Q: I have a list of 15 keywords that I would like to target my website for. How these keywords should be placed within the content.

A: The very first task for you is to define the high priority target keywords. If you have 15 keywords, you will eventually end up having 5-10 of these in your list.

The second phase would be to create landing pages that will reflect the selected keywords group. Populate their tag structure with the keyword phrases you would like to dominate the search for.

keywords How the keywords should be placed within the content?Next would be creating one-click links from home page to your landing pages and “link sculpting” the site navigation so that link juice could be focused to target landing pages.

After these three steps, you will be pretty much done with the on page SEO.

Link building would be the next phase. But, post-Penguin make sure that you get high quality links with a diverse profile.

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