The Big 4: AI Tools for SEO Content Briefs

A content brief is a short description of what should be in an article. It gives information for SEO, like which keywords to use and questions to answer. Briefs help writers and editors make sure an article has all the important parts.

Generative AI makes it easier to create content briefs and improves SEO by using data from Google’s search results and other sources. In this post, we will look at four AI tools for SEO content briefs.

What are AI Content Brief Tools?

AI content briefs tools are computer programs that use advanced technology to help with creating and optimizing content for search engines. These tools use machine learning to automatically and improve the content briefing process.

They have advanced features like finding keywords, analyzing topics, and understanding the audience. AI tools for SEO content briefs can use information about the people they are trying to reach to make content that they will like and interact with. SEO experts are increasingly leveraging AI tools to craft precise, data-driven SEO content briefs, enhancing both efficiency and effectiveness in their strategies.

Best AI Tools for SEO Content Briefs 

  1. Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights

Keyword Insights uses advanced technology to find and group keywords, make them more effective, and create content, including short summaries. To make a short summary, give the word you want to focus on and the language you want to use.

The tool collects headings from the top 20 pages on Google, also from “People also ask” boxes, Reddit, and Quora. To get a summary of each competing article, just click “Extract all key points” and it will be added to a short summary. Create a title and short description for each article.

Examine the analysis and pick the section titles. Now write an original article without using this tool to help you. Keyword Insights gives you a chance to try it for four days for just $1. After that, you will pay $58 every month.

  1. MarketingBlocks


MarketingBlocks is a complete set of tools that uses artificial intelligence to create content. To make a content brief, type a word and the country you want to focus on. The tool collects information from many places, like Keyword Insights, including:

  • Google’s list of articles with their titles and subtitles
  • Questions from “People also ask”
  • Reddit and Quora

Choose titles and sections from the tool’s results to make the summary. Users can only work on one brief at a time, they cannot work on multiple briefs at once. We would have used the titles from one article to start another article.

Once the outline is finished, MarketingBlocks can make a title, short description, and content for each part. But it’s still better to have people write the original content. You can try the tool for free for five days, but you need to provide a credit card. The cheapest plan starts at $47 each month.

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  1. Swiftbrief


Swiftbrief focuses on content briefs. First, choose who you want to reach. We chose “small business owners” – and a topic suggested by the tool:

  • Be clear and detailed. Focusing on one word won’t help much. Best to use three to five words
  • Don’t use words like “of,” “as,” “for,” “a,” “the,” “about,” “by,” and others like them
  • Use words like “how,” “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “why” to change questions

Swiftbrief allows you to search on Google and make a report without needing to choose subheadings by hand. It provides more details to think about – like where the information comes from, what the goal is, and what links are needed.

It also lets you save the whole document to Google Docs. Try Swiftbrief for free for one week, no need to use a credit card. After that, you can get a plan for just $64 every month.

  1. Narrato


To make SEO content briefs with Narrato, start by stating your goals, who you want to reach, and the style you want to use. Then, use templates that you can personalize to plan out important information, how long the content should be, and what keywords are needed. 

Use Narrato’s keyword research tools to find important words that people search for, and then make sure your content is easy to find on search engines. Give clear directions and any extra needs for the people creating the content.

Examine and improve the description as necessary to make sure it is clear and matches your SEO objectives. Narrato’s easy-to-use platform and many useful features make it easy and fast to create an SEO content plan.

This helps businesses and content creators make great content that shows up high in search results and connects with their audience. Use Narrato to make it easy to plan your content and succeed in your SEO work. Try Narrato for free for one week, and then, you can get a plan for just $36 every month.

To Conclude

AI tools have changed the way SEO content briefs are made, making them faster, more accurate, and providing more helpful information. By using AI, businesses and content creators can quickly create detailed plans that match their goals, audience, and SEO targets without taking a long time to do it manually.

AI tools make it easy for users to create good content that shows up high in search results and gets attention from the right people. They do this with customizable templates, advanced keyword research, and easy-to-use platforms. Using AI tools for SEO content briefs is important to stay competitive in the changing digital world.


How are AI tools for SEO content briefs different from the traditional way of making content briefs?

AI tools use machine learning to make the content briefing process automated and better. They have cool tools for finding popular words, studying topics, and learning about the people who read the content. Also, AI tools can quickly and accurately review large amounts of information, which leads to better content plans.

Can AI tools help make content better for the targeted audience?

Yes, AI tools for SEO can study who the audience is, what they like, and how they act to suggest content that will fit them. By knowing who the audience is, these tools can help make content that connects with specific groups of people and gets them interested.

Can AI tools for SEO content help all types of businesses?

Yes, AI tools for SEO help all kinds of businesses, from small startups to big companies. They provide flexible solutions that can adjust to different needs and budgets, allowing businesses to improve their content strategies efficiently.

How good are the AI tools at giving insights for creating SEO content briefs?

AI tools for SEO content briefs use smart math and data techniques to give helpful and reliable insights. Although no tool is perfect, AI-powered platforms are getting better at giving good insights for creating and improving content.

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