Q: Is it true that Google no longer rewards a press release? If I am submitting press release, will it give any SEO value? I run a small landscaping company so it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for blogs. But, now I am worried if my website is getting any value from the PRs I am submitting for SEO purpose.

A: Press release do have a positive impact, provided you add NOFOLLOW links. Let me get into details of the process.

A few years ago, websites used to write a press release and syndicate it through PR services. A “dofollow” or some good SEO links that passed PageRank were embedded in the press release. PageRank has always been an important factor for Google to evaluate the authority of a website. So, higher the PageRank, higher your website will appear for targeted keywords.

Press Release seo Is a Press Release Useless or Useful from SEO Perspective?

However, Google took a major step against link manipulation and warned companies to add a NOFOLLOW attribute to the embedded links. This is how PRs lost a lot of SEO value.

Are PRs still helping SEO?

It is true that NOFOLLOW attribute has hurt the SEO value of PRs, however they can still be useful. I recommend that you write a couple of PRs every month and syndicate them. If you use http:// link and “keyword proximity”, add the keywords before and after the http:// link.

A press release can often rank for targeted search and bring traffic to the website. When a PR ranks on Google, the user will click on it and will most probably also click on your website.

As we know that Google values fresh content. Posting a press release on your website will indicate Google crawlers of the updated content & it will add value to your SEO efforts.

At the End

Press release still plays a vital role in adding a value to your SEO campaign. But, you need to go by the rules of the game.

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