Q: I have a website hosting company but cannot have a “news feed” on my home page. So, should I set up a news page & update it on regular basis? What would you suggest? Will that be counted as an effective SEO, even if not on the home page?

A: One important thing you need to know is that news & fresh content will help your home page, only if they are visible in the View Source. If it is an iFRAME or a Javascript call, it is giving the least contribution to the home page. In case you indicate a news feed, only the actual text on the home page, which is visible in view source will have real relevance.

building links Is putting a news feed on my home page and updating it on regular basis will make my page content look fresh?If you are able to edit your home page, you can do this manually. All you need to do is designate a time every month to log in and update the HTML code of the home page. Have at least three press releases/blogs/ or news items updated. This way, you are sending Google a signal that your site is updated.

In case, you cannot do all this, having a blog or new content will still help. Building inbound links to the content, building other links, or distributing press releases will train Google to index your website.

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