Q: If I add a top navigation with mega menu of all the pages of the website (html as well as indexable by Google), will this defuse the link juice?

A: As far as I believe, Google either ignores or deprecates any CMS or Javascript based content. Pull down menu is one form of it. Even on going through the Google SEO Starter Guide, you will not see any mention of these techniques.

link juice Is mega menu good for SEO?

Many of you might not know that a major part of the “code base” for Google search engine was written in 1999, when things like pull down navigation didn’t exist. So, you want HTML code written in an “old” vs “new” way, in terms of SEO. This is why, major sites place “simple navigation” at the bottom of the page and pull down nav at the top (for Google).

Remember that Google always says that it can interpret all of this, but it actually:

  • Watches what it does
  • Pays attention to what’s on the top of Google

Though, Google still is following some old rules, but it likes its followers to be cool.

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