Q: I have recently created a website and want to know how to use H Tag HTML elements properly. Also, I want to know if they help in Google rankings? Please explain.

A: There’s no exact proof if header tags contribute to an increase in Google rankings. There are several pages that work well without the header tags. But, I recommend using them and especially the H1-H2 tags.

h tag How to Properly Use H Tags on Your Site for SEO?

The Proper Use of H Tag- Heading Elements:

Heading elements H1 through H6 denote section headings but their order & occurrence is not constrained. It is not necessary that you use all the six elements to structure the page. One thing I would recommend is that you use only one H1 element on the page, as preferred by Google as well.

The semantic representation:

I am sharing an example to show the order in which Header tags should be used:

<h1> Earth <h1>

<h2> US </h2>

<h3> California <h3>

<h4> Los Angeles <h4>

<h5> The Valley </h5>

<h6> Glendale </h6>

While <H1> should preferably be used only once, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 elements can be used any number of times. However, a typical web designer may find this a bit cumbersome.

There are a few definitive ways to implement these elements, I would suggest that you keep your pages specific to one topic and use:

<h1> – One element

<h2> – As many elements as required to denote sections on the page. If you want to keep the page concise, you should only need one or two or three at max

<h3> – Keep the header for text content and not to group the template navigation

It has been argued that major search engines pay more attention to <H1>, so I recommend including your best or say the primary keyword in it.

Tip: Google has a penchant for snappy and short headings. Moreover, it will be better if the h1 tag is different from the page title. Some SEOs say that Google can use your header tags as title tags, in case you have no separate title.

Remember to keep the header tags relevant to the content on the page so that it doesn’t look odd to the visitors and also the crawlers don’t find it to be spammy.

 How to Properly Use H Tags on Your Site for SEO?

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