  • Music is the most prevalent interest for 64% of YouTube subscribers.

Youtube on Demand Statistics

  • With a 39 percent market share, YouTube is the fifth most popular video source in the United States.
  • 69 percent of YouTube subscribers pay to view whatever they want, whenever they want.
  • 58 percent of YouTube subscribers, on the other hand, pay to binge-watch shows.
  • Customers that use YouTube on Demand frequently account for 35% of the total.
  • Comedy is the most popular genre on YouTube (77 percent), followed by thriller/crime/mystery (23 percent) (60 percent ).
  • YouTube users watch video content on their mobile devices in 72 percent of cases.
  • 75 percent of YouTube users prefer to have access to YouTube on Demand across several devices.

Youtube Growth Trend

  • There were around 1.86 billion YouTube users in 2021, up from 1.47 billion in 2017.
  •  In 2022, the United States has 210 million viewers, up from 192 million in 2018.
  •  Every minute, 500 minutes of YouTube videos were posted in May 2019.
  •  Every minute, 500 minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube, equating to over 30,000 hours of video per hour.
  •  Between 2014 and 2019, the quantity of video content hours posted to YouTube every 60 seconds increased by 40%.
  •  In 2019, YouTube recorded two billion daily users and one billion hours of video watched.
  •  In 2019, YouTube accounted for 21% of global video streaming traffic, trailing Netflix, which had 26.6 percent.
  •  With a 90% user share in 2019, Youtube was the most popular online video platform in the United States.
  •  On YouTube Gaming Live, there were 912,000 streaming channels in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Video Channels Used By Marketers

  • YouTube Video-55%
  • Facebook Video-49%
  • Instagram Stories-46%
  • Facebook stories-32%
  • Instagram Feed Video-29%
  • I do not use Video-18%
  • Linkedin Video-15%
  • IGTV Video-15%
  • Twitter Video-12%
  • YouTube Stories-5%
  • TikTok Video-3%

 YouTube Marketing Statistics 

  • YouTube’s ad revenue was above five billion dollars, according to the YouTube Partner Program.
  • The cost of influencer marketing increased across all platforms between 2014 and 2019. In 2019, YouTube had the biggest growth, with each post costing $1,600.
  • After Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, YouTube was the fifth most popular social media site for marketers in 2020.
  • With 2.23 billion impressions, Apple was the most popular marketer on YouTube in 2020.
  • Turbotax was the second-largest advertiser on YouTube, with 1.99 billion impressions.
  • Pre-roll skippable YouTube video commercials were deemed the most effective advertising form on YouTube by 29 percent of marketers in 2019.
  • Non-skippable advertising, on the other hand, were deemed the most effective by only 7% of marketers.
  • For 10% of marketers, display advertising are the most effective YouTube ad marketing tactic.
  • 60% of marketers claimed they will boost their YouTube marketing budget in 2020.

YouTube Ad Statistics

  • Marketers use YouTube in 55% of cases.
  •  After seeing a brand on YouTube, 84 percent of viewers made a purchase.
  •  After Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, YouTube was the fifth most popular social media site for marketers in 2020.
  •  For 10% of marketers, display advertising are the most effective YouTube ad marketing tactic.
  •  In 2020, Apple Inc was the most expensive advertising on YouTube, spending $237.15 million.
  •  Pre-roll skippable YouTube video commercials are the most effective advertising form on YouTube, according to 29% of marketers.
  •  Hyundai x BTS | For the Earth was the most popular YouTube video ad worldwide in 2021.

YouTube Financial Statistics

  • In 2021, YouTube made $28.8 billion in revenue, up 30.4 percent from the previous year.
  • In Q4 2021, YouTube made $8.8 billion in revenue, up 25% from the previous quarter.
  •  With earnings of around 54 million dollars in 2021, YouTube Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) was expected to be the top-earning YouTuber in the world.
  •  In 2006, Google paid $1.65 billion for YouTube.
  •  On average, YouTube video influencers with 500-5k followers charge $315 each video.
  •  On average, YouTube video influencers with 500k+ followers charge $3857 each video.
  • The majority of YouTube channels are compensated $0.5 for 1000 video views.
  •  On average, YouTube pays $18 per 1,000 ad views.
  •  YouTube has paid out nearly $2 billion to Content ID partners in the last five years.

YouTube Premium Paying Subscribers

YearNumber of Subscribers
20151.5 million
20163 million
20172.8 million
2018*10 million
201918 million
202030 million
202123.6 million

 Youtube’s Competition Data

  • Facebook-2701M Users
  • YouTube-2000M Users
  • WhatsApp-2000M Users
  • Facebook Messenger-1300 M Users
  • WeChat-1206 M Users
  • Instagram-1158M Users
  • TikTok-689M Users
  • QQ-648 M Users
  • Douyin-600M Users
  • Sina Weibo-523M Users

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach out to potential customers and engage with them on a personal level. Not only is it engaging, but it’s also one of the most effective forms of online marketing. In order to make the most of your video marketing strategy, you need to be aware of the latest trends and statistics in the industry. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you plan your video marketing campaign using up-to-date information from YouTube statistics.

Also Read

Which Tools You Can Use for YouTube Keyword Research?

YouTube is a video-based search engine which selects videos to show to certain audiences. It uses algorithms to show the right videos to the right audience. Keywords provide context and information about your video content to YouTube. Then, the algorithm considers and uses those keywords to deliver your content to the target audience.

The video-centric search engine prefers well-liked videos. The algorithm follows the audience focusing on what they watch/don’t watch, how much time people spend watching a video, what they like/dislike, and what they are not interested in.

YouTube keyword research is an SEO technique that helps to find the most related search terms and alternate phrases that people type to look for information. As you learn what your target audience searches for, you can add those keywords directly to your video names, descriptions, tags, and transcript.

YouTube keywords are crucial to getting your content in front of the target audience. Optimizing your videos for search works well in YouTube marketing and enhances your brand recognition.

Find below some of the best tools you can use for YouTube keyword research: is an excellent tool to boost your YouTube SEO efforts. However, the free version has restrictions. So, you can upgrade to the Pro Basic version for $68/year.

This tool auto-completes data to rank hundred YouTube keywords depending on popularity. Then, it generates a full list of keywords categorized as suggestions, hashtags, prepositions, and questions.

The screenshot below shows how many people search for  “BTS” worldwide.

Search Result

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer retrieves from a database of more than 640 million YouTube keywords. Being a part of an all-inclusive SEO toolset, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer shows search volumes for ten different search engines, including YouTube.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

This keyword research tool includes relevant search phrases, which use your keywords, “clicks metrics, and difficulty score. As the database is so massive, Keywords Explorer costs a bit more with plans starting at $99/month.  


TubeBuddy is a free Google Chrome browser extension that works directly with YouTube. It is equipped with a keyword explorer that helps find long-tail keywords to optimize your YouTube videos. The extension performs a thorough practice audit that ensures your video content follows YouTube recommendations. This tool suggests tags and can translate titles and descriptions into other languages.


Besides a free version, TubeBuddy offers a Pro version for $7.20/month, a Star version for $15.20/month, and a Legend version for $39.20/month.

The Bottom Line

If you post a good video on YouTube and it fails to get views and likes, your efforts get wasted. As now you know the most popular YouTube searches worldwide and the best keyword research tools to use, you should write catchy titles and descriptions adding the right tags so your videos reach the right people and your channel wins over maximum subscribers. All the best!

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