What Report Shows The Percent Of Site Traffic That Visited Previously in Google Analytics

There are two kinds of people on planet Earth who will make it to your website. The first ones are the ones who visited your site before and the ones that have not already done that. If you are wondering what report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously? The returning and new visitors are analyzed by a free tool called Google Analytics. You can also get similar data and insights from paid SEO tools.

This is how Google Analytics differentiates people who have been to your site and others who are new to your site. However, the news you get from Google Analytics is not 100% sure. The question is – What report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously? Let’s find out!

If you face any trouble understanding these reports, it is best to utilize the services of an SEO consultant. An experienced professional will not only help you understand this data but will also provide their guidance on the issues they detect.

The Five Categories of Standard Reports

There are five categories you ought to know of – audience, real-time, content, traffic sources, and conversions. Moreover, they are subdivided further into dozens of reports. You get granular information with these about the web resource.

Please note that Google Analytics is very helpful in terms of giving you an insight into user behavior. As you move forward, allow us to unravel how you can find out about the returning and new visitors. This data will help you find out more about people who visit your website and frame strategies accordingly.

When strategies are based on data rather than assumptions, they have a greater chance of excelling. User pattern and behavior can also be predicted with data, allowing you to design better position your business in a way that attracts more customers.

How do you find out about New Vs. Returning Visitors Report?

Go to the Audience > Behavior Section. This will give you the report of new vs. returning visitors. The behavior section will measure the traffic percentage that has been on your site beforehand.

You can learn more about the types of users, bounce rate, average session, conversion rates, pages per session, etc.

The findings are important because it allows you to compare returning and new visitors and how they behave on the website. You can also spot the differences in the kind of activities they are indulging in. If you are looking for what report shows the percent of site traffic that visited previously then this might answer your queries.

The loyalty of the audience keeps changing over time. This will help you shape your marketing strategy. You should take account of these reports at set intervals so that the comparison drawn is effective and unbiased of any time conjunction.


Data is a critical part of any business strategy. It allows you to analyze the performance of your business, behavior of customers, and find other key information. With data at hand, you have a better chance of forming and deploying effective critical strategies that can shape your business for decades to come and allow it to become an industry leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

What report shows which Web pages get the most traffic?

There are multiple types of reports that can answer this question for you and show pages that get the most traffic. You can fetch the data from:
1. Active users report
2. Engagement report
3. Frequency and recency report
4. All pages report
You might not be able to get the web page traffic data from these reports at the first instance. Read the above post to know how to best utilize these and fetch data from them.

What report indicates the last page?

If you want to know the last page that users visited the most before exiting your website then the ‘Exit Pages’ report under the ‘Site Content’ tab will be useful for you. It presents a great way of knowing the right user exit data without performing too many steps.

What report shows users who initiated sessions over 1 day?

If you wish to know about the users who initiated sessions over 1 day, 7 days, or 14 days then you can head over to the ‘Active Users’ report to fetch the relevant data for this.

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