20 Best Free & Paid Shopify SEO Apps in 2024

If you’re running a Shopify store, then you know that SEO is key to your success. But there are so many SEO apps out there, which one should you choose? In this blog post, we’ll recommend our twenty favorite Shopify SEO apps, and we’ll explain why we like them. These top SEO apps will help you rank higher in Google search results, drive more traffic to your site, and increase your sales. So if you’re looking to boost your Shopify SEO, read on!

Shopify is one of the most used eCommerce platforms around the world and helps small and medium businesses have a strong online presence and grow their market. But simply opening an account for your store in Shopify will not help you reach your goals. 

Hiring an agency for Shopify SEO services can save website owners time and effort by allowing professionals to optimize their online store while they focus on other aspects of the business. Additionally, these services can provide ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure the website stays up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and algorithms.

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Why Do You Need Shopify SEO app?

Shopify has mastered every fundamental SEO feature. It has numerous built-in apps and features that effectively index and rank your page in search engines. It includes technical SEO features like site architecture, schema markup, and rich snippets. In addition, it is probably the eCommerce platform with the easiest SEO ever. Shopify SEO apps are available for everyone, from complete novices to seasoned pros. While many of the Shopify SEO apps are free, those who want more control over the optimization process can pay for more advanced features. 

Hiring ecommerce SEO services can help improve the visibility and ranking of the online store on search engines, leading to increased organic traffic and potential customers. With their expertise in ecommerce SEO strategies, these professionals optimize the website’s user experience and drive more sales.

What is SEO for Shopify?

Once you are done developing the ecommerce store, the next crucial step would be the SEO. By simply being favored in Google search results, a well-optimized Shopify website can generate a significant amount of organic traffic even without the use of an SEO booster.

To put it another way, how well your SEO-optimized Shopify store does on search engines frequently determines the company’s success or failure. Even though there are many ways to research online, most people will always start with Google when looking for something.

When looking for the best Shopify SEO tools for your store, you want to make sure they are compatible with Google, have suggestions for optimizing keywords, and can track popular buzzwords.

Despite the fact that it takes more time and effort to implement than other paid marketing strategies, this is one of the most effective eCommerce marketing channels. There is still a lot of room for improvement, despite the fact that Shopify has already provided you with a number of outstanding features that are friendly to SEO. Shopify SEO apps make it easier to identify and resolve numerous SEO-related issues.


You can boost your Shopify SEO with a variety of Shopify apps with varying features and prices. In order to help you choose the best SEO app for Shopify, we have looked at all the best features that a good app should have. Additionally, you can use these feature explanations to gain a deeper comprehension of each app on our list.

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Benefits of SEO Apps in Shopify

  • Site Speed

One of the most important factors that improves your site’s ranking on SERPs is site speed, which is also related to the user experience your customers have while browsing your website. If you want your Shopify store to perform better in search results, a good SEO app will speed it up.

  • Optimize Product Description

Editing all product descriptions for SEO might be a difficult task if your Shopify store has thousands of items. Shopify Website design enhancement application will naturally upgrade item title and portrayal for better Search engine optimization. They even look at the most popular keywords that you should use to get the best results.

  • Image Optimization

The size of an image can slow down your store’s speed and affect how well it ranks in search engine results pages. With a Shopify SEO app, you can reduce the size of an image without sacrificing its quality. These apps add and optimize alt tags for images on your Shopify website automatically. You can deal with every one of your photos from one dashboard without any problem.

Shopify App Store
Image Source: apps.shopify
  • Structured Data

Structured data, also known as schema markup, is a type of code that provides search engines with information about your page’s content. Schema markup frequently conforms to the appearance of your product’s SERP results by including things like rating stars, pricing, stock amounts, and so on.and allows them to appear in search results from Google. Rich snippets are Google search results that include additional information. A Shopify Website optimization app will assist you with streamlining Google snippets for the best outcome on SERPs.

  • HTML Sitemap

Search engines can better understand your Shopify store’s overall structure and crawl every important page with the assistance of an XML sitemap. In the meantime, a HTML sitemap makes it easier for customers to get to your store. You can manage your store sitemap natively with Shopify, but the default options may necessitate some technical expertise. You can do that easily with a Shopify SEO app.

20 Best Free & Paid Shopify SEO Apps

  1. Avada – SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

One of the most important apps for building your blog and improving SEO is Avada SEO Suite, which you should definitely investigate more closely. Your blog’s image size is significantly reduced by the image optimization function, while the image quality remains unchanged. Besides, the application likewise upholds you to make a HTML page, where you can show all blog posts in a single spot to assist your users with tracking them easily. Customers will have a better time on your website if it loads faster and is easy to navigate.

Other useful features like Google Structure Data, Site Verification, Instant Page, in addition to the meta description, which generates catchy titles for your blog pages in search engines,improve your blog page specifically and your website’s ranking.


  • Improves all blog pictures
  • Assists clients with exploring through your blog pages effectively with HTML Sitemap
  • Search ranking optimization
  • Procure more traffic to blog pages with extraordinary meta descriptions


  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $34.95 /month
  1. Booster Apps – Booster SEO Plus Image Optimizer

Booster SEO Plus Image Optimizer

SEO is no longer a foreign concept to employees in e-commerce. Google image is thought to be the most widely used search in the world. As a result, SEO image optimizer was made to give online stores the best features to make more money from sales. The application chiefly centers around the Website design enhancement element to promote your items to the top looking through outcome. The app has recently been updated to the latest version, ensuring that businesses that operate online can learn SEO. In addition, the most recent version of the app can speed up the search process. Your products are also more likely to be at the top of the list, so buyers tend to pay more attention to your website. The fact that the app doesn’t need any code to be installed is another important feature. Last but not least, the SEO images optimizer can be used for free, allowing online stores to increase profits without spending a dime.


  • Autopilot SEO: quickly identify, diagnose, and resolve SEO issues
  • Increase image search traffic by optimizing image alt tags
  • Using an engine for image compression, automatically reduce the size of the image
  • Utilizing the URL Keyword Optimization tool, ensure that URLs are structured correctly
  • Create, update, and submit your store’s sitemap to Google automatically
  • Repair broken links and Reroute 404 pages
  • Deliver SEO Health Reports to your inbox each week


  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $39 /month
  • Premium – $69 /month
  1. Secomapp – Search Pie:SEO Booster & Speed

Search Pie

This app is a one-size-fits-all SEO application that helps you optimize all of your Shopify store’s SEO elements. Due to the ease with which it can handle all SEO-related issues, this app is one of our list’s most comprehensive SEO tools. In addition, they have removed all SEO technical terms, making the app’s interface extremely user-friendly. As a result, this is an excellent SEO app for both novices and experts.


  • Provide a comprehensive how-to guide with your recommendations
  • Offer SEO keywords for increased organic traffic and ranking
  • Utilize AMP to enhance the mobile customer experience
  • List the rating, price, and quantity of your stock for Google searches
  • Add all product images automatically with alt tags
  • For in-depth SEO insights, integrate with Google Search Console and Analytics
  • Detailed SEO reports to assist you in monitoring your store’s SEO


  • Starter – Free
  • Premium – $39 /month
  • Enterprise – $79 /month
  1. SureSwift Capital – PlugIn SEO

SureSwift Capital

This app would examine every aspect of your SEO such as page titles and headings, speed, structure, and content freshness to identify issues that are worthy of your time and money. You will receive a clear and comprehensive report on the performance of your store’s SEO, blog, and speed, as well as code snippets and instructions for resolving the issues you discovered yourself. Because all of this information will be sent to you on a regular basis via email with the help of Plug in SEO, you won’t have to worry about how well your SEO is working all the time.


  • Give a clear and comprehensive report on your store’s SEO blog and speed performance
  • Check all SEO areas like page titles and headings, speed, structure, and freshness of content
  • Get code snippets and instructions to fix the issues
  • Get email reminders about your SEO performance regularly


  • Starter – Free
  • Basic – $29.99 /month
  • Plus – $49.99 /month
  • Premium – $79.99 /month
  1. Sherpas Design – Smart SEO

Sherpas Design - Smart SEO

Another full-featured Shopify SEO app, Smart SEO, helps you automate all of the difficult SEO tasks to raise your store’s ranking and increase sales through organic traffic. The Smart SEO app optimizes meta tags, structured data in JSON-LD format, and detects and corrects broken links automatically to save you time when optimizing your Shopify store for search engines. You can easily manage all of your sitemap and generate your image alt tag in a matter of minutes. This app also supports multiple languages, allowing you to easily manage SEO for multiple languages of your Shopify store.


  • On each page of your Shopify website, optimize the image alt tag and image size
  • Automate the creation of the meta title and description in a matter of seconds
  • Automatically find and fix broken links
  • JSON-LD-format structured data can be provided
  • Easily update the sitemap


  • Starter – Free
  • Pro – $9.99 /month
  • Business – $19.99 /month
  • Premium – $29.99 /month
  1. Engage Apps – SEO King

Engage Apps - SEO King

The entire store is optimized by the app to increase web traffic. It speeds up the loading time of your website by compressing the images of your products. In order to boost your ranking in Google’s search results, it renames your images using popular keywords. It also adds micro-data to product pages. It also uses square, resize, compress, and watermark to align and magnify your product images in various ways.


  • To find SEO issues, scan every product and page in your store
  • Bulk management of alt textSmart SEO keywords can be used to automatically add tags to photos
  • Make each product’s meta title and description your own
  • Include ratings and reviews right in the Google search results
  • Utilize the pre-set SEO conditions to automatically optimize new products
  • Check your website to find the most searched-for keywords
  • Monitor the performance of keywords


  • Starter – Free
  • Small – $9.99 /month
  • Medium – $12.99 /month
  • Large – $14.99 /month
  1. Hextom – Bulk Image Edit SEO

Hextom - Bulk Image Edit SEO

For Shopify stores, this is one of the most comprehensive image optimization applications. From altering picture size in mass to improving pictures’ alt text and record name, you can make changes to pictures on your store in mass with a couple of basic snaps.


  • Utilize customizable templates to optimize file names, alt-text, and image sizes
  • Images can be resized in bulk to fit any listing on social media or a sales channel
  • Add a watermark to the images of your theme and products
  • Reduce the size of product or theme images without sacrificing quality
  • Revert or undo any modifications made


  • Starter – Free
  • Basic – $9.99 /month
  • Professional – $19.99 /month
  • Advanced – $49.99 /month
  1. SillyCube – SPO – SEO Product Optimizer

SPO - SEO Product Optimizer

The purpose of this app is to make it easier for people to find your niche products on search engines, it searches other stores for keywords that are similar to yours. It assists you in selecting keywords that are appropriate, have a high volume of searches, and are not overly competitive, or it offers expert advice on SEO keywords. The app also lets you change the link previews for your products without having to know how to code.


  • Change the link previews for your products without knowing how to code
  • Insert focus keywords
  • Find niche keywords that will make it easy for your products to be found on search engines
  • Follow our recommendations for SEO keywords
  • Choose keywords that have a lot of searches but aren’t too competitive


  • Starter – Free
  • Basic – $15.99 /month
  1. Venntov – SEO Manager

Venntov - SEO Manager

SEO Manager is one of the Shopify SEO apps with the highest user ratings and a user-friendly interface for improving your shop’s SEO. This app offers you a step-by-step tour that walks you through all of the app’s features before you get to the SEO implementation part. They also include extensive documents to help you learn more about SEO. This app gives you everything you need to get ranked, even if you’re new to Shopify and have no experience with SEO.


  • Settings for the image alt tag, meta title and description
  • Check all images’ ALT tags for problems
  • Check for SEO issues in your Shopify store and provide suggestions to fix it
  • Provide keyword reports and keyword suggestions
  • Submit the sitemap to Google automatically
  • Integrate with Google Trends, Google Pagespeed, and Google Search Console


  • $20 /month
  1. Expert Village Media – SEO Pro – SEO Booster

SEO Pro - SEO Booster

Basic SEO features for your store are included in SEO Pro. It checks every page of your website to see if there are any issues with on-page SEO and automatically fixes them, saving you time and effort. They will notify you via mail every day of SEO issues in your store. This app makes it simple to manage structured data, optimize images in bulk, update meta titles and meta descriptions for all pages, and perform on-page SEO tasks.


Filter all pages to distinguish web optimization issues and fix them naturally

Bulk optimize images and update all images’ alt tags

Update the meta description and title tags for each and every page in your Shopify store

Rich snippets are arranged in JSON-LD format

Check for broken links on the website and automatically move them to different URLs


  • Starter – Free
  • Basic – $5.99 /month
  • Pro – $9.99 /month
  • Premium – $19.99 /month
  1. UpperCase Apps – Schema Plus for SEO

UpperCase Apps

Because it was developed by former Google software engineers, SchemaPlus is confident that it is the most advanced schema markup SEO app for Shopify stores. Your website’s content will be better indexed and comprehended by search engines and other crawlers thanks to the addition of schema by SchemaPlus. Because of this, search engines’ most recent and relevant content will be included in your rich snippet.


  • Google rich snippets can be included with review stars
  • Get rid of schema errors
  • Change the status of specific types of schema
  • Eliminate issues with Google Search Console
  • Integrate with more than ten review apps on the Shopify app store currently


  • SchemaPlus Pro – $14.99 /month
  1. DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog


This app will be a great option to redesign your blog with built-in SEO functions if you have been having difficulty modifying it with Shopify’s default blog section. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop builders, DropInBlog helps you create a blog that loads quickly, is compatible with mobile devices, and is beautiful. This app will provide you with instant SEO recommendations as you type when you create your posts. You can also embed products directly from the editor into your blog posts to turn them into a sales channel. While reading your post, let your customers add their favorite items to their shopping carts.


  • Drag-and-Drop blog builders that are easy to use
  • Insert products directly into posts using the editor
  • Rich snippets and structured data schema can be added
  • Design stunning author pages
  • Redirect and import your previous Shopify Blog posts
  • As you type, get suggestions for SEO right away


  • Lite – $24 /month
  • Standard – $49 /month
  1. Shop Sheriff – AMP

Shop Sheriff

This app is an AMP solution that you can customize to assist you in converting your Shopify pages into AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) versions. All AMP pages can be easily customized using their intuitive page builder, or you can select a template from their library to match your store theme. This app is suitable for each and every Shopify business because it comes equipped with numerous powerful features, even in their free plan.


  • Your Shopify pages can be created as AMP versions
  • Your AMP page can be easily created and edited
  • Collections of AMP templates are unlimited
  • Automatically import an image, video, and iframe into an AMP page
  • Connect to third-party applications and services
  • Integration of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)


  • Starter – Free
  • Hobbyist – $9 /month
  • Company – $29 /month
  • Entreprise – $99 /month
  1. MLVeda – Fire AMP

MLVeda - Fire AMP

With Fire AMP, you can instantly convert all Shopify pages into AMP validated pages to speed up your site’s page loading time. The header and footer of the AMP page format can also be changed to fit your Shopify store’s theme and style.


  • Creates pages that are AMP-validated for all of your pages
  • Configure AMP format: style, header, and footer
  • Facilitate Shopify app integration by a third party
  • Tracking pixels, Google Tag Manager, and Analytics integration


  • Super Success Plan – $7.99 /month
  1. AdoLab – SEO Sitemap Builder

SEO Sitemap Builder

SEO Sitemap Builder is one of the Shopify SEO apps with the highest ratings that you could use to control your HTML sitemap settings. This app not only assists you in changing the title, description, or appearance of your sitemap with a single click, but it also updates your HTML sitemap with new products and items automatically. The HTML sitemap can also be changed in any way you want to match the look of your store.


  • Instantly creates a store’s HTML sitemap
  • Pulls in new products and adds them to the sitemap automatically
  • Options for entering custom HTML and CSS
  • Steps for adding a sitemap link to the footer


  • Awesome Sitemap – $3.95 /month
  1. EXEN LABS – SEO Metriks All-In-One

SEO Metriks All-In-One

SEO Metriks, developed by the EXEN LABS team, is an excellent marketing tool for all Shopify ecommerce store administrators. It includes a general SEO audit report with recommendations and warnings, the creation of an XML sitemap, a site health report for easier use, and other useful features. You can see the report of harmful links, to remove all of them from your website’s backlink profile. You can submit your content to search engines, niche directories, and other places. You can access more than 470 global and local search engines to track and compare your ranking to that of your rivals.


  • Provide users with warnings and advice by suggesting profitable keywords
  • Allow users to report toxic links and remove them 
  • Keep track of your brand’s reputation and keep your store trendy


  • Basic – $7.99 /month
  1. EastSide Co – TurboSEO

EastSide Co - TurboSEO

TurboSEO by Eastside Co. is a Shopify app that feeds search engines more relevant data about your store to improve SEO rankings. It makes your search engine listings look better, and makes it easier for Google, Bing, and Pinterest to read your store which makes your click-through rates go up a lot. It also adds search engine optimization markup to the code of your website. All of these could be done without needing any prior coding knowledge or experience.


  • Feed search engines more relevant data to boost SEO rankings
  • Increase click-through rates
  • Improve listings of search engine 
  • Adding markup to the code of your website


  • One Time Charge – $30
  1. TinyIMG – SEO, Speed & Image Optimizer


TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer, allows you to optimize your images without sacrificing their quality. This application includes numerous additional SEO features for automatically generating structured data and identifying SEO issues. Even for small businesses, this app’s cost is reasonable


  • Make suggestions for resolving issues
  • Uploads the optimized version to the Shopify store and optimizes images
  • Make product image filenames and alt text more readable
  • Edit the meta descriptions and titles
  • Detect broken links and automatically redirect visitors to working pages


  • Pay As You Go – Free
  • 24 months – $1.99 /month
  • Starter – $9.99 /month
  • Growth – $19.99 /month
  1. Rabbit SEO – SEO Traffic Booster

Rabbit SEO

Rabbit SEO is a Shopify app that helps your app become more discoverable on search engines like Google, Bing, and Pinterest. The app conducts an in-depth analysis of your landing page and provides details about your visitors’ paths to your website. By using the right keywords, the app not only brings more people to your website, but it also looks into your competitors to get insider information in real time. A daily email report containing all of these details and suggestions for improvement will be sent to you.


  • Analyze your landing page in depth
  • Learn more about your visitors and how they got to your site
  • Include more new keywords to increase website traffic
  • Provide daily reports with suggestions for improvement


  • Starter – Free
  • Premium 1 – $25 /month
  • Premium 2 – $50 /month
  • Enterprise – $200 /month
  1. Ilana Davis LLC – JSON-LD for SEO

Ilana Davis LLC

JSON-LD for SEO is a Shopify app that shows product information like prices, pictures, availability, and user reviews directly on search results to help your store get more organic Google search traffic and increase conversion rates. With its various features, you will easily get better rankings on Google, Pinterest, Bing and different kinds of web search tools. The application updates your SEO data in the form of microdata or JSON-LD data code blocks at specific HTML locations.


  • Gather the information you need right away to fill out Google’s rich results
  • Successfully make rich outcomes for your Shopify items
  • Make sure the app has connected your data correctly by auditing store data.
  • Connect to 20 of the most widely used Shopify review apps
  • Indefinite support available with direct priority access


  • One Time Charge – $399

Wrapping Up

In order to improve your store’s SEO rankings, each of the Shopify SEO apps on the above list offers a variety of features and pricing options. Some apps are all-in-one SEO tools that include a wide range of SEO features. Other apps concentrate primarily on particular SEO aspects to optimize them to their full potential. We hope this article will help you in selecting the best Shopify SEO applications for your store.


Where can I find the Shopify SEO Apps?

The Shopify SEO Apps can be found at https://apps.shopify.com/.

Which is the best SEO app for optimizing mobile pages?

We have covered twenty best Shopify SEO apps with their features in the post above. Have a look.

Do I need to have coding knowledge to optimize my site?

No, you do not need to possess coding knowledge in order to use the above said apps. Most of them have a drag and drop option to easily set up and optimize your website.

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