How to Optimize Local Without Limiting the Site’s Ability to Rank Globally

Q. If an Indian company is optimizing local, how will it affect their organic search results in the USA?

A. You can carry out local optimization for your company based in India, nevertheless, build your social media audience in the USA. Try earning links from relevant US domains whenever possible but not at the cost of your Indian market. Besides this, specify in your on-page text, including the template, Home page and About Us page, that your company caters to both Indian and American markets. It is also recommended to use a ‘.com’ address rather than a ‘.in’ address.


When you’re starting up your business website, both local SEO and international SEO are significant for your website’s utmost success. Most website owners either overlook local SEO or international SEO while moderating their websites. However, your business can’t grow in the way you expect unless you cover all the aspects of your website’s SEO.

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