ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)

YouTube videos have always been a favourite among internet users, mainly because of their visual content. But, sound-related videos are growing popular with every passing day and millions of users worldwide. Many people think ASMR meaning is video related only. Even though videos have ASMR, still, it means sounds. Like many people, you must have watched a video or enjoyed a sound that gave you a tingly feeling from head to toe. Did you ask yourself, “What does ASMR mean?”

Nowadays, brands are not prioritizing only video and moving ahead with sound videos. You may feel anxious hearing many technologies’ sounds, such as phone calls, text ping, and email notifications.

About ASMR

However, you can find a world of sounds on YouTube, exclusively created only to make listeners feel good. These are ASMR videos that professional SEO companies can help you in the making.

Here, you will learn the most important things you need to know about ASMR.

Let’s dive in!

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Jennifer Allen coined the term ASMR in 2010. It sounds like a highly scientific and technical term, and there is the least scientific evidence behind the phenomenon! She created a Facebook group to find out more about the feeling. ASMR took off from that point.

How does ASMR Work?

ASMR causes a relaxing or calm tingling sensation, which starts on the scalp and moves down your body. This sensation is also known as brain massage.

People who experience ASMR have experienced it as a chills they get when someone traces your back or plays with your hair.

The ASMR experience varies from one person to another. ASMR is partially relevant to the personal attention you feel like receiving from another person.

Everybody has different ASMR responses and ASMR triggers. Some of the common ASMR triggers are blowing, whispering, crinkling, and others.

ASMR is not usually a sexual feeling. People can grow to be more tolerant of a specific ASMR trigger or get more interested in different types of ASMR on different days. You can always get different types of ASME content online.

ASMR artists sometimes use objects to create sounds (such as opening a can, chewing candy, and crinkling candy wrappers). Some people prefer to watch videos with subtle ASMR sounds to fall asleep. While others use the brain tingles from ASMR videos to feel relaxed.

ASMR Triggers

Here are the two types of ASMR episodes:

  • Type A episodes occur without external stimuli, but certain thought patterns trigger various sensations for different persons.
  • Type B episodes need external stimulation of one or multiple senses.

Though individual differences play a dominant role in triggering ASMR, there are some external stimuli that tend to trigger this state for most people. These include:

  • Exposure to slow and accented speech patterns
  • Getting personal and undeviating attention from other persons
  • Concentration on a piece of art
  • Soft-touch on the back of the head or neck by another person
  • Haircuts

ASMR YouTube Videos

Nowadays, content developers follow the ASMR trend and make videos that create a tingly effect. You can find millions of ASMR videos on YouTube for the promotion that millions of people watch. As countless brands follow the ASMR trend, you can also get into it.

ASMR and Mental Health

People who have experienced ASMR have reported that it relaxes and helps them fall asleep. Some people in the informal research community have concluded that ASMR can give temporary relief to those who are stressed, going through depression, and suffering from chronic pain.

As voluntarily triggering ASMR requires a person to listen to or watch relaxing recordings and videos silently, there are certain similarities between ASMR, mindfulness, and meditation. People who attempt to trigger ASMR focus on positive emotions caused by certain stimuli and divert their attention mainly to them.

Further research may eventually categorize ASMR as an exercise in mindful meditation. The extra-scientific investigation of this sensory circumstance and the evidence may even reveal extra therapeutic possibilities.

Relationship Between ASMR Videos and Marketing

With the increasing popularity of ASMR videos, brands have started to use them for marketing campaigns. Marketers keep trying to implement innovative strategies to show the target audience how a specific product will benefit them.  So, you can also make ASMR videos for your marketing purposes.

Such videos give potential customers the chance to think about your products/services through a sensory approach.

Find below some examples of how certain brands use ASMR videos as an element of their online marketing campaigns.


Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) started following the ASMR trend by making a video of chicken getting fried, which sounds like rainfall.


Zippo and BuzzFeed worked together to make this ASMR video on the sounds of a lighter getting open and closed. It can always help you market for Zippo customers to connect to the recognizable lighter sound and create a sensory memory.


Ikea displays its “college collection” in its 25-minutes duration video promoting dorm furniture. The caption says, “Relax with IKEA dorm solutions — or let IKEA dorm solutions relax you in our new oddly satisfying ASMR video.” This video has over 3 million views as of this writing.


Lush associated with influencer ASMR Darling to make a video on an evening skincare routine with Lush products. The video has over 1.7 million viewers.

ASMR Examples on YouTube

Below are different types of ASMR examples on YouTube:

Makeup Tutorials

Many makeup tutorial videos are ASMR, which you may not have realized when watching. For instance, several makeup tutorials now double as makeup tutorials because now people have realized how relaxing the videos are.

Role Plays

Certain ASMR videos are role-playing, where for instance, the creator role acts as your esthetician or cuts your hair.


Gibi Klein is a skilled ASMR creator with 3.45 million subscribers on the “Gibi ASMR” YouTube Channel.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross is one of the most famous ASMR artists, even though he didn’t set out to make ASMR videos.

The Bottom Line

If you are a brand owner who wants to follow the ASMR trend, you should start following the trend immediately. You can include video content in your brand marketing strategy in 2023. ASMR can always help in boosting your online business.

With good videos that emit pleasing sounds, you can impress maximum potential customers. The professional skilled videographers can always help make your own ASMR video for YouTube. All the best!


What is ASMR?

It’s the term for a sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos — usually ones with personal attention. This relaxing feeling can be described as being “tingly” on your scalp and spine, which can lead one into dreamland if listened too carefully. Its full name is Autonomous sensory meridian response.

What are some of the examples of ASMR triggers?

Some of the common ASMR triggers are:
Physical touch
Personal attention
Crisp sounds

How popular are ASMR videos?

In just five years, the number of ASMR videos on YouTube has grown by more than 200%, and there are now over 5 million total videos. A top ASMR video can get around 16 million views on its own.

How can ASMR be integrated with marketing?

ASMR’s popularity is skyrocketing. They trigger a sensory response and need some creativity and basic skills to make. Think about the type of video you want to create for your brand and think about how it will function. ASMR videos can be created with any tangible product.

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