Do Not Lose Visibility Due To Duplicate Titles

You may have worked on all your pages equally well, but even then one of your page never shows up in search. Why? Maybe because it shares its title tag with another one of your pages, and the result, Google or other engines get confused, as to which page to show in the search results. In fact, they may well not choose the page you prefer to rank for that particular query.

Duplicate Titles Hamper Your Search Engine Placement

What goes wrong?

Title tags if duplicate, then only one page will get the benefit and rest other stay off the game!

This has happened as the search engines don’t know which version(s) to include/exclude from results. Also, they don’t know whether to direct the link metrics (be it anchor text or external links) to one page, or to distribute it among the various versions of the title tag. This said, you will have understood that the search engines do not know what page to rank for search results It is quite possible that one of the pages gets ranked and the other one filtered out of that search result.

What to do?

Title tag has a very powerful influence on the ranking of your Web page. So, here is what you need to remember and do.

Avoid Title Tag Duplication- Every page is unique and you must have a unique title tag for each. However, it is quite possible, that title tags are duplicated due to human errors. Most of you may be in a rush to ready your website. After completing the initial layout of the home page, most of you may begin copying your new layout to all the other pages. For example for a furniture selling site, it will be indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, home furniture , office furniture and further product pages. But, while copying the layout, make sure that you change the title tag for each page. Yes, that is important. Changing the title tag will take a short time, but it has to be done to give each page a unique identity. Without changing the title tag, writing tonnes of unique content for each page will not help much. The same goes for the description and keyword metatags. You will incur heavy losses on your visibility. Do not duplicate the keyword phrases. Try to find a set of unique keywords best suited for each page. A little research will provide you potential keywords and phrases that people might search on to find you.

Make sure to check that title and description tags are not duplicate.

Go Local-Give Your Title The Regional Touch-

This is pretty straightforward actually. If you are a local or regional level business, then your title should include your location too. In other words, include your city, state, or region in your title.

For instance, if you are a cleaning and restoration services provider, based in a certain state or extend to several cities, then use a title like- “window cleaning New York”. People looking for local services are bound to type the location in their search results. So, you will get much more targeted traffic.

Now, if you are operating at a global level, then too, optimizing one particular page with the location tag of your base of operations is an excellent idea. If you are based out if Leicester, but ship to the world, the locals searching for your services, by keying in the location with the keyword phrase may be directed to you. Include the name of your city, state or province, and country in the title.

To Conclude: Make sure that all your pages have unique title and description tags. As, you never know, which page wins you the game. Every page has its own importance, and the title must be able to make the search engines differentiate it. So that you do not lose on your rankings.

Ritu Sharma
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