Free tools to find how much traffic competitors getting

Q. I want to see what my competitor is up to and also the amount of traffic he is getting. Are there any free tools I can use for the same?

A. You definitely know how to stay ahead, if you are keeping tabs on your competition! While with free tools you cannot know the exact amount of traffic your competitor is getting, but you can get a fair idea about what is happening in the enemy camp. And since you cannot install a tracking code on your competitor’s site, these tools are your best option. With these tools you get to know the:

All this data will let you do a highly insightful competition analysis. Listed below are the top five free spy tools that can help you-

      • Google Alerts
      • Compete Search Analytics
      • KeywordSpy
      • OpenSiteExplorer

If you are willing to pay to know further details and deep insights, then these paid tools are quite handy too.

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