How Effective Remarketing can Increase your Revenue?

Q: I am planning to aggressively run an advertising campaign for my eCommerce site. There’s a lot of buzz about Remarketing. How can I use Remarketing to increase by revenue?

A: Remarketing gives you a chance to bring back the customers who have previously visited your website with tailored ads. There’s a lot of noise about the effectiveness of Remarketing because businesses are finding it an easy way to make people come back to the website to complete a purchase.

How Effective Remarketing can Increase your Revenue?
Remarketing is important because:

  • 96% of individuals leave a website before making a purchase
  • More than 60% of the items in the shopping cart are not purchased by customers
  • 49% of the consumers visit a website 2-4 times before making a purchase

Brands have found Remarketing to be really effective in boosting their sales. While 11% are using it to get their competitor’s customers, 56% are using the technique to gain customers & 43% to increase brand awareness.

Here are some great Remarketing tips for you.

A number of eCommerce sites are using Remarketing, so it is essential for you to devise a strategy that provides you an edge in the competition.

  • Multiple copy for ads and landing pages tailored to site visitors will be of great help
  • Select a higher bid for Remarketing audience who is searching for keywords
  • Don’t show same ads to particular customers again and again
  • Create lots of Remarketing lists
  • Don’t show a generic display ad, instead craft the message according to the product and user
  • Don’t send ads to customers who have already made a purchase

The Strategy

An effective Remarketing strategy results in definitive success. Here is what you should include:

List making: Create a Remarketing list of:

  • People who didn’t complete a purchase
  • People who opened the abandon cart/activity emails

Up-selling: Show your customers ads of similar items or something related to the product that they have already purchased

Other Activities: AdWords, Targeted display, and Content Marketing too will work for you

Summing up

You need not wait for your first visit to convert into a customer. Remarketing makes it easier for websites to bring back the indecisive customers by showing tailored ads & offers related with their experience from your website, so you can close that deal no matter what!

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