The news broke almost ten days ago. We didn’t know how to communicate to you. So, just sat on it wishing it will go away!

We have never taken your trust in us lightly. But, what’s the use of all these excuses? Probably, you have heard it already, given that the press has gone to town about it. Here goes our confession:

top seos PageTraffic Ranked No.2. All Apologies!After extensive review of nearly 4000 SEO companies, topseos.com awarded PageTraffic top 2 ranking among the best SEO companies in India for the month of February. Page Traffic went through an extensive review that includes looking at the analysis methods, return on investment and overall experience just to name a few.

PageTraffic was applauded for one of the best client retention rates in the industry in addition to the goal oriented strategy setting, 24/7 customer support, the most advanced project management system and absolute accountability eases the process for clients.

On the occasion, we also announced that press release submission, social media marketing and article submission services will be offered to all new clients. Existing clients have been automatic ally upgraded to all of these services at no extra cost.

We have also been ranked 28th amongst global SEO companies. In last 7 years of dedicated service and more than 650 clients, we have been delighted with the successes of our clients. In fact, most of our new clients come through references of existing clients.

We understand that our clients and readers will never like to us at No.2. We promise to work harder. May be Kurt Cobain said it better through “What else could I write, I don’t have the right” in All Apologies.

PS: To make up for the mixed feelings our readers and clients must be getting, we are offering The most comprehensive SEO package on the web as a compensation.

 PageTraffic Ranked No.2. All Apologies!


The author is a first generation entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of India’s most award winning SEO Agency, PageTraffic. He also works as an advisor and consultant with many large companies. He helps value-conscious businesses build site traffic increase the user base, and boost web sales and bolster customer satisfaction. He can be reached @navneetkaushal on Twitter

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