What are the Most Asked Questions on Google in 2024?

Have you ever thought about what are the most asked questions on Google?

You may be surprised to know that the most frequently asked question on Google was “What to Watch?”. This search query generated 7.5 million online search queries every month.

“What is My IP?” was the second most popular Google search question, with an average of 3.6 million monthly online searches.  This is the only variation of the question. More people also ask, ” What is My IP Address?” and similar questions.

100 Most Asked Questions on Google in 2024

Here is the list of 100 most asked questions in Google. But before sharing the full list, here are the ten most asked questions with their average monthly search volumes (data collected from Keyword Tool) below:

  1. what to watch – 9,140,000
  2. where’s my refund – 7,480,000
  3. how you like that- 6,120,000
  4. what is my IP address – 4,090,000
  5. how many ounces in a cup – 2,740,000
  6. What time is it- 1,830,000
  7. how I met your mother – 1,830,000
  8. how to screenshot on mac – 1,830,000
  9. where am i – 1,500,000
  10. how to lose weight fast – 1,500,000

“Where’s my refund” is the only exception in the list above as it’s seasonal. The Keyword Tool distinguished this data depending on the 5Ws and 1H. People living in the US have made the term. “Where’s my refund” is almost exclusive. According to the IRS, the US residents initiated processing refunds on 12th February 2021, for income in 2020. Due to this reason, taxpayers started asking about their refund status on Google. In January, there were 1.5 million searches, which increased to 30.4 million searches in March. You need to be aware of the most asked questions on Google and relevant data and other information that help you to get a commendable SEO Ranking consistently with the help of professionals.

SEO Most Asked Questions

Besides this seasonal question keyword, the other questions had a more consistent and steady number of online searches every month. They are evergreen questions that come in huge numbers from their sources.

Did you enjoy these most searched questions on Google? Then, find below a full list of the top 100 most asked questions on Google in 2024 and their global search volumes. The values below the “Global Search Volume” column are monthly averages calculated using the collected data over the past six months. The list of the most commonly asked questions on Google reveals many more intriguing surprises.

Check the list of other such questions below:

Most Asked Questions on Google for “What”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1what to watch9,140,000“what to watch” related keywords
2what is my ip4,090,000“what is my ip” related keywords
3what time is it1,830,000“what time is it” related keywords
4what song is this1,500,000“what song is this” related keywords
5what time is sunset1,220,000“what time is sunset” related keywords
6what font is this823,000“what font is this” related keywords
7what time is it in california673,000“what time is it in california” related keywords
8what are the 5 love languages550,000“what are the 5 love languages” related keywords
9what does550,000“what does” related keywords
10what would you do550,000“what would you do” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Who”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1who am I1,000,000“who am i” related keywords
2who are you823,000who are you” related keywords
3who is673,000“who is” related keywords
4who let the dogs out673,000“who let the dogs out” related keywords
5who called me550,000“who called me” related keywords
6who is the richest person in the world368,000“who is the richest person in the world” related keywords
7who made me a princess201,000“who made me a princess” related keywords
8who escaped from alcatraz165,000“who escaped from alcatraz” related keywords
9who owns google165,000“who owns google” related keywords
10who died today165,000“who died today” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Why”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1why don’t we1,220,000“why don’t we” related keywords
2why women kill550,000“why women kill” related keywords
3why you always in a mood450,000“why you always in a mood” related keywords
4why is the sky blue450,000“why is the sky blue” related keywords
5why were cornflakes invented450,000“why were cornflakes invented” related keywords
6why not368,000“why not” related keywords
7why flags half mast today301,000“why flags half mast today” related keywords
8why r u301,000“why r u” related keywords
9why not me246,000“why not me” related keywords
10why my poop green201,000“why my poop green” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Where”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1where’s my refund7,480,000“where’s my refund” related keywords
2where am I1,500,000“where am i” related keywords
3where have you been550,000“where have you been” related keywords
4where is xur301,000“where is xur” related keywords
5where am i right now301,000“where am i right now” related keywords
6where i can find happiness301,000“where is xur” related keywords
7where the crawdads sing246,000“where the crawdads sing” related keywords
8where the wild things are246,000“where the wild things are” related keywords
9where is246,500“where is” related keywords
10where kidneys located201,000“where kidneys located” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “When”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1when is the next full moon673,000“when is the next full moon” related keywords
2when calls the heart450,000“when calls the heart”related keywords
3when they see us368,000“when they see us” related keywords
4when you say nothing at all368,000“when you say nothing at all” related keywords
5when harry met sally246,000“when harry met sally” related keywords
6when she loved me165,000“when she loved me” related keywords
7when to work165,000“when to work” related keywords
8when you love someone165,000“when you love someone” related keywords
9when marnie was there135,000“when marnie was there” related keywords
10when my love blooms110,000“when my love blooms” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “How”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1how you like that6,120,000“how you like that” related keywords
2how to6,120,000“how to” related keywords
3how many ounces in a cup2,740,000“how many ounces in a cup” related keywords
4how I met your mother1,830,000“how i met your mother” related keywords
5how to screenshot on mac1,830,000“how to screenshot on mac” related keywords
6how to lose weight fast1,500,000“how to lose weight fast” related keywords
7how are you1,220,000“how are you” related keywords
8how many weeks in a year1,220,000“how many weeks in a year” related keywords
9how many ounces in a gallon1,000,000“how many ounces in a gallon” related keywords
10how you doing823,000“how you doing” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Is”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1is europe a country673,000“is europe a country” related keywords
2is today a holiday550,000“is today a holiday” related keywords
3is mercury in retrograde368,000“is mercury in retrograde” related keywords
4is reddit down301,000“is reddit down” related keywords
5is 300 lexus301,000“is 300 lexus” related keywords
6is shingles contagious301,000“is shingles contagious” related keywords
7is google down246,000“is google down” related keywords
8is pluto a planet246,000“is pluto a planet” related keywords
9is it going to rain today246,000“is it going to rain today” related keywords
10is ariana grande married201,000“is ariana grande married” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Can”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1can you feel the love tonight550,000“can you feel the love tonight” related keywords
2can i run it450,000“can i run it” related keywords
3can dogs eat bananas201,000“can dogs eat bananas” related keywords
4can dogs eat strawberries165,000“can dogs eat strawberries” related keywords
5can dogs eat apples165,000“can dogs eat apples” related keywords
6can dogs eat watermelon165,000“can dogs eat watermelon” related keywords
7can dogs eat grapes110,000“can dogs eat grapes” related keywords
8can dogs eat tomatoes110,000“can dogs eat tomatoes” related keywords
9can we go to heaven with tattoos60,500“can we go to heaven with tattoos” related keywords
10can men get pregnant60,500“can men get pregnant” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Does”

RankQuestionAverage Global Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1does fedex deliver on sunday90,500“does fedex deliver on sunday” related keywords
2does green tea have caffeine60,500“does green tea have caffeine” related keywords
3does usps deliver on sunday49,500“does usps deliver on sunday” related keywords
4does rice have gluten40,500“does rice have gluten” related keywords
5does he like me40,500“does he like me” related keywords
6does not equal sign33,100“does not equal sign” related keywords
7does naruto die33,100“does naruto die” related keywords
8does your chain hang low33,100“does your chain hang low” related keywords
9does tea have caffeine27,100“does tea have caffeine” related keywords
10does walmart take apple pay27,100“does walmart take apple pay” related keywords

Most Asked Questions on Google for “Are”

Rank QuestionAverage Search VolumeFind Related Keywords for Free
1are we there yet301,000“are we there yet” related keywords
2are banks open today201,000“are banks open today” related keywords
3are you afraid of the dark165,000“are you afraid of the dark” related keywords
4are unicorns real135,000“are unicorns real” related keywords
5are you being served110,000“are you being served” related keywords
6are jellyfish immortal90,500“are jellyfish immortal” related keywords
7are dragons real90,500“are dragons real” related keywords
8are apple watches waterproof74,000“are apple watches waterproof” related keywords
9are sinus infections contagious74,000“are sinus infections contagious” related keywords
10are airpods waterproof74,000“are airpods waterproof” related keywords

The most asked questions on Google above reflect the sky-high curiosity of people. People tend to ask a lot of both serious and funny questions. The massive number of online searches also reflects that users’ online behavior has evolved significantly. Nowadays, Google doesn’t only help internet users find the exact required information but also displays relevant searches depending on the user intent.

People use Google and other search engines as smart assistants to find detailed information on any topic quickly and easily. One of the most common ways people search on Google is by asking as many questions they want to ask.

Also, Read

Some Tips to Improve Your SEO in 2024 Depending on Asked Questions

Add Question-Based Long Tail Keywords to Your New Content

The key concern of Google these days is to meet the user’s needs. They have performed testing and made changes to the search engine to always deliver the most useful and relevant results to searchers. Thus, SEO is less about traditional keyword research and more about giving something valuable to the users. You will have to create rich and informative content, which users search for to fetch the no.1 search ranking.

Think about the questions people tend to ask online related to your products/services and industry.  Then, you can easily generate long-tail search queries, which reply to their most desired information. Look at Google’s “People Also Ask” box to find question-based long-tail keywords. This SERP feature generates many questions related to the key search terms.

people also ask

To make Google believe that you care about users, you need to answer their questions somewhere in your content. You can also find genuine user questions on online forums and platforms,  where people keep on asking different types of questions. The most popular forums have the highest number of members and numerous recent activities, as older questions don’t display the latest search terms and topics.

Search for similar questions which appear multiple times on results and engage users the most. If you visit Reddit, check the questions with the maximum number of up-votes and comments to understand the type of information your target audience looks for the most.

AnswerThePublic is another useful online resource to find the most asked and answered questions. Once you type one of your main keywords, you can see a chart filled with all questions that search engines auto auto-suggested to your keywords.

To create a good impression on customers, you can answer all their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can impress Google and boost your search engine ranking if you do that.

Evaluate Keyword Trends to Do Better SEO and Content Planning

When you check the latest keyword trends; you clearly understand which keywords to use, which market to care about and when to publish and promote your content online. This type of insight always helps you to draft keyword-rich articles, promote your brand on social media platforms and invest in Google Ads. You can use such insight to create any type of content by adding the relevant keywords.

You can use various types of long-tail keywords in many different ways. Add them to your title tags, meta descriptions, titles, body copy, Google Ads, and even social media posts to rank high on SERPs. You can also use long-tail keywords as a strategy to create and post content and blogs.

Long Tail Keyword

Many people assume that high-volume focus keywords can attract massive clicks and traffic. They may do so but don’t attract targeted and relevant audiences like long-tail keywords. When you add question-based keywords to your content, it goes in sync with Google’s push in displaying search results depending on the searchers.

Internet users ask questions on Google when they look for solutions to certain problems. If you write content, which gives a proper solution to the target audience and optimize it with the question they ask, you make it big in SEO.

Many people use shorter focus keywords, which have large search volumes, to attract more organic traffic, but few understand the potential of using question-based long-tail keywords. You can find such keywords easily using any free tool and start using them for your content and SEO to grow your brand’s presence in 2024.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this list of the most asked questions on Google has enlightened and surprised you to a certain extent. The list doesn’t contain some duplicates and quite close variants. You can’t see questions on movies, TV shows, and songs in this list, such as “How I Met Your Mother”, ” What Do You Mean” and “How to Get Away With Murder”.

Did you like this list of the 100 most asked questions on Google? Then you can share this list with your friends, and on social media, so more and more people get to know about the unique questions they ask.

Keep in mind the two tips to improve your SEO in 2024, depending on the most asked questions on Google. Best of luck!

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