How many Keywords to use per page for SEO?

Q: Should I just use one single keyword to optimize the homepage, or should I include few other keywords? What should be the keyword strategy for landing pages and blog pages?

A: It is very important to choose the correct keyword mapping strategy for all the pages on your website. Each page, whether it is the homepage, micro/blog page or a landing page, has a different approach to the number of keywords. Let’s start from the bottom:

How many Keywords to use per page for SEO?

  • Micro or Blog Pages: Blog pages are the specific pages that focus on a particular topic. So for these pages strictly use one keyword per page. Write a keyword centered title tag, and Meta description tag. The On Page content should have keyword rich text supporting the keyword target.
  • Landing Pages: The landing pages should focus on a keyword family. You can choose one keyword family consisting of several related helper words. The title tag and Meta tag in this case also should be keyword focused. Just like the blog pages, use keyword heavy text that supports the keyword target for the On Page content. Carve inbound links to the landing pages from site navigation and the homepage, revolving around the target phrase.
  • Home Page: The situation is more complicated with the homepage. So you have to be very carefully about the title tag and Meta description tag of the homepage. It is suggested to select keywords for the homepage that are very competitive and are of high priority. Start with the title tag. The title tag is subject to < 80 character limit; although only about < 69 characters are visible on Google.

All keywords on the home page as well as the links which direct users from the home page to the landing pages are very powerful. Because the home page is so influential, it cannot be as pinpointed on a single keyword as a blog page. The formula is to get them all to work together.


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