How to Create Snippet Worthy Content for SERP Features

As a marketer, you know that it is essential to create content that is both snippet worthy and appealing to your audience. With SERP features becoming increasingly common, it is more important than ever to make sure your content stands out from the rest. In this guide, we will show you how to create content that will earn a spot in SERP features. Read on for tips and tricks on how to create snippet worthy content!

SEO is consistently evolving, and thus, you need to upgrade your techniques as the same strategies won’t work for long. SEO evolves, and unfortunately, you never get a warning beforehand about how such changes will impact your website. Thus, you might need to hire an agency for SEO services, where the experts are updated with the latest trends and can implement the perfect SEO strategies suited to your business type and requirements.

One of the biggest events was Knowledge Graph’s introduction in the 2012 Google Algorithm update. It was launched to help Google fulfill its objective, i.e., “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” A knowledgeable Graph is mainly a web of relations that connects one datum to many other data. It works actively behind every online search in the presence of rich snippets in the SERPs.

Want to know what a snippet is, how to rank for a snippet, earn a featured snippet in SERP features, and check if any of your content is used as a snippet? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Featured Snippet?

Snippets are information-rich data, which the initial page of SERPs prioritizes more. You tend to find snippets on top links, organic local packs, markup structured data, or the noticeable box, which displays on the SERPs’ upper right section. 19% of SERPs have featured snippets, and 7.3% have double featured.

Featured Snippet

They are technically targeted pieces of information that Google considers relevant to your search inquiry. Google Knowledge Graph’s data network identifies information regarding movies, directors, publishers, authors, locations, reviews, and other relevant items.

The frequency of snippets displaying with every search has increased significantly since Knowledge Graph’s introduction. According to a study, 30% of searches include featured snippets. Users enjoy internet surfing because of features snippets as they get all the required information at a glance. Now, let’s discuss how you can rank for one.

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How to Rank for a Snippet in SERP Features?

Follow these tips and tricks to rank for a snippet:

Create High-Quality Content

You need to make sure that you always create amazing content. Check resources and linking and add value to the full content development process. Your website has high-quality content that automatically attracts search engines and users like a magnet.

Aim to Rank for Keywords in Question-forms

Many users search in question forms. Your snippets should display on SERPs in return for users asking a specific question. You need to keep this thing in mind, so your web page features as a snippet.

Snippet in SERP Features

Focus on long-tail tail keywords and answering questions. Find what is relevant, controversial, or viral in your industry as people tend to search for something they do not have knowledge of. Thus, their search queries are in question form.

Perform your research to learn how people type to ask questions through their searches and draft your content accordingly.

Give Direct Replies Using LSI

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a technique crawlers use to understand a specific web page content. Crawlers look for concepts that support your content title to ensure that you talk about what Google thinks.

Focus more on the question or subject you want to rank for. Google believes that your content is a reliable and rich resource for user queries if you do so.

How to Earn Featured Snippets

It’s not that easy to earn featured snippets in Google, like placing keywords or ensuring the quality of your content.

So, follow these steps below to easily earn featured snippets:

  1. Research Keywords with Less Difficulty and High Relevance

Content development starts with researching. If you focus on the wrong metrics, you won’t fetch high search engine rankings or featured snippets. The correct metrics are keyword difficulty (KD) and user relevance.

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KD is an SEO metric that tells you how difficult it is to rank for a particular search term. If your website is relatively new or doesn’t have a significant online presence, low KD works in your favor as it indicates you need to face the least competition.

As metrics consistently change, you should study them every week. Another metric you need to consider when choosing keywords to earn a featured snippet is relevance.

If a keyword is not competitive, ask yourself its relevance to your customer pain points. Figure out the user intent behind keywords, their goals when typing terms into the Google panel, and if you can associate pain points your brand solves.

  1. Draft Your Content Depending on the Searcher’s Needs

When you decide your keyword and content topics, you can draft content, which will increase the chance of Google capturing snippets from your article to feature on SERPs. You should structure your content depending on searchers’ needs.

The image below shows the search results for “Content Marketing Writer”, which indicates the search wants to understand what a content marketing writer does. So, the article replies to that question right below the first H2.

Earn Featured Snippets

Here are the things to learn from this example:

  • Specifying the searcher’s question in the H2 makes your content easy to find on the search results.
  • Answer a searcher’s question defining the search term. Google grabs the snippet to display in the SERPs.
  • Use keyword variations and synonyms naturally.
  • Don’t ignore the rest of the content, as that gives the required information to searchers. This depends on the existing SERPs, including – addressing facets in the ” People Also Ask” panel, studying the content layout of the top 5 search engine ranks, and viewing related sources for synonymous keywords.
Related Searches
  1. Maintain Consistency Across Content to Build Authority

Consistency matters in all types of digital content as it directly contributes to Domain Authority (DA), a major search engine ranking factor. If you only invest in target featured snippets, your online presence may be far less than Google standards.

Your entire content needs to be high quality, engaging, detailed, and user-centric. Make sure your content has all these qualities and featured snippets to impress Google.

  1. Consider Your Ultimate Goals and Actions

A featured snippet exceptionally increases your brand’s search visibility. They tend to display in the topmost organic rank. If you earn a snippet, you need to ensure making most of the increased search visibility. Consider your ultimate goals and end actions when researching keywords and writing content.

Think about what you want your target customers to do after clicking on your link on the SERPs. You need to make sure their actions lead to a conversion. Before taking any step to improve your search engine rank and expand visibility in Google results, ask yourself this question every time.

Keep your ultimate motive in mind throughout the content development process, so it warns features snippets, customers, and leads.

How to Check if Your Content Used as a Snippet?

You can use a variety of tools to improve your website SEO. Start a project for your website to check if you want to rank for any Google features and look for opportunities to do that. When you add keywords for which you want your content to rank, the tracker shows your content triggers which Google SERP features or if your content is ranking already.

The snippets your content ranks for will be highlighted in green color. You can check how strong your competition will be for the same keyword and your website visibility in the SERPs. With the SERP Analysis feature, you can analyze your SEO performance.

The Bottom Line

Google has evolved a lot from displaying only ten links-SERPs to a growing massive source of information, which delivers valuable information to curious people in every possible way. As the initial SERPs prioritize snippets, you need to earn them to increase your online search visibility.

So, you should create snippet-worthy content to improve your SEO and capture maximum customer attention. Follow the guide above to do it successfully and get the desired outcomes. All the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does snippet content mean?

A snippet is just one search result in the entire set of search results. Content in the snippet will match parts of your search query and you’ll see the keyword highlighted in the snippet content.

How to earn a featured snippet?

Here are the steps to earn a featured snippet:
● Find keywords with high volume and low competition.
● Create content to serve seatcher’s needs.
● Ensure consistency across content to build authority.
● Focus on end actions and goals.

How to optimize snippets?

Here are a few tips to optimize snippets:
● Be factual.
● Organize the content well.
● Ensure an article answers multiple similar questions.
● Monitor.

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