Top 24 Digital Marketing Books Every Marketer Should Read in 2024

Like any other industry, digital marketers too need to update their knowledge base and learn from the experience of others. What could be better than reading the best digital marketing books. These best digital marketing books will provide you with a thorough understanding of all of the core subjects and will aid in the development of your analytical skills.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, making it important for marketers to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. While there are plenty of blog posts and articles float around that offer tips and tricks, sometimes the most valuable resource is a good old-fashioned book.

We’ve compiled a list of 24 digital marketing books that we think every marketer should read in 2024. These titles cover a wide range of topics, from SEO to social media to content marketing, and they come from some of the most respected thought leaders in the industry. Whether you’re just getting started in digital marketing or you’re looking to brush up on your skills, these books will help you take your career to the next level.

With their tried and tested methods and expertise in the field, these best-sellers speak volumes about the authors’ knowledge. These digital marketing books can really add value to your marketing efforts by providing tips and tricks as well as actionable strategies for content marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media, and much more.

Top Digital Marketing Books in 2024

Reading a book fills your mind with new information in a short period of time. You get rich bits of knowledge from incredible pioneers for a low price. Creators contract their life experiences in order to improve your vision.

  1. Epic Content Marketing
  2. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  3. Digital Marketing For Dummies
  4. Youtility
  5. Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction
  6. The Power of Visual Storytelling
  7. New Rules of Marketing & PR
  8. Permission Marketing
  9. Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization
  10. Digital Marketing 2020
  11. Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies
  12. The Social Media Bible
  13. The Big Data-Driven Business
  14. You’re My Favorite Client
  15. Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers
  16. Building A Story Brand
  17. Lean Analytics
  18. Hacking Growth
  19. Ogilvy on Advertising
  20. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  21. Content Machine
  22. Hooked
  23. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got
  24. Growth Hacker Marketing

There are numerous in-depth online articles about digital marketing. Disarray results from a variety of options. Books save you time and effort by organizing the works of the best marketers. To help your online empire, surround yourself with the digital marketing books listed below.

Three ‘T’s-to-Target with Digital Marketing Books

In today’s digital world, information is overloaded, and keeping users’ attention is difficult. It is critical to pay attention to the “3Ts: Tactics, Techniques, and Trends” of Digital Marketing to stay ahead of the competition.

In this post, we have discussed 23 must-read digital marketing books. Go through each street, nook, and cranny of these three Ts and you will find the books explaining all of the strategies and maneuvers that should be included in digital branding strategies in a better way.

From the significance of Big Data, as explained in The Big Data-Driven Business, to the significance of storytelling, as suggested in The Power of Visual Storytelling, these books speak volumes about the smart, effective, and authentic techniques, as well as some fancy footwork, required to triumph over the challenges and competitions of Digital Marketing.

If you enjoy marketing and want to advance your career, read these digital marketing books.

The Top 24 Digital Marketing Books

  1. Epic Content Marketing – By Joe Pulizzi

Epic Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, is a content marketing strategist and podcaster who organizes the North American content marketing conference ‘Content Marketing World.’ He is also known as the “Godfather of Content Marketing.”

Joe reveals in his book how to tell a different story by winning the hearts of the audience through smart marketing and less clutter. He emphasizes the valuable content that customers are always eager to consume and share.

Epic Content Marketing is a book that teaches marketers how to create stories that are both entertaining and persuasive, as well as stories that compel customers to act without the use of an expletive.

The book is very interesting in the content we see, consume, and share online. It explains how you can create content that attracts more attention without forcing anyone to read or share it.

The beauty of marketing is that you have the potential to build a loyal customer base because they were not constantly annoyed or irritated by salesman tactics and also because they came on board of their own free will.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “No matter what business you are in, this book is chock full of information, examples, and methods for approaching your marketing in ways that are more appealing to consumers. Bring interest to your niche and brand through methods that have you working smarter not harder. This book talks and uses bigger company scenarios and examples, but as an author (which automatically makes me a business entity) looking for ways to expand my reach to potential customers, the information and ideas presented are invaluable. I especially appreciated the concept of the website as the home base or hub which branches out to all other points of marketing – such as social media. Some material in this book will not be useful or relevant to small or home-based businesses, but as the author encourages, skip around in the book to find what is relevant, useful, and beneficial to your business. The author’s research shows 90% of business aren’t doing marketing effectively. This book explains how to do it right. Highly recommend Epic Content Marketing!” – Joan Wiley
  • “This book is so powerful in creating a content strategy, as all business is communication, without the art of communication, you can’t connect with anyone. This book teaches you how to connect with your customers and your market, step by step plan and strategy to create and engage with your prospective, existing and past customers.” – G Singh
  1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook – By Gary Vaynerchuk

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Leaving aside the absurd title, this book will hook you with its prose from the first page. It demonstrates the art or science of swaying public opinion in your favor through the use of social media marketing. This book contains all of the tactics and advice you will need to ace your SMM game and gain a larger audience base than you currently have.

The book is solely about social media marketing and how marketers can entice social media users to join their ranks. Gary Vaynerchuk, the author, has been in the industry for quite some time. He has seen its ups and downs, and that alone makes this book a must-read for marketing enthusiasts who are still baffled by how to build brand loyalty.

If you are particularly interested in social media marketing, this book is a must-read.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is Gary Vaynerchuck’s ghostwritten book (by Stephanie Land) from 2013. 5 Years on the book is pretty current, as sales and marketing teams still don’t seem to understand the way things work now in the Internet age. As buyers we don’t have to ring you up and get a brochure in the post three days later. We can now go on-line and research your company and it’s products, we can select or deselect your company without you knowing. Gary, takes you through how brands and marketers need to act with such buyer dysfunction. He also takes you through case studies of the various social networks with examples of good and bad practice. If social media is new you or you company, this is worth a read, but 5 years on, needs a revamp.” – Timothy Hughes
  1. Digital Marketing for Dummies – By Ryan Deiss and Russ Henneberry

Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies

Many people would like to have a magic book with the words ‘for dummies’ in the title to have an easy guide on the subject that interests them. Fortunately for those interested in digital marketing, there is already a best-selling book in this field.

Digital Marketing for Dummies is a stripped-down approach to teaching digital marketing to readers, explaining some of its most basic concepts in the simplest way possible before moving on to more advanced subject matter.

What is amazing about this book is how relevant it is in the year 2024, despite its raw approach to the topic. It discusses everything from current best SEO practices to how to effectively use content marketing to gain traction. This book covers every aspect of the digital marketing universe in as much detail as possible.

The book’s goal is to teach new marketers how to create a digital marketing strategy that works for their company. It is well-thought-out and, most importantly, simple to read. This book is well worth reading.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “An excellent introduction to all aspects of marketing. Really helpful”
  • “This book is like listening in to your highschool marketing class (only they popped in the word “digital” to replace “newspaper” and “magazine”. Huge waste of money.”
  1. Youtility By Jay Baer


The most important relationship your company forms during its peak is with its customers. Customers are the backbone and fuel of any business, and without them, it simply does not exist. As a result, marketers must learn how to establish trust with their customers.

Youtility depicts the experiences and struggles of over 700 brands attempting to improve their marketing strategy, allowing readers to learn from their mistakes.

Youtility, thankfully, tells you all of this and more. It is a long lesson in how to build profitable customer relationships with palpable trust flowing both ways. The book advises you on how a company can keep evolving with the changing world of digital marketing in order to stay ahead of their competitors and provide the best service to their customers every time.

Youtility book discusses genuine approaches rather than relying on false advertising to entice prospects. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to build or repair relationships with their customers.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “With so much hype around ‘content marketing’ in 2014, it’s good to see Jay Baer get to grips with the fundamental tenet of any content marketing plan – making something useful. Great book, and I have already had to buy a second copy after giving away my first one. A quick web search will turn up keynote videos and guest podcasts/vodcasts with Jay talking through the central themes of the book. Consider the book as a companion to these.”
  • “Jay Baer introduces a developing concept in marketing that focuses on the individual consumer rather than the mass market. It’s an approach that’s gaining a growing following and one that gives small businesses a level playing field to take on the big brands. This book is a useful push to make your business a Youtility business and provides some handy examples that you could try today.” – Russell Davis
  1. Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction – By Derek Thompson

Hit Makers

There is a reason why this book is so popular among digital marketing enthusiasts all over the world. Derek Thompson’s phenomenal book explains why we like what we like and the impact our culture has on our purchasing behavior.

Unlike the other authors on this list, Derek’s prose is far too personal. The majority of the book’s excerpts are based on his personal experiences as a digital marketer trying to make a name for himself. The book examines a variety of popular advertising campaigns to determine whether they were successful or unsuccessful.

The book also investigates the rise of cultural phenomena such as Facebook and attempts to explain what the social media behemoth did correctly to become the behemoth that it is today.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “I loved reading this book – the whole time I was reading it, I kept telling everyone around me how great it was. There are a lot of established principles and studies in this book, but he describes them with such storytelling that it’s fun to read and hard to put down!” – Cat
  • “The book claims to be about the science of popularity but the author quickly loses credibility because he seems to suffer from some form of self-hatred (he keeps referring very negatively to ”white men” and appears to have problems with being a man and being a white man). You would believe that the author could write about the subject matter objectively but as he muddles the content with an unnecessary politically biased personal narrative and radical left ideology it becomes hard to distinguish fact from fiction. And there goes the science – together with the book. Big disappointment!” – A.H. Mikael
  1. The Power of Visual Storytelling – By Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Visuals are used extensively in marketing, advertising, and branding strategies. Using imagery to tell a story has been one of the most influential methods of attracting customers since the advent of print media, through the era of television, and even today, with the increasing influence and use of social media and online platforms.

The Power of Visual Storytelling explains how to use free PowerPoint presentation slides, photos, videos, infographics, and other rich media to grow your business and strengthen your brand. The book provides a powerful starting point while inspiring new levels of creativity in organizations of all sizes and types.

Visuals and infographics, according to Walter and Gioglio, are essential components of all successful social media marketing. It is critical to stay current and engage people with your visuals in order to capture their attention.

The authors advocate for the use of visual storytelling to raise brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, tell your company’s story, and present information concisely. This book is a must-read if you want your marketing to achieve these five objectives.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “This is a book I will keep on my (virtual) shelf and reference many times. There were a ton of great tips and links to additional resources that I know I will continue to refer back to again and again. I only gave it four stars because, in my opinion, the Kindle version seemed to be surprisingly devoid of actual visuals. This was a little disappointing to me because I expected it to explode with well, visual examples! To be fair, there are some examples but I still found myself consistently wondering where more examples were within the text. Despite my personal preference for a lot more visual examples this is a solid resource that explains which content works best on which platform and I think many will find this book to be useful.” – Laura
  • “Perhaps the most widely discussed 2014 prediction for social media was the blossoming of visual content and storytelling. Brands are clearly embracing this brand building concept, and academia is recognizing its importance in curriculum development. But where and how we incorporate these topics into a social media or content marketing syllabus remains a challenge. The Power of Visual Storytelling by Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio offers a timely and convincing approach to how this might be done.” – Jim Barry
  1. New Rules of Marketing & PR – By David Meerman Scott

New Rules of Marketing & PR

The book New Rules of Marketing & PR provides its readers with a detailed step-by-step strategy for increasing their sales and visibility online by directly reaching out to their prospects. It explains how to use traditional marketing tactics such as public relations to increase your digital presence.

If you are having trouble finding a customer base, this book is a godsend. Not only is the book written in extensive prose, but it is also written specifically for academic purposes.

The book has been translated into 29 languages and is widely regarded by universities and business schools worldwide. To this day, no other book provides a ready-made plan for entrepreneurs like this one. This book expertly guides readers in developing profitable public relations and marketing strategies.

The book includes a number of practical guides on how to effectively market any product or service.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Some authors that put out new editions of their work, often ride on their coattails and are lazy by just putting out a few updates and slapping on a new cover. But not David meerman Scott. This edition is so current with new and relevant material, that it’s just like a brand new book. I’m working on several initiatives that need a good marketing perspective, without a large budget for a marketing team, and this book has so many awesome chapters on how to help my campaigns, that it is very invaluable. This man knows what he’s talking about, and he shares it in such a great way that even people that don’t have experience in the marketing field can take advantage of, and have successful results if they just do the work that he lays out. Thank you so much Mr Scott for another excellent version of your amazing series. I know I’ll be back in several years for a new addition because the nature of advertising and marketing changes so rapidly and I know that he will always be on top of the changes so I don’t have to.” – Kevin F.
  • “Marketing is like surfing — there’s always another wave coming. And David Meerman Scott, being a surfer (like me), gets it. He’s been telling us how marketing and PR are changing since he charged out with his first edition back in 2007. That’s when I first met him, when I recruited him to speak to our huge Social Media Breakfast chapter in the Twin Cities. We were all lucky enough to be among the first to get the inaugural edition and benefit early from its advice. David is not only a great speaker, but writes such easy-to-read and understand books! Each addition adds timely advice about new aspects of marketing in our ever-changing world. Be sure to read about “fanocracy” and “newsjacking” in this new 8th edition. But I was especially stoked to read the Introduction — it’s about David’s passion for surfing, and how he became a fan of making his own wood surfboards. There’s always a new wave coming, and David’s on it!” – Graeme R. Thickens
  1. Permission Marketing – By Seth Godin

Permission Marketing

Seth Godin is a well-known figure in the field of digital marketing. There are several YouTube videos where he advises his followers on the best digital marketing practices to follow in order to succeed. However, if you were looking for a summary of everything this man has to offer, you are in luck.

Many readers have described this book as a one-stop shop for everything related to digital marketing. Seth Godin goes even further, teaching us the practice of ‘Permission Marketing.’

Permission Marketing allows you to think outside the box and develop strategies that result in better marketing campaigns that produce immediate results. It enables you to create appealing brand messages that your customers will consume and share on a regular basis.

This book is ideal for those who want to develop strong relationships with their online prospects. Today, the book has been translated into 35 languages and is widely regarded as the best digital marketing book on the market.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “If you are not familiar with Permission Marketing then this book is a nice introduction to the concept. If however you already read up on this and have researched email / permission marketing then it’s disappointing – despite a number of famous people saying it’s required reading. The book basically introduces you to the concept of permission marketing. That’s all. I was look for a “How To” book i.e. frequency of emails, examples of what to write, how to pick topics, what mail providers to go with (pros and cons) etc. The book does not give you that.” – Trader Bhoy
  1. Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization – Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola

Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

The Art of SEO book has frequently been hailed as one of the best SEO books ever written, and we will explain why here. Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola wrote the book after spending years researching the exact nature of search engines. As a result, one of the most logical books on SEO has been written.

This 1000+ page guide provides readers seeking to implement a comprehensive SEO strategy with valuable insights, guidelines, and innovative techniques. This book has been revised several times in order to keep up with the ever-changing times.

This book, now in its third edition, is an ingenious attempt to explain the science behind search engines. This book has been credited with many readers’ success. Websites that are struggling to rank high on Google frequently choose the first result that appears on search engines.

The Art of SEO is a legacy book that everyone who wants to be on the top in their SEO competition should read. Even today, if you ask any expert what is the best book ever written on SEO, they will point you to the book ‘The Art of SEO.’

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “The only SEO book that you will ever need, totally worth the investment. 903 pages of information, covering all aspects of the topic.” – RJ
  • “Although this is a good, advanced book on the subject, it’s badly in need of a refresh as there is quite a lot of out of date information which could lead you down the wrong path if you’re not aware of it. I’d definitely recommend reading a good, up to date book on the subject, i.e., SEO for Dummies (check the edition number and publication date) before you read this book. This will help you spot unfamiliar passages so you can do a quick cross check or web search to see if the information is out of date or not.”
  1. Digital Marketing 2020 – Danny Star

Digital Marketing 2020

As a new decade begins with exciting new tools and tactics, Digital Marketing 2020 ushers in a new era of digital marketing. Danny Star reintroduces us to many familiar concepts through the lens of 2020 in this book. SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, online advertising, and so much more are examples of these concepts.

Each chapter provides valuable insight into how the concepts we know have changed over time, what methods are better today, and what leaves a lot to be desired. The book does not hold back in delivering the pros and cons of every topic it chooses to dissect in great detail.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Read this book. I’m serious. Everyone has a website these days and Digital Marketing 2020 really delivers on how to build a good one. I like that it goes beyond that and it keeps telling you how to keep it good as you go along. I feel like people always forget about maintaining the website but this book didn’t. It even made me consider giving social media another go. I hate using Facebook and always thought the companies using it were desperate. It seems like it’s necessary. This makes a good case for the use of internet marketing and I’m sold on it. I’m excited to put it all into use.” – Jay C Slater
  1. Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies – By Jan Zimmerman

Social Media Marketing All-In-One For Dummies

Unbeknownst to many, storytelling is humanity’s oldest known profession and hobby. We progressed from telling stories carved in stones to visualizing our ideas on a large theater screen. When told correctly, stories have the power to persuade people to do things without telling them.

Social media marketing is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement. Without social media, you do not have a good digital marketing strategy, and your company is doomed. This book recognizes this and provides strategies and a step-by-step guide for using social media to create appealing campaigns and a loyal customer base.

Social Media Marketing for Dummies will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. By the end of it, you will understand how to reach and engage customers, implement a social media strategy, and increase revenue.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Good updated edition 400 pages and more conceptual useful for LinkedIn and other platforms over £20 but good content for extra expense” – J D Clay
  • “Very informative. Book is a lot bigger than I expected. I’m very impressed. A very easy read.” – Anijanette Delahoyde
  1. The Social Media Bible – By Lon Safko

The Social Media Bible

Lon Safko’s book The Social Media Bible debuted at number one on Amazon, while The Fusion Marketing Bible debuted at number three.

This book is recommended for digital marketing experts, firms, organizations, small and large business ventures because it is up to date with all of the new procedures, data, and strategies expected to achieve business success through social media marketing.

This Social Media Bible incorporates all of the updates and tactics required for marketing via Twitter, Google Search engines, Yammer, mobile marketing, gadgets, plug-ins, applications, and so on.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “The author certainly did an extensive amount of research with testimonials from a large variety of businesses and social media users. How to implement those social media strategies continues to be the question all companies, large and small, are asking, but this book offers some great insight to those questions. I’m obviously reading this book well after its publish date, and while some of the statistics have certainly changed, as well as some of the more influential social media companies mentioned, the strategies themselves are still great for companies to recognize, understand, and incorporate.”
  • “Very well written and also very interesting. I recommend to read it to thse that want to improve their business through social media!” – Maria
  1. The Big Data-Driven Business – By Russell Glass & Sean Callahan

The Big Data-Driven Business

Russell Glass is the Product Manager at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. He was also the founder, president, and CEO of Bizo, a B2B audience-marketing platform, and Sean Callahan is a co-author and Senior Manager, LinkedIn Content Marketing.

Significant data will be the most prevalent source of bits of knowledge about your potential clients for fruitful digital marketing in 2024, and this book will be conclusive in understanding the significance of Big Data.

The book includes expert advice and real-life examples that serve as a helpful medium for beating competitors and winning clients skillfully.

The Big Data-Driven Business is undoubtedly one of the best marketing books of 2024, as it explains how to use big data to maximize organizational benefits. Data-driven campaigns will stand out among 2024’s real trends.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “I have ordered other popular books on big data and marketing, but this is the one that I am enjoying reading the most. Why? Authors Glass and Callahan realize that customer-focused marketing has been around a lot longer than just the last dozen years and not just for high tech companies, either. So they use plenty of other examples from history and from other industries, such as Marshall Field’s and John Deere. Secondly, the book is written in English, and not in marketing-speak or jargon that you would likely find in a typical CMO’s report. Thirdly, the authors have enough varied insights so they don’t need to repeat the same thought to the reader – apparently just to fill pages in a book.” – Tes Janusz
  • “This is a great book for people seeking what value can be realized from the technology behind Big Data. I appreciate the abundance of cases tied to actual packaged software. Software and modles that had great impact on various organizations enhance how they approach their existing and propspect customers in a manner that is data driven and data informed. I strongly recommend this book; especially for marketing personnel and for technologists working hand-in-hand with marketing.” – Ammar Mubaslat
  1. You’re My Favorite Client – By Mike Monteiro

You’re My Favorite Client

Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design, and he has written two books, both of which are published by A Book Apart. His first book is called Design is a Job. Understanding customers’ desires are the most important factor in designing and executing an effective branding campaign, and this book greatly assists in doing so.

It describes strategies for attracting and retaining potential customers that should be incorporated into digital marketing ventures, web design, and improvement forms. Following your taste will never give you the opportunity to achieve the success that you desire, which is why including detail-oriented tactics is critical for success in today’s digital world.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “This is a inspirational and enjoyable read, and a book we send regularly to our new clients before we start working with them. Our team has also enjoyed reading it (PMs, designers, developers and UX folks) because it helps remind them of how relationship and partnership is SUPPOSED to go – in a best case scenario. Monteiro has been a living example of the information he shares as seen through his successful design studio Mule Design in SF, so this is based on years of experience. As a fellow agency leader, I can’t recommend this book more highly, for both internal and client audiences to read. And if you’re offended by F bombs you should probably hide your head under your pillow and just turn the lights off. If you do have a sense of humor, you can look forward to really getting some good laughs as you read this book – Mike’s humor is on par with the best.” – Amy Goldberg
  1. Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers – By Jay Baer

Hug Your Haters

This book provides a concrete framework for providing proper customer service by guiding readers on how to handle public and private complaints and grievances. This book will also teach you when and how to respond to a customer complaint, as well as how to use the best tools and practices to turn your company’s problems into a profitable solution.

This book will keep you hooked until the end and will teach you the secret to dealing with haters with compassion, wit, and presence of mind.

Your business can only see consistent success if your customers are consistently happy, and you will need this book to learn the fundamentals.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Many books I’ve read on anything remotely related to digital marketing are based on the author’s experience alone. This book is filled with data from Edison Research and examples from business owners in various markets. Extremely helpful, useful and always kept to hand for data.”
  1. Building A Story Brand – By Donald Miller

Building A Story Brand

Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand provides the ideal solution to the problems that many business leaders face. This book decodes the method for connecting with customers by revealing seven universal story points that all humans respond to, the true reason why customers buy, how to simplify brand messages so that customers understand them, and how to create the most effective messages for online and offline marketing.

In this ever-distracting world, business owners must know how to cut through the noise and reach out to customers. Donald Miller’s book reflects his seasoned expertise in assisting brands in connecting with customers in order to grow their business.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “I found this book to be a very helpful reference when I was first building a brand for my business. I keep this book on the shelf and turn back to it whenever I need to clarify my niche. Definitely a good find for any entrepreneur.” – Alisha H
  • “I’ve used this book for my clients as a copywriter. Helps me clarify their messaging and tone. And helps me cut out what’s not necessary. A great resource if you’re helping companies with their branding!” – Jazmin M
  1. Lean Analytics – By Benjamin Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll

Lean Analytics

When it comes to creating a product that people will love, Lean Analytics will point you in the right direction. Whether you are a startup founder or an entrepreneur attempting to swim against the tide, your greatest risk is creating something that is widely accepted.

This book by Benjamin Yoskovitz and Alistair Croll teaches you how to measure and analyze your business as it grows, how to find the right customers, and decide what to build, as well as how to monetize and promote it.

This is the only manual you will need to take your product from concept to market and beyond. This book is a wise investment for all lean startup founders out there, with 30 case studies and several interviews with investors and founders documented.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “The Clash have a brilliant song called `Should I stay or should I go’. I don’t know what the lyrics exactly refer to but it is a question most startup entrepreneurs probably ask themselves at some point. I regularly meet startups who are torn between `banging your head against a brick wall’ and `doing everything you can to run through a brick wall’ to use two popular analogies. Lean Startup and now Lean Analytics can provide an answer to manage the balancing act of giving everything you can without chasing a lost cause.” – Donnchaddhh
  1. Hacking Growth – By Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown

Hacking Growth

This book explains how some brands rose from humble beginnings to become powerhouses. Airbnb, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have evolved from simple products to something that the entire world anticipates. To learn this pattern of growth, there is a special branch of study known as growth hacking.

The book provides the vast community of growth hackers with a truly rewarding experience. This book teaches readers how to increase their customer base and market share by creating and implementing their own custom-made growth hacking strategy.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “The only complaint I have is with the quality of writing. The book is poorly written and it made it difficult to read at times. In other words the book needs to be edited to make it easier to follow and understand. It was frustrating at times. The quality of the writing is why I give it a 4 star. The content is awesome, though.” – Keltic Stone
  • “I don’t remember how I came across this book, but I’m glad I did because it offers great insight to the power of utilizing data analytics to study customer behavior.”
  1. Ogilvy on Advertising – By David Ogilvy

Ogilvy on Advertising

Ogilvy on Advertising is a classic book that discusses all aspects of advertising. It explains the fundamental concepts of this field before moving on to explain the advertising job market and how to get these jobs. David Ogilvy focuses on the four fundamental pillars of advertising: professional discipline, intense research, creative brilliance, and producing results for clients.

This book also reveals a marketing executive’s secret weapon, direct mail, as well as the good causes for which advertising can be used. The author’s personal views on advertising flaws and his belief in reviving print advertising are a treat for all new age advertising professionals who read this book. This book was first published in 1985.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “There is a reason why David Ogilvy is a legend. This book shows you everything you need to know, to craft ads that are so interesting, people would want to buy.”
  • “I really enjoyed reading the book. The advice is simple enough to implement and the book is super easy to read. Awesome advice from this Marketing sage” – Ramon Batista
  1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – By Robert Cialdini

Influence The Psychology of Persuasion

Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, a Ph.D. in Psychology, wrote the book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.’ The book investigates what causes people to say “yes.” The book is based on marketing fundamentals and assists readers in understanding and analyzing the same. The author’s extensive research on human psychology has enabled him to develop six universal principles that teach readers how to become skilled persuaders.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “A comprehensive insight into what influences our decisions and how this can be used to influence other’s choices. Cialdini provides detailed explanations of each of the major mechanisms and summarises the key points and how they might be combated at the end of each chapter.” – TJ
  • “If you’re looking to sell anything, it helps to understand how people’s brain respond to things. This book helps give practical examples of influence tactics and explains how and when to use them based off of extensive research in the field that was done by the author.”
  1. Content Machine – By Dan Norris

Content Machine

Dan Norris is a four-time Amazon best-selling author of business books. His book, Content Machine, outlines a strategy for building a seven-figure business through the use of content marketing. The author tells how he built his WordPress support business from the ground up to a $1 million AUD annual run rate in two years while spending only $181.23 on advertising.

The book also discusses the most common mistakes that sabotage content marketing efforts and how the world’s best marketers have built their audiences with the help of effective content marketing strategies. If you want to leverage the power of content marketing, whether you are a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, or business owner, this book is a must-have in your library.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Dan Norris is a content machine – that much I knew before I even picked up the book (or well, downloaded it). What I didn’t know was if he was able to pass on the necessary know-how that allows others to reproduce what he achieved: Build a multi-million dollar business empire on the basis of content marketing. If you’re looking to save time, you can stop reading the review here and just move on to clicking the ‘buy’ button. Because Dan Norris delivers.” – Phil Heather
  1. Hooked – By Nir Eyal


Nir Eyal’s book decodes why some products achieve global popularity while others fail to deliver. The “Hook model” is used to explain this in the book. It is a four-step process embedded in many successful companies’ products that encourages positive human behavior.

Nir Eyal’s book provides practical insights into usage habits as well as actionable insights into creating products that people want to accept. Hooked is an excellent book for product managers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “Very interesting vision that explains lots of things that we see on our mobile apps and online platforms every day and will inspire you to design your own digital products in a new way that would boost your business!” – Fady Ramzy
  • “Love the book. I will readily admit I borrowed “Hooked” from my library first, lately I delved into a couple of hyped books (for more details please see my other reviews) and now got smarter. I don’t buy every book asap. However, after reading halfway through “Hooked” I purchased it because it is fascinating and intelligent on many levels. Browsing through a couple of negative reviews here I noted that somebody mentioned that this book “Hooked” doesn’t provide a perfect blueprint; well, no book ever does. Anybody who believes that is either under the age of 23 or has never tried any business endeavor.” – Gisela Hausmann
  1. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – By Jay Abrahams

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

Jay Abrahms is a top corporate advisor in the United States. His book teaches how to turn a simple business idea into a multi-million dollar opportunity by identifying hidden assets, untapped resources, and missed opportunities.

This book will provide you with a new perspective on where to look for and capitalize on opportunities. You will also learn how to adapt and apply specific tools and techniques to specific situations in order to maximize your income, influence, and overall success.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “This book provides some timeless principles that any business person could benefit from. Some key topics the book talks about includes putting your customer’s needs ahead of your own, or the strategy of preeminence. Develop a good unique selling proposition or USP. This is done by testing. “Test Everything” not just your USP. The book provides many ideas for areas to test and develop in your business. If you are struggling for a good business idea this book provides three questions that can guide you and maybe even “Change Your Life.”
  • “Jay Abraham has a track record that speaks for itself. Ramit Sethi often gifts this book and counts Jay Abraham as a mentor. He says he’d pay 10x what Jay charged for the mentoring. Ramit had to go the extra mile in order to have him as a mentor, regularly flying from NYC to LA just to get an hour of Jay’s time. Jay breaks down how to take advantage of every opportunity available. The chapter on bartering was particularly different. I’m a student of Ramit Sethi’s, and I can see the stuff that he learned from Jay being passed on. For example, Ramit Sethi offers risk-free refunds because Jay Abraham is all about risk reversal to entice customers. I know that Jay’s book will be one that I will revisit time and time again because of the timeless business wisdom inside.” – Caroline L.
  1. Growth Hacker Marketing – By Ryan Holiday

Growth Hacker Marketing

In this book, Ryan Holiday demonstrates how businesses can use creative and innovative marketing techniques to expand their customer base. He cites companies such as Dropbox and Airbnb that have used growth hacking to achieve massive success.

This is a must-read for anyone interested in marketing and business growth.

What Readers Say About This Book

  • “I liked this book. Yes, it’s not a detailed thesis on the theories behind Growth Hacking. The criticism some have directed towards it are unfair. This is what it says it is, it’s a primer. I got this book yesterday, read it in an evening from cover to cover and now understand what Growth Hacking is and have a good idea of the principles. This book contains lots of “Next Steps” to enhance my knowledge on the topic. It’s written in a clear familiar tone and the information provided is easily relatable. Thank you Ryan for writing a good book!”
  • “I’ve given this a low rating as I have worked in digital advertizing for 10 years plus and a lot of the principles and strategies are quite normal for brands now: this probably had more revolutionary bite about 4-5 years ago. You can pick up a few historical references and a general view of what growth hacking is as a concept and rough set of approaches but I didn’t find it super valuable and don’t think many will who are in the business now.” – Paul D Gilbert

In addition to these, Ann Handley’s Content Rules can help you create ridiculously good content. Don’t make me think by Steve Krug will help you learn web-computer interaction and human usability in the DM world.

Contagious by Jonah Berger will teach you Why Things Catch on. It will be your go-to resource for developing content strategies to boost your personal brand.

Overall, these books on online and social media marketing can serve as a practical guide for developing marketing strategies. Many of today’s fastest-growing companies that achieve breakthrough success employ the strategies outlined in these books.

They will assist you in mastering everything, whether you own a small or large business or want to make a successful marketing career in digital media. You can create a marketing strategy, use Google Analytics, and optimize the process of measuring social media ROI by providing customers with memorable experiences. You will be able to generate pertinent content.

Also, Read


If you want to get started in digital marketing, these 22 books are a great place to begin. They cover everything from the fundamentals of digital marketing to more advanced topics like data analysis and optimization. We hope that our list will assist you in developing a sensible approach to developing habit-forming products and services that act as hidden forces and ensure the success of your direct marketing campaign.

Whatever your level of experience, you will find something useful in these books. So, what are you holding out for? Get reading to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing! If you are still confused, consider opting for digital marketing services or get a consultation from experts at PageTraffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best digital marketing books?

There are various books that discuss different aspects of online advertising and marketing.
We have listed 24 digital marketing books that every marketer should read.

Why should I read digital marketing books?

There are several reasons why you should read digital marketing books. For starters, they can assist you in learning the fundamentals of digital marketing. Second, they can give you ideas and strategies for effectively marketing your business online. Finally, they can assist you in staying current on the latest marketing trends.

Can I learn digital marketing from books?

There is no doubt that you will be able to improve your knowledge of digital marketing by reading books on the subject written by some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field of digital marketing. However, as digital marketing is a vast field, you cannot always learn everything about it from a book.
The majority of these books on digital marketing have been authored by seasoned marketers who, in their works, present readers with insights that can be put into action regarding the industry. So, you can learn all the basics from them and shift to an agency or a practical environment as soon as you have the required knowledge and skills.

Is digital marketing difficult?

No matter what precise job you are in, as a digital marketer you will always need to have certain core competencies under your belt. Digital marketing necessitates a set of abilities that are both varied and difficult. It is obvious to everyone whether or not you are capable of doing a difficult talent. Hence, your work can be easily measured, which makes for a competitive environment.

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