Q: We are a local business operating in Chicago. Some of our competitor listings are displayed with stars when people search for industry specific keywords, but ours does not. How can we make these stars show up for our listing in Google search?

A: Stars show up in Google search as a result of your status in Google+ Local. Google+ Local, which is now popularly known as Google My Business, is Google’s service for the local businesses. When Google identifies a search is local in nature, it will automatically show listings which have their presence in Google+ Local.

local seo Importance of Reviews in Local SEO

If you want Google to display stars with your business listing, first of all you have to claim your Google+ listing. All you have to do is login to your Google account and go to Google My Business. Once you have claimed your listing, optimize it for search engines by writing a relevant description with the right keywords, images and by including possible categories.

All done, you need to get reviews on Google+ Local. Remember; keep it easy for them to review your business. Customers will avoid reviewing your business if it includes a complicated process.

A minimum of four reviews is a must. As soon as you get four reviews, Google will show stars next to your listing in Google search. Stars are important because they help you to get to the top of the Google search results. Also, the more your business is reviewed, the more the chances of it appearing in Google search. Naturally, consumers tend to click more on that website which has several positive reviews. So make sure your business has lots of reviews, all of which are positive and genuine.

 Importance of Reviews in Local SEO

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