How To Get Links From Major Industry Associations

If you engage in Link Building with the authority sites in your niche, you will have a twofold benefit of gaining authority yourself as well as improving your search engine rankings. Now comes the tricky part-

Why will these authority sites exchange links with you?

What will make them choose you among the million other offers they have from similar sites?

And even if they do pick you, what exciting things can you offer them, so that they recommend you further?

Discussed in this guide are the steps to identify the authority sites and get links from them.

What Are These Authority Sites?

How To Get Links From Authority Sites

The absolute authority websites are mostly ‘.gov’, ‘.edu’, ‘.org’ etc. They have been there for years and have built their authority status over time. They are also considered authoritative due to their content and the trust that is placed in the same by the hundreds of sites in the same niche. The essential thing is that the search engines trust authority websites. They take their word very seriously when they link towards a site.

The authority sites are the ones that usually come in before PageRank 7 in your niche. Their top search position is due to good links to them, and they are linked to other authority sites. So the engines believe that they are old and they are trusted. And you can find the ones in your niche by doing a Google home page search.

Tips To Finding Authority Sites –

  • A search for “www” displays the local authorities. Type in .gov to see the government sites suggested.
  • A search for “leading mobile companies” or “top sports car retailers” will lead you to the industry majors
  • A search for “top universities”, “list of government agencies” will show the authoritative sites.
  • To link to sites already linking to authority sites, use the Bing operator “”. This lets you know the sites that the authoritative sites is linked to and you can link to the second tier sites.

One Way Links For Authority Sites Are The Best

Search engines will rank your site better if you have one way links from authoritative sites. These links are a clear signal to search engines that for that certain keyword your site has the best content and information. That is why every single link from an industry major helps.

Tips To Get Links From Industry Majors-

The task at hand is tough, and you need to be backed by an immaculate site. High quality and relevant content. Something new and interesting to attract the authority site.

Offer To Write Content For Them: In the search algorithms dominated by the Panda, content is the most important element that can get you entry anywhere. That is why if you offer them to write great and unique content, they may take you up. You have to have compelling-informative and original content to ensure that your piece is published. Get a link to your domain from somewhere in the write up or from the reference box. Anything related to your niche that helps people and solves certain issues not been addressed before will work great. You can also write tips-FAQs and interpretation of the latest laws and news to grab the attention of industry majors.

An Affiliate Program Offer: If you have some money to spare, then you can get links from authoritative sites by offering them an affiliate program. The company will get a percentage of any sales resulting from the link on their site. It is simple with no complications and you can approach educational sites, or government sites, military websites, news sites etc. and offer them this idea. Be wary of approaching publications with this idea as they may consider sales and profit off their credibility as unethical.

A Discount Offer For Their Users: This strategy is pretty simple. You can approach and authority site, like a news site, and you can offer their visitors a discount on your products. How about offering to create a special section of products and discounts for their members/readers on your site? They will be benefited with more users joining in as the news of the discount spreads. And you will get that important link. If they require more, then take a big cut in your meat, and offer them a share of your profits resulting from the traffic they diverted. This may sound as costing your business heavily, but don’t worry the results and the ranking you will get following the links will soar your sales up much further. More traffic- more sales!

The Takeaway-

Authority links matter and you need to get them. Fix up your site real good and pitch them as directed above. If you and your site seem genuinely useful to the users, you will walk home with the coveted link.

Ritu Sharma
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