Q: Are there any data points that SEO campaign can take and use from a successful PPC campaign that is targeted on the same keyword segments?

A: If you are already running a successful PPC campaign, a brief analysis of it can help in strategizing and improving your SEO campaign.

ppc campaign How can PPC Campaign be utilized to optimize SEO Campaign?

Here are a few ways of doing it:

  1. PPC is more nimble than SEO and testing different keywords, gaining top visibility is rather quick. You can identify the PPC keywords that are driving best traffic to your site & revolve your SEO campaign around them.
  2. In any segment, there are certain types of keywords – one that do better for SEO and others that do better for PPC. For example, keywords that have a commercial intent or money keywords perform well on paid search because Google gives all the above-the-fold space to ads. If a keyword has an informational intent, it will do better in SEO. By using both together, you can have a better reach in organic and paid results.
  3. The conversion rate from a SEO content piece is usually around 3%. However, you can target those visitors and perform remarketing on the Google Display Network. This might double your conversion rate.
  4. Companies spend a lot of time and resources on developing content but only a few people read it. By using promoted/sponsored posts and paid social options on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can increase the number of visits to the content page.

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