Guaranteed SEO Services: The Scam from SEO Companies You Should Avoid

Few SEO firms have been known to offer their clients the “No. 1 Position” in Google organic search or for other search engines naming it as SEO guarantee. This is a totally false guarantee. No one can guarantee your keywords will get a No. 1 ranking. Such a guarantee is just not practical or feasible. Here are the reasons why a No. 1 guarantee in organic search is totally impractical and in fact not even relevant in the current internet marketing scenario.

What does Google have to say about hiring an SEO company and Guaranteed SEO Services? Watch the video below.

The Rankings Are Always Controlled By The Search Engines

SEO GuaranteeSearch Engines are in Control and not the other way round. The bottom line is that SEO professionals do not control the search engines. The ranking is calculated on the basis of the algorithms applied by the search engines. Moreover, they keep changing/revising it, hence there is no way an SEO can predict the results. As far as organic search is concerned-this stands absolutely true.

But, what an SEO can do is know what influences the search engines, they can study and use their past experience to implement some moves, and achieve top ranking. This may include suggesting a few changes to your website so that they fall in tandem with the latest algorithm and search engines’ preferences. Also, you can expect that a good SEO firm will know about any possible algorithm updates, beforehand, and that they may have prepared an action plan for the same so that their client’s site gets less affected.

Trying to cheat the search engine may lead to the site being penalized or banned, and that is why the requirement is an effective SEO strategy, that will work.

Conversion Has Overtaken Ranking

If your SEO firm gets you on the first page- in the top ten results, but for a keyword that does not do much for you, then it is wasted effort. Your website stands nothing to gain to be ranked in the top 10 for an unpopular keyword. What you really want is your business to prosper, your sales to grow, your site to generate leads. That is what your SEO firm must deliver- conversions.

You must get targeted traffic, which will lead to more leads or sales. Getting a rank and an even higher bounce rates- is not what you signed up for right? So, the bottom line is- conversion -with increased inquiries and sales.

For the same, your SEO firm will optimize your site to make you the best in relevant and quality content. So, that the genuine user will get what he came searching for on your site, and stay on the site, look around and even leave a lead behind. Your purpose is fulfilled then.

What Can Be Guaranteed in SEO?

This is an obvious question-what can your SEO firm guarantee for sure then. The answer from a reliable and expert firm will be simple and straight- Increased number of unique visitors. Those people that lead to conversions. A comprehensive report of visits and conversions. A steady increase in the rank of your prominent keywords, over time.

Have a look at these essential requirements from an SEO firm:

Transparency- is the key here- clean practices, and ethical approach to optimization. They should stay away from spammy techniques, that can lead to your site being penalized.

Experience-They must have an impressive past success record. Case studies of previous clients, so that you can see the methodology adopted by them. If they have optimized a site similar to yours, then look at the modus operandi closely, as this is most probably, show you ranking possibilities of keywords closest to yours.

Industry Recognition- The firm must have a respectable name in the industry and have certifications from the leading industrial organizations, and authoritative bodies.

Crisp Planning And Timely Delivery- The company must provide you with a unique plan for your site and requirements, and must guarantee a timely delivery.

The Takeaway

It is a misleading claim for the SEO company and an impractical demand of the client -the guarantee No.1 position. What needs to be done is-working with clear objectives pertaining to the site and understanding the metrics of success, will ensure a successful SEO program.

PageTraffic is an SEO company, that fulfills all the above-mentioned requirements and more. We understand that your site needs to do well, as it is a reflection of our own success!

Ritu Sharma

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