SEO Audit Pricing: How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost in 2024?

If you are a big company with a massive website, you pay a higher SEO audit cost than a startup/SME with a smaller website. Besides your website size, your SEO audit price depends on many other factors. With the best SEO services, you can do auditing at a reasonable price.

So how much will your SEO audit cost in 2024, depending on which factors? Here, you will learn in detail. But, before that, let’s discuss SEO audit elements, types, and duration.

What is an SEO Audit?

It is a complete evaluation of your website from an SEO perspective. The process helps in finding solid and weak SEO areas in your website.

An SEO audit tends to feature the elements below:

  • Technical Audit

A technical audit evaluates your website from a technical SEO aspect. The audit involves searching toxic backlinks and duplicate content, which direct users to 404 error web pages.

  • Competitive Audit

A competitive audit assesses your and competitors’ websites. The SEO report shows a scorecard or comparison chart highlighting your website’s strengths and weaknesses. So, you can enhance your website accordingly to beat your competitors.

  • Social Audit

It investigates your social media presence and shares how many people like, comment on, and share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Interest, Twitter, and Instagram. Social audit checks your website for sharing buttons that encourage people to share your website.

  • Content Audit

A content audit evaluates your website content, including service pages and blogs. The examination also focuses on optimizing title tags, images, and targeted keywords on every web page.

  • Link Audit

A link audit reviews your website’s link profile by checking the quality and quantity of links directed to your website. For instance, if you are a restaurateur who has posted a blog with good recipes, food bloggers may have shared your blog linking to it.

Which Type of SEO Audit Should You Conduct?

If you want the best outcomes, you should invest in an all-inclusive SEO audit, including a technical, competitive, social, content, and link audit. Reviewing every website element can significantly improve your SEO performance.

A high search engine rank can have a massive effect on your brand reputation. When you have a robust website and implement the most effective SEO strategies, you can start ranking high on SERPs for highly competitive keywords in your industry. A thorough SEO audit can boost your website speed and optimization.

As 75% of users stick to the first page of SERPs, you can direct lucrative traffic to your website. Since that traffic includes users from your target audience, it tends to convert by joining your newsletter or buying your products.

So what is the effect of more purchases, leads, and conversions? Increase revenues for your business. When you earn extra revenue, you can hire new employees, offer a new facility and launch a new product/service. So, these outcomes of investing in an all-inclusive SEO audit.

SEO Audit Cost in 2024

The SEO audit cost depends on the size and purpose of the website. The typical cost is anywhere between $650 to $14,000 per audit. Most companies use this standard range when they deliver a comprehensive SEO audit report.

What is the Duration of an SEO Audit?

A proper SEO audit takes 30 to 45 days on average. Sometimes, you can finish this process even in a week. If you use a free SEO checker tool, you will get results immediately.

The average duration for an SEO audit depends on your website size. If your website contains 10 to 20 web pages, you may need only one week to audit it. If your website has over 100 web pages, your SEO audit can take more than 45 days.

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What are the Factors Determining SEO Audit Pricing?

As the SEO audit cost ranges from $650 to $14,000, you may wonder how much you need to spend on an SEO audit. Various factors related/not related to your company influence your SEO audit cost.

Here are the factors:

  • Website Size

The size of your website is one of the most significant determinants of SEO audit pricing. A website with more pages needs more time for evaluation. Thus, a website with 150 pages will pay more than a website with 100 pages.

Never audit a few pages to save money, as you get only a partial idea about your SEO’s strong and weak points. The report can also miss serious errors, like 404 pages. Many agencies tend to charge higher prices for extra web pages per page. You may need to request a custom quote depending on the size of your website.

  • Audit Inclusions

When browsing the websites of different SEO agencies, you will see that they claim to promote various audit features. For instance, some say their SEO services include the link audit, while some prioritize the technical audit.

The inclusion of an agency service affects the SEO audit price. If an agency offers the primary technical audit, it may charge less than an agency that offers an all-inclusive technical audit. Look at the audit inclusions before choosing an agency.

Check if they can customize services to suit your business requirements. The top agencies customize all services, from implementing SEO strategies to performing audits for clients from different industries.

Don’t go for only a partial audit, but a comprehensive SEO audit of your website, mainly if your previous audit was more than a year ago or if you want to upgrade your SEO strategy. Even though the strategies may cost more, they significantly impact your brand’s success.

  • Agency Size

The size of an agency also affects SEO audit costs. For instance, an agency with 30 team members will charge a higher price for SEO  audits than 500+ team members. Wondering why? An agency with fewer members has a lesser capability of completing work. They can accept fewer responsibilities and thus need to increase their value.

Whereas a more central agency can manage a much higher workload. They have many team members, which helps them charge a reasonable price for offering their services.

Though you can associate with an agency of any size, associating with a more central agency can be beneficial for specific reasons. They tend to be more established and proficient, ensuring you get a detailed and actionable audit report.

Depending on your budget, you may come across a small SEO agency that can fulfill your precise requirements and budget. If you run a startup, you should work with a small agency. If you are an SMB or an established business, you should work with a more central agency that offers the best value.

  • Agency Experience

When you work with a highly experienced agency, your business enjoys many perks. The experience of an agency influences your SEO audit pricing.  The experience of an agency influences your SEO audit pricing. You should always try to work with a consistently updated team with the latest techniques and trends. They should be aware of the standards and ways to meet them, which gives your business an actionable report complying with the most effective SEO reports.

However, an agency’s experience also affects the prices. An agent with commendable expertise charges a higher price for their services in most cases, which makes sense as their background leads to better services and results.

If you want to increase your website performance and improve your bottom line, hire an experienced agency. Their experience compared to your website size has a minor impact on your SEO audit price. For instance, the agency may increase its price by a few hundred dollars.

  • Turnaround Time

You can accelerate SEO audits like other services, but it will still cost your business. However, rush services are optimal. If your business isn’t affected by waiting for a detailed SEO report, you don’t need to worry about this factor.

So how much do expedited SEO audits cost your business? It depends on your website, deadline, and the agency. If you want a quicker audit, you also need to pay more. For instance, an expedited SEO audit for a 150+ pages website could have twice increased the cost of your audit for a 75+ pages website.  

If you want a quick turnaround time for your SEO audit, associate with a large agency. With any team members, they can audit your website on time and apply the required changes. Then, they can tell you about their capabilities and service charges. Some agencies may avoid working with you for your deadline. So, inform them about your deadline ASAP to save their time.

  • Audit Implementation

Agencies offering SEO audits tend to offer implementation services. They give you recommendations and then implement changes approved by your team. This saves your time, mainly if you have no SEO knowledge.

The cost for SEO audit implementation varies a lot in most cases. The seriousness and severity of an issue can increase your audit price. A 150-page website with many issues may expect a higher implementation cost than a 150-page website with a few minor issues.

Hire an established agency with a proficient team for a quick audit implementation. Discuss implementation rates with an agency before associating with them for an audit. Your team won’t get an exact price but a general idea of the implementation cost and if it is in your budget. Skilled digital marketing professionals can update your website quickly. Consequently, your website starts functioning well and quickly drives maximum visitors and high revenues.

In a Nutshell

Businesses worldwide are investing in SEO audits for a specific reason, i.e., to improve their SEO and get better outcomes. Without a proper audit, you fail to understand where you currently stand in the SEO sphere and take the right actions at the right time. A slight delay may lead to considerable losses in today’s cutthroat online business marketplace.

You can hire an in-house SEO expert or associate with an agency depending on your business requirements and website size. When collaborating with an agency, you should ask them if their SEO services include an audit.

SEO services tend to start with an audit. When you associate with a big SEO agency, their dedicated and skilled account manager performs a detailed audit of your website to create a personalized and data-centric strategy. They include it with your SEO package without extra costs.

If an agency doesn’t offer an audit with SEO services or charges a hidden fee, look for another agency. You should not move ahead if you get some negative vibes even before you start working together. We are always there to offer you comprehensive SEO services at the best price.

The key benefit of SEO services is that your website upgrades consistently, boosting your search engine ranking for high-value keywords. Keep in mind that the price of SEO ranges from $350 to $2000 per month. An audit costs between $650 to $14000. So, if you want to earn long-term revenues, avail yourself of SEO services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an SEO audit take?

An SEO audit can take anywhere from a week to 10 days. A technical SEO specialist analyzes and uncovers the areas of weaknesses and SEO opportunities on your website.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

Regardless of the amount you pay for an SEO audit, it’s definitely a worthy investment. It gives you an insight into your competition and will help improve your website’s performance. In a nutshell, the ROI of an SEO audit is much higher.

What are some of the best SEO audit tools?

These include:
– Google Search Console
– DeepCrawl
– Screaming Frog
– SEMRush
– Ahrefs

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