How to Target Specific Geo-Locations for Local Search Traffic?

Q: When I type a query in the search box, Google automatically starts predicting what I am going to write and also shows results based on my location. As such, what is more important- the analytics which are always mentioned in optimizing the webpage, the IP address or the searcher’s gateway? Suppose I have offices in different countries, how can I make sure the users from these countries find me in the first page? Won’t prospective customers be directed to a company which is demographically closer to them?

A: It is very difficult to pick up one single factor which is crucial for SEO, because there are actually so many things one should take into account for website optimization. You need to consider how the location of your offices are listed on your website, are you using local domains for different regions or a single domain for all websites, whether your websites use local languages or English as the universal language, from which regions and TLDs you are getting inbound links, are the most popular keywords and phrases naturally incorporated in the website content? And the list goes on.

Certainly Google will show different results to people searching for a particular query from different locations. You cannot make changes to the IP address people are searching from or the location on your web server. In the best case, you can have local web hosting in all countries to give your visitors a fast experience.

How to Target Specific Geo-Locations for Local Search Traffic?

It is important to consider how your website is built, the keywords and the locations you have included in your web content. If you have so many offices around the world, you have great chances of getting found. Just keep a track of where the inbound links are coming from and how the websites are presented to the visitors. Another important factor for businesses with a global presence is making the use of local languages.

Apart from this, use the web analytics tools to track, target and find the potential customers. You can later make modifications to your website to better target what your customers are looking for.

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