Graphic Design is My Passion -30 Best Memes

Memes have their own lifecycle. They can start from a general tweet, quote, incident or anything and span into an ocean of creativity and laughter. ‘Graphic design is my passion’ memes started on a similar note when a Tumblr user posted a cartoon frog with a cloudy grey sky background. He shared this poorly edited picture with a caption that mocked noive graphic designers- Graphic design is my passion.

The post soon became viral and gave birth to hundreds of memes. You can judge the popularity of this meme by the fact that today several designers describe a bad design with this phrase.

We have collected 30 graphic design is my passion memes including the original post to show you how far designers can go to express their thoughts.

Top 30 Graphic Design is My Passion Memes

  1. The Original Frog

This is the original meme created by Tumblr user Yungterra. It gained massive popularity and is still widely popular among designer communities.

Graphic Design is My Passion
  1. The Rainbow Cat

This creative features a grey cat vector placed on a rainbow background. It carried the same message as was sent forward by the original poster of graphic design is my passion meme.

The Rainbow Cat
  1. Emoji Guy

Someone thought the emojis needed a refresh and took the first step forward. A tumblr user shared their emoji design. The character’s expression when teamed with its hand gesture gave a rather funny look to the overall setting. Moreover, the original poster asked electronics giant Apple to hire him to redo their emojis, making the post absolutely hilarious.

Emoji Guy
  1. The Alien Face

This graphic design is my passion meme was widely shared by designers who wanted to mock schoolgoers for their design sense and know-how. However, it did not take the kids too long to retaliate. Keep reading to know how the young ones responded.

The Alien Face
  1. Photoshop or Reality?

Oops! Something really terrible did happen in this classroom. Now, it is not certain whether this design was made by a student or has come from someone’s photoshop efforts. Nevertheless, it has been circulated widely on the internet.

Photoshop or Reality?
  1. G.O.A.T.

Someone put a goat on the mountain but they forget to remove the background and do some touch-ups! People created such memes to explain the key difference between a poorly executed and a well done design.

  1. Spongebob in the Clouds

When it comes to fun and memes, people do all sorts of things. Someone put a picture of spongebob in the clouds, just like the frog in the original graphic design meme.

Spongebob in the Clouds
  1. The Suit Guy

Have you ever heard a man in a suit say something serious? Pretty much everyone has. This meme revolved around the same and showed how even a man in a suit would look funny claiming graphic design is my passion.

The Suit Guy
  1. Artists & Designers

There are artists and then there are designers. When you mix both of them without thinking anything, something really terrible like this picture is bound to happen.

Artists & Designers
  1. You Can’t Stop Me

This kid got too far with the design idea. However, the meme sure did make us laugh our hearts out. It was one of the most trending memes from the graphic design is my passion trend that got featured in several publications.

You Can’t Stop Me
  1. It Could Be Anyone

Graphic Designing a creative field can be taken up by anyone, even your parents. This screengrab from a cartoon series was widely shared among Facebook groups with the trending phrase.

It Could Be Anyone
  1. Great Advertisement

Though majorly unrelated, this meme perfectly shows why good graphic designers are an incredible asset for any company. They convey the right message with the best designs to attract attention and make people aware about the topic.

Great Advertisement
  1. Word Art

There was a time when word art was actually a big thing. Memes brought it back to life with this GIF. All the characters in the phrase have been put in different sizes, fonts and colours to make the GIF more interesting.

Word Art
  1. Around The Corner

This meme emphasised on the popularity of editing software and how they are taking the centre stage among the young generation. It also highlighted their easy availability that has prompted many youngsters to start their own ‘small-businesses’.

Around The Corner
  1. The Frog is Back

The frog is back in the meme game but with a different background and a little more voice. This meme Is the perfect representation of how the graphic design is my passion started and its ongoing popularity.

The Frog is Back
  1. The Office

Here a popular sitcom character Michael Scott has been used to portray the basic message behind this whole trend. Scott, who stars in ‘The Office’ is believed to have a confusing personality but is very good with his work. When asked about sharing a design in word format to edit, he pinches his lips, expressing discontentment.

The Office
  1. Life of a Designer

Graphic Designing is a creative profession which is often misunderstood by many people. This picture is a clear representation of that with everyone thinking of the job with their own perspective.

Life of a Designer
  1. Different Perspectives

A designer sees things differently than others. When we are looking at the whole picture, a designer is often looking at the detailing that has been put into its design.

Different Perspectives
  1. How Designers Work

Every profession has its working style, and so do designers. This meme shows how bad are designers with names and what a typical work folder would look like.

Designers Work
  1. Honest Reviews

Someone gave an honest review of this table design graphic, and the internet could not just take it. There were screengrabs of the picture and the epic reply circulating in groups and spaces within minutes.

Honest Reviews
  1. Dr Phil’s Passion

Someone pasted Dr Phil’s photo gazing from the sky like an angel. The picture also carried the meme phrase- graphic design is my passion as if an angel is concerned about graphic designing.

Dr Phil’s Passion
  1. Word Art is Back

Word Art is responsible for turning the life around of many designers. It was this small feature of MS-Word that ignited creativity in several unearthed artists. However, this meme makes fun of a designer who just plays around with small features and still calls designing his passion.

Word Art is Back
  1. Too Much Already?

This picture clearly shows how desperately someone is trying to learn designing. While this picture is poorly edited, if correctly done, you will not be able to differentiate between an edited and unedited one.

Too Much Already?
  1. Epic Fails

Someone tried to put a racoon in the sea but failed miserably in doing so! This design is full of tiny pitfalls, and the artists would have learned for some time before they try again with this project.

Epic Fails
  1. Going 3D

This graphic design is my passion creative has some 3D elements which were probably created to mock designers who do not know a bit about 3D and fail to accomplish even the most basic tasks.

Going 3D
  1. Not Your Cup of Tea

Graphic designing is not everyone’s cup of tea, and this creative is probably trying to express that. Here a worker dressed in protective clothing claims designing is his passion. But do you think it is? If it was then he would have made a career in a creative field.

Not Your Cup of Tea
  1. The Classic Frog Art

What goes around comes around and this has come true with the frog art. Although it is not the same as before and has improved significantly, it is still far from perfection.

The Classic Frog Art
  1. Expectations vs Skills

This image clearly represents how your company’s expectations can sometimes be more than your skills. The result is always a half baked product that is often unworthy of any use.

Expectations vs Skills
  1. Unpassion

Professional designers maintain discipline and balance with their work. This touch-up job can be easily attributed to a beginner designer who does not know much about keeping balance but still claims designing as a passion.

  1. Humourous or Inexperienced

The fonts, background, dinosaur, and everything else in this image needs attention. The poor animal seems to be looking at ‘passion’ with fear. All the words in this design have been put in different fonts and colours, disturbing eye balance. However, we are not sure if this is a humorous job done by someone or the work of an inexperienced professional.

Humourous or Inexperienced


Trends come and go but this ‘graphic design is my passion’ trend has managed to stay with us for quite some time. If you are a graphic designer and still does not know anything about this, then there is a lot for you to learn. These memes keep the creativity alive and promote new entrants in the industry. They are a lighthearted medium of welcoming new designers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Graphic Design is My Passion meme?

‘Graphic Design is My Passion’, first started as a meme after a Tumblr user shared it on the platform and it became viral. Users soon began sharing it to point out bad graphic designs.

Is graphic designing a good career?

Graphic designing is a promising career choice for people with a creative bent of mind. They are responsible not only with creating beautiful designs but also for making sure they communicate effectively through art and technology.

Why is being a graphic designer awesome?

Graphic designing offers limitless possibilities. Being a graphic designer allows you to be fluid, to explore different solutions through colors and layouts.

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