Guide To Selling And Buying Feet Pics Online!

Are you looking for an innovative new way to make money? Selling feet pics might sound unorthodox, but if done right, it can be an incredibly lucrative business opportunity. In this post, we will look in detail about the need for feet pictures, ways to take good feet pictures, how to sell feet pics, places to sell them, safety measures to follow while selling these pictures online, tips to maintain your feet and finally advice on fixing your price and marketing your feet pictures. 

Foot images are sought after by businesses, stock photo sites, modeling agencies, digital marketers, movie production companies, journalists, bloggers, and foot enthusiasts in order to sell products, display foot images, or illustrate foot conditions. From the comfort of your own home, regularly uploading pictures for money could generate the much-needed passive income you need to fund additional expenses or maximize investments. In the world of the internet, there are companies that offer ecommerce SEO services to help you reach out to potential customers.  

Who Buys Feet Pics?

There are various groups keen on purchasing feet photographs. While others require them for their business, some use them for personal reasons. The main groups of people who buy feet pictures are:

  • Artists

Artists typically require a wide range of photo references for their work, and it can be challenging to locate high-quality images of precisely what they require. You could sell them pictures of your feet if you have a particular pose or angle that an artist is looking for. These could be digital artists, painters, sculptors, etc. all of whom might be foot picture clients.

  • Modeling agencies

There are a number of modeling agencies that specialize in foot models. In order to use your feet in their portfolios and marketing materials, many of these agencies will be interested in purchasing photos. This could be a great option for you if you have nice feet and you want to make a career out of modeling feet.

  • Podiatry Websites

There are a number of websites related to podiatry that all recognize the need for unique images and require high-quality images of feet. The majority of these websites will be interested in purchasing high-quality images of feet to complement their content.

The fact that these websites are typically willing to pay a higher price for photos of a professional quality is one advantage of selling your feet photos to them. This is because these websites may specify specific poses and scenarios to ensure that the images are as closely related to their content as possible.

  • Footwear Companies

A lot of footwear and shoe companies are interested in purchasing high-quality foot pics to use on their websites and marketing materials. The fact that these businesses typically have a substantial budget and are willing to pay a premium for high-quality images is the primary advantage of selling your feet photos to them. You could make a lot of money selling them to shoe companies because they rarely order just a few images. You can also anticipate receiving free shoes, foot jewelry, and other items since you will essentially serve as a model for the products these businesses sell.

Apps and Other Platforms to Sell Feet Pics Online

Apps to Sell Feet Pics

  1. Feetpics

Feetpics is a one-stop shop where you can create a profile or page, promote it, and then get paid for your foot photos. The fact that Feetpics does not charge any commissions or monthly fees is a significant advantage. There is a one-time arrangement charge of $5 and you can alternatively decide to pay to advance your page on the site to arrive at additional intrigued purchasers.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Feetpics?

  • $5 is required to set up an account and a page
  • Make a list of your feet pictures in each of your categories
  • To give potential customers a sense of what you have to offer, add a few foot pictures to your page gallery
  • Now, submit your page for the Feetpics team to approve. You will receive an email notification of approval
  • You can now manually promote your page to your social media followers or pay to promote it
  1. Feet Finder

To begin selling feet pictures on Feet Finder, sellers must be over the age of 18 and have their ID verified. Buyers and sellers benefit from this because they are aware that they are dealing with genuine individuals. 

Feet Finder
Feet Finder

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Feet Finder?

  • You must apply for an account and upload a copy of your ID before you can begin selling on Feet Finder
  • Sellers must pay a monthly fee of $4.99 or $14.99 (or $29.99 annually for premium) once they have been verified
  • You can now upload all of the content that buyers can buy right away (at least four high-quality feet of photos or videos) and make up to ten albums
  • After you’ve finished setting up, buyers can send you requests for custom orders as well
  • After that, you should write a bio and include the various keywords that potential customers might be searching for when looking for content
  • Now, either wait for orders to start coming in or promote your social media profiles
  1. Instafeet

A website that requires a subscription to use, Instafeet lets you share videos and photos of your feet with the world. You can post content, create a profile, and sell pictures of your feet here. You must agree to their rules and submit an application, which includes a copy of a valid photo ID, before you can begin selling. The approval process can take two to three weeks. This is necessary to keep scammers off the platform.

Instafeet takes a flat 10% cut of every dollar you spend on the site for maintaining the site and processing credit cards. Another thing to keep in mind is that payments are only processed on the first and fifteenth of each month.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Instafeet?

  • Create a profile and apply to Instafeet
  • You can start posting content if you are approved. To get started, Instafeet suggests that you upload at least five photos
  • Organize your pricing. The majority of users charge less than $10 per month; however, if you have a large social following, you can charge more
  • Get a one-of-a-kind link that you can then share with your audience
  1. Etsy

Because it specifically caters to handmade goods and arts and crafts, Etsy is an excellent location for selling feet pictures. Individuals shop on Etsy searching for something that you can’t find at ordinary web-based stores, so feet photographs certainly fit the bill.

Signing up for an account and posting pictures of your pretty feet are all you need to do if you want to sell your own content. People are more likely to find your listings and purchase from you if your product descriptions are descriptive and enticing. Etsy charges a 6.5% transaction fee on sales and a $0.20 listing fee.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Etsy?

  • Set up your account, add a profile picture, and finish up your profile with keywords that clients would search for.
  • Finish creating your “shop” on Etsy’s home page
  • Connect Etsy to your bank account
  • Create listings for your products
  • Start using your social media platforms to promote your Etsy store
  1. Discord

Discord was made with the intention of forming groups that have similar interests. The platform initially served gamers, but it later expanded to include people looking for photos of their feet. Discord is a well-controlled platform and offers privacy as an invite-only platform. Since only people who are interested can join a particular channel and hang out with you, this also makes it easier to sell feet pictures. Once you join Discord, you can share images, text, and videos for free. The server room can be separated into more modest confidential discussions to oblige various clients. You will be able to fulfill individual client requests with that. Additionally, this lets you set different prices for your feet pictures while maintaining complete privacy throughout the entire process.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Discord?

  • Select to register and open the website in your browser
  • You will be asked to provide some information about yourself during the registration process
  • Start a chat room, to attract followers.You can make it a public forum that Discord users can join, or you can make it a private forum that only invites members
  • You can connect the Discord app with other social media accounts like Twitter
  • You can use it to find other feet fans and contact them by sending links to their server
  • The account can be further organized to create a secure forum for selling pictures of feet
  1. Dollar Feet

If you’re accepted, this site pays fairly quickly, so it’s a good place to start. However, the payment isn’t very high. Due to their requirement that you submit the content first, they also raise a few concerns regarding the utilization of your foot content. If you want to do this anonymously, they also require you to show your face, which is a big no-no.

Dollar Feet
Dollar Feet

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Dollar Feet?

You need to go to Dollar Feet’s website and fill out an application if you want to sell pictures of your feet. After you have been accepted, you can start sending in pictures and videos of your feet. Approval can take up to 24 hours.

  1. Foap

Foap is a platform for crowdsourcing images and videos where individuals, brands, and businesses can order content tailored to their requirements. The great thing about Foap is that you can either find feet-related “missions”, in which you create custom images or videos that someone has specified, or you can upload your own pictures and videos, which people can then directly purchase. If you win, these missions can be very lucrative, so it’s worth looking into. Foap’s revenue split of 50% means that you only keep 50% of the sale price, which is one drawback.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Foap?

  • After installing the app, create an account
  • Upload pictures of your feet
  • When your pictures are sold, you get paid
  • You can make more money with photo missions
  • Premium missions can be completed with Foap coins
  1. Feetify

Feetify is a photo-centric subscription website. Based on how you use the site, you get cash rewards. To become a premium member, you can pay $49 in cryptocurrency. You can keep all of the sales you make through the platform if you do this. Through private messaging, you and the buyer can make sales directly.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Feetify?

  • Start with a free account
  • Add pictures of your feet
  • Participate on a daily basis and frequently add more images of your feet to the website
  • Get in touch with potential customers
  • Send pictures of your feet only after the payment is confirmed
  1. Whisper

The Whisper app is a social media site where users can post and share photos and videos anonymously . Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any payments on the site, so buyers will have to go to your website, Etsy store, OnlyFans account, or other social media platforms in order to sell pictures of your feet. You can use Whisper to market your foot content anonymously because it has over 250 million monthly users.


How to Sell Feet Pictures on Whisper?

  • Install the Whisper app and log in
  • Use descriptive text along with your images to promote your business
  • Interact with potential clients through the comment section
  • Include a link to your website or payment information in your email

Social Media Channels to Sell Feet Pics

  1. OnlyFans

Because it allows you to share exclusive content with your followers, OnlyFans is a good place to sell feet pictures. Since it requires a subscription, you will need to charge your followers a fee each month to access your content. Because OnlyFans is such a well-known platform, there is a good chance that you will be able to sell your feet pictures there. When setting your subscription prices, keep in mind that OnlyFans takes 20% of your earnings.


How to Sell on OnlyFans?

  • Create a private account on OnlyFans and wait for verification
  • Include your payment options and bank account
  • Include photos and other content of your feet
  • Advertise your OnlyFans account on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube
  • You can earn money on OnlyFans without showing your face
  1. Tinder

One of the most well-known dating apps is Tinder, but it’s also a great place to sell feet pictures. Tinder is an excellent platform for selling feet pictures for a few reasons. First of all, there are more than 75 million active Tinder users. This indicates that your pictures have a large audience potential. Second, Tinder is primarily a visual dating app. Good pictures are essential because people swipe left and right to decide if they like someone. Matches and messages are more likely to come your way if your feet pictures are of high quality. Lastly, Tinder is an excellent platform for selling photos of feet because it is simple to use and set up. You can begin earning money as soon as you post your photos. Since Tinder is an app for dating you can not use it directly to sell, instead you can make use of the platform to get people to your store or website.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a discussion forum where you can meet people who are interested in almost any subject. Reddit’s huge feet community can be a great place to find serious buyers for your images. Over 200,000 people are a part of subreddits like r/verifiedfeet and r/feetpics. You can use these or look in more specific subreddits since a lot of people on Reddit are looking for good pictures of feet.


How to Sell on Reddit?

  • Sign up for a free Reddit account
  • Join some subreddits for foot content enthusiasts
  • Be a contributing member of the community by posting watermarked images, leaving comments, and not being overly promotional
  • When someone asks, only then you can then link to your website or social media accounts
  1. Instagram

Because it is based on photos, Instagram is a great place to sell your own feet pictures.

Instagram has one drawback, you can’t link external content directly to where it can be purchased. Therefore, even though posting pictures of your feet on Instagram will pique people’s interest in what you have to offer, they won’t know where to buy your photos.

You will be able to share links directly in Instagram stories if you have more than 10,000 followers. Even if you do not have 10,000 followers, there are other ways to share links, and you will also be able to include a link in your bio to a website where people can buy feet pictures.


How to Sell on Instagram?

  • Open a new Instagram Business Account
  • Write a concise and appealing bio for potential customers with a call to action to visit your bio link 
  • You can add multiple external links using a service like linktree
  • After adding a watermark to the entire foot image using Canva or another tool, upload it to Instagram
  • Try to add hashtags to your post to expand its exposure. A maximum of 30 hashtags can be added
  • In order to direct followers to your link in your bio, consistently upload content, at least once per day, and be active on Instagram stories
  • You can direct buyers to another platform to purchase and receive the image; however, if you deal with them directly, you should only deliver the images via direct message or email after receiving payment
  1. Facebook


Facebook has billions of users, so there is a large group of people who are interested in feet pictures. Here you can sell feet-related pictures to interested users, market yourself, communicate locally, and do much more. Facebook is more than just a social network; it is an online platform from which you can run your entire feet picture business.

How to Sell on Facebook?

  • Create a Facebook business page
  • Create an account for Facebook Business Manager
  • Create a Facebook shop and connect it to your business page. If you use Instagram, you can also link it to your Instagram page
  • Configure the checkout procedure and select your preferred method of payment
  • Now, use Canva or another tool to add watermarked photos of feet to your catalogs
  • By joining relevant groups, you can begin promoting your feet photos. You should join them through your Facebook Page rather than your personal profile
  • Post to these groups and interact with others frequently
  • You could also use paid Facebook ads to increase the number of people who visit your page

Other Platforms to Sell Feet Pics

  1. Craigslist


Craigslist is a neighborhood website where lots of individuals go to exchange and bargain both on the web and, in actuality. Therefore, if you want to sell photographs of actual feet, Craigslist might be the right place for you to do so; however, you should exercise caution whenever you meet new people. You can also sell feet pictures online by linking to your profile on one of the other sites using Craigslist as a free advertising platform.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on Craigslist?

  • Create an account on Craigslist
  • Register in one of the payment methods
  • Blur or copyright your images before posting them
  • Use your social media accounts to promote your content
  • After the money has been received, provide pictures
  1. eBay


eBay is yet another useful platform for selling pictures of actual feet. In that you need to set up a shop, connect your accounts, create listings, and then eBay will charge you a fee, the procedure is very similar to that of Etsy. However, since eBay allows for auctions, you might be surprised by how much money you can make from an eBay auction if you have framed images or one-of-a-kind photographs that have the potential to fetch top dollar.

How to Sell Feet Pictures on eBay?

  • Set up an eBay account
  • Choose an automatic payment method
  • After creating a listing, choose the Auction type of selling
  • Set the time duration of your listing
  • Price your item and sell it to the highest bidder (You can opt for fixed-rate selling too)
  1. Own Blog/Website

Setting up your own blog or website is the best option if you want to keep all profits for yourself and are willing to put in a little extra effort. You have complete control over how you sell your feet pictures, what you charge for them, and how you market your website with this option. The disadvantage is that getting people to visit your website and make a purchase requires more effort. However, if you’re willing to work hard, it can be a great way to make money selling feet pictures.

How to Sell on Your Website?

  • Select a name for your website’s domain
  • Create a hosting account. The files for your website will be stored here
  • Install WordPress from your hosting account
  • Select a design for your website. Your website’s overall look and feel will be determined by this
  • Set up plugins. These are add-ons that give your website more features and functionality.
  • Create listings for your products, configure the payment processing and promote your website right away

Other Methods to Sell Your Feet Pics and Earn Money

  • Stock Photo Sites

You can also legally sell pictures of your feet online on a lot of stock photo sites, which can be great places to do so. You can upload content to sites like Bigstock, Deposit Photos, and iStockPhoto for people to buy, but they are usually marketed for serious photographers with a lot of experience and expensive equipment. These websites focus more on the commercial use of images in advertising, among other things. However, you should still submit photos of your feet. It could really start to add up and be a great way to earn some extra cash if you end up with a popular image.

  • Print On Demand (POD)

Print on demand is a business model in which you can add your own design to a variety of blank products provided by the POD company. The POD company sends out the product with your design when a customer purchases it. You create your own online shop front to showcase your designed products. You can use apps like “Watercolor” to turn your feet picture into a watercolor painting, which can then be printed as a wall art.

Tips to Maintain Your Feet

If you want to sell your feet pictures online, the first and most important thing you can do is take good care of your feet. If you have nice, healthy feet, people will be more likely to buy your photos and the experience will be better for everyone involved. Getting a professional pedicure once a week isn’t necessary, but you should make sure your feet are clean, soft, and smooth. Here are a few recommendations to maintain your feet in great shape.

  • Cut the Cuticles and Nails

Trim your cuticles and nails on a regular basis but do not overdo it. That will make your feet look unattractive. Assuming you have ingrown toenails, have them expertly treated and eliminated. Fungus may be the cause of your yellow toenails. To get rid of the yellow tint, make sure to use a treatment that kills fungi.

  • Moisturize Everyday

To sell foot photographs effectively, ensure that you moisturize your feet day to day to dispose of dry skin issues. You can moisturize your feet at any time, but it’s best to do so before going to bed and letting them dry overnight. To ensure that the moisturizing lotion or cream stays in contact with your skin, wear a pair of thick socks.

  • Soak and Scrub Your Feet

Regular soak and scrub your feet on a regular basis to soften the sole skin. Dead skin can be easily removed because of this. It will keep your feet delicate, clean, and photograph commendable.

  • Professional Pedicures and Foot Masks

If you have enough money, spend once a month on professional pedicures. You won’t have yellow toenails, dry or dead skin, or flaky skin problems because of this. Foot Masks If you can’t afford a professional pedicure, you can buy foot masks to keep your feet looking good without spending money on a professional groomer.

How to Take Good Feet Pics?

You must upload only stunning foot photos if you want to sell photos of your feet and make a decent profit. You must ensure that you provide high-quality images of your feet taken from various angles. When you’ve done all the necessary research and have a thought of what sort of pictures individuals need, now is the ideal time to set up photoshoots. These can be done almost anywhere, and they should include a number of different shots. If you want to take high-quality pictures and reach a larger audience, experiment with a variety of lighting, poses, angles, props and backgrounds. If you don’t know where to start or how to do it, here are some ideas.

Photography Course

You needn’t bother with being a star photographic artist. Nonetheless, you will require some fundamental photography skills. Feet photos can’t be sold if they don’t look good or are taken with the wrong camera settings or lighting. It is better to get some basic photography skills. You can watch a lot of videos on YouTube, but you can also pay for photography classes. You can watch free courses and later purchase premium courses if you find good value in them. You will also need to be able to edit photos in a basic way.


  1. Camera

Once your feet are in great shape, you’ll need the right equipment to take great photos of them. You’ll also need to know how to use that equipment. The good news is that you can sell pictures of your feet with your phone or camera. However, it is advisable to use a DSLR camera unless you have a cutting-edge smartphone with outstanding camera capabilities. If you want to be creative with your photos, you should get a tripod, a basic lighting kit, and some props.

  1. Lighting

A picture often looks more polished with good lighting. The best lighting for most photos, including feet pictures, is typically natural light; therefore, if at all possible, hold your sessions outdoors or near a large window. Try not to use the flash on your camera when shooting indoors because it can cast harsh shadows and make your feet look less good.

Instead, for softer, more even lighting, use lamps or LEDs with a diffuser. Play with shadows and a single light source for a dramatic appearance.

  1. Props

You can use a variety of accessories and props to spice up your feet photos. A few well known items are:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Fruit
  • Jewelry
  • Socks/stockings
  • Shoes/boots
  • Nail polish/nail art
  • Body paint
  • Themed props
  1. Background

In your feet pictures, the background can be just as important as the foreground. Keep it simple and uncluttered so that the focus is on the feet, which is a good rule of thumb. The following are some frequently used foot pictures backgrounds:

  • Marble floors/tiles
  • Plain walls
  • Wood floors
  • Outdoors
  • Fabric

Foot Poses and Angles

  1. Top of Feet

The shot of the tops of the feet is another close-up image. This is a picture of the tops of the feet, as the title suggests. This can be the entire foot or just the top half with the toes visible.

Foot Poses
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Bottom of Feet

The soles of the feet are the focus of this image. Typically, buyers want a closer look at this.

Foot Poses and Angles
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Foot Arch

The arch of your foot is the image’s hero. The better the arch, the larger it is. As long as your foot’s arch is clearly visible, the angle matters little.

Foot Arch
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Toes Spread

Although you should ensure that your toes are evenly spaced out in this pose, it is similar to the top of feet pose. The majority of buyers, on the other hand, do not want to see your toes straining as you reach for the far corners of the image.

Toes Spread
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Foot Selfie

This shot is similar to the top of the feet pose, but it is taken from your perspective, so the camera is directly above the feet and the toes are pointing away from the body.

Foot Selfie
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Toes Curled

The toes can be curled or crunched in a variety of positions.

Toes Curled
Image Source: Pinterest


  1. Heels

You can take a variety of photos with heels, which are a common foot picture accessory. The most popular style is one with dangling heels, but shoes on or off are also popular choices.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Dirty Feet/Soles

You don’t have to always include clean feet in your photos. Although the soles of the feet are filthy, this is the standard “bottom of feet” pose.

Dirty Feet/Soles
Image Source: Pixabay
  1. Painted Toe Nails

Top view of your manicured toenails.

Painted Toe Nails
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. With Shoes

You can take photos of your feet with different types of shoes and slippers. 

With Shoes
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Kicking Pose

Interestingly, kicking away shoes and slippers is a very much in demand picture.

Kicking Pose
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Pedicure

Taking snapshots of the pedicuring process of your feet will add variety to your collection.

Image Source: Pinterest

Fixing the Price

Research Your Competitors

Knowing what other people are doing and how they do it is essential if you want to sell pictures of your feet online and make money. This will give you an idea of what kinds of pictures are in demand, what trends to keep an eye out for, ideas for poses, and so on.

Also, it’s a good idea to check out what your rivals are charging for their pictures. You don’t want to charge too much and deter customers, but you also don’t want to undercut yourself and make it difficult to make a profit. Don’t be afraid to contact other foot photographers and ask for advice. Even if you are rivals, most people are surprisingly open and helpful.

Stick to Your Price

Price your feet pictures in a few different ways. You have the option of charging per image or a monthly subscription fee. Be consistent with your pricing, regardless of the method you choose. Avoid allowing customers to bargain and lower your prices. Buyers may take advantage of this and anticipate lower prices in the future as a result. That is to say, once you have established your price, that is your guarantee that people will pay for your good work. Don’t make any concessions, if someone likes what you have to offer, they will pay for it.

How to Market Your Feet Pics?

  • Hashtags

You can use various hashtags to promote your feet pictures on social media. A few examples are,


  • Optimize on Various Platforms

You have to optimize your profile and product listings on each platform where you sell feet pictures. Describe the images according to the platform. To make them easier to find, group them in the right niches and use keywords where necessary.

  • Paid Advertisement

To get people to your website, you can advertise on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google, and others. You can use ads to get people to your social media profiles and other marketplace profiles even if you don’t have a website of your own.

Advantages of Selling Feet Pics

  1. Selling pictures of your feet can help you make a lot of money.
  2. You get to flaunt your feet and get praises from individuals who value them.
  3. If you sell pictures of your feet online, you can do so in relative anonymity.
  4. As long as you have access to the internet, you can work from anywhere in the world.
  5. Little preparation or experience is needed to earn by selling feet pics.

Disadvantages of Selling Feet Pics

  1. At first, you might not make as much money as you would like.
  2. People who purchase your feet pictures may send you strange or creepy messages.
  3. It might not be a very enjoyable process for you to market yourself if you are uncomfortable with people who are interested in feet.
  4. Scams can happen, and if you don’t protect your personal information carefully, it could be dangerous.
  5. It’s possible that your friends and family won’t like what you’re doing.

Safety Measures to Follow While Selling Feet Pics Online

There will always be people out there trying to take advantage of you in some way, just like there are in any business. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep these pointers in mind so that you can sell foot pictures without falling for fake clients.

  • Receive Money before Sending Pics

Before sending any pictures, you must always receive payment. Send just one blurry image with a watermark if customers request a sample. Or you can send them to your profile on social media so they can see some pictures of your feet. To avoid misunderstandings, communicate to your customers upfront a set of clear rules and expectations.

  • Have a Separate Business Account

Always receive payments to a business account. This includes your banking, social media, and especially payment acceptance. Having a business account provides you with an additional layer of protection because scammers may attempt to reverse the payment as soon as they receive your product or use stolen credit cards.

  • Never Accept Overpayments

The most common online con is to overpay. You should never do this. The buyer requests a refund after overpaying for the item. By doing so, they will not only receive a picture of your feet, but they will also receive the entire payment back. They will receive payment in addition to the picture as a result, making it appear as though you paid them to take a picture of your feet. Overpayments should be avoided at all costs. Make sure they send you a tip in a separate transaction if they want to.

  • Maintain Anonymity

In these kinds of transactions, it’s critical to never reveal any personal information. You never know who is behind a transaction, even if the other person appears nice. Due to this, the most secure course of action is to simply ensure that neither the photos you sell nor anything you say should be able to identify you.

  • Do not Reveal your Face

Ensure that you never display your face in the foot photos you sell. Clearly, this goes against the advice to keep your customers anonymous. Nevertheless, you never know where a photo will end up because, after all, it is the internet, and you might not want the rest of the world to be able to link you to this activity. It is in your best interest to ensure that your face never appears anywhere that could be associated with the pictures of your feet that you are selling, both to safeguard yourself from the buyer and anyone else who may be malicious.

  • Avoid Personal Conversation

It’s normal to start to feel like you “know” someone, especially if you have a lot of repeat customers. In any case, normal chit-chat can be a cover for somebody attempting to figure out more data about you so that they’re ready to find you face to face. You really don’t know who is on the other side of a transaction. While it’s fine to be polite, in the event that the conversation starts to go to individual aspects about you, shut it down right away.

  • Watermark Your Feet Pics

Put a discrete watermark on your feet photos when you post them online to prevent others from copying them and using them elsewhere. Put a unique watermark overlaid on your images to let people know that this picture belongs to you because others might try to steal it if they think the quality is good enough. In addition, this safeguards your intellectual property and requires customers to buy the images in order to obtain the high-resolution clear image.

  • Avoid Accepting Gift Cards/Coupons

Nowadays, gift card payments are a frequent target of fraud. Basically, a potential customer sends you a gift card as payment and then cancels or revokes it before you can use it. There is a workaround though, if you get paid with an Amazon gift card, you can use it right away to buy another one before the payer can cancel the first one, and the money is yours. However, to keep away from all that issue, it’s ideal to just request cash.

Wrapping Up

Selling pictures of your feet can be a profitable business venture, despite the fact that it may initially appear odd. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot, especially when you could make a lot of money once you are experienced, because there are a lot of people who are interested in purchasing these photos for a variety of reasons. Anyone can succeed in this industry with a little bit of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Like with any online endeavor, be careful with your personal and financial information since you do not know any of these people you encounter and will not be meeting them face to face.


Can I earn by selling my feet pictures?

Yes, you can earn either directly by uploading your feet photos and selling them, or more creatively by transforming them into elegant wall art, cushion covers, or welcome mats.

How to set the price for my feet pics?

There will be unique recommendations for prices for each platform. It will also depend on how you plan to market your feet pictures or products and the commission rates you charge.

How much can I earn by selling my feet pics?

This depends upon what customers are willing to pay. Expect to make more money with your feet pictures if they are for designer websites or high-end magazines.

Who can sell feet pictures?

Foot photos can be sold by anyone. You don’t have to have perfectly manicured toe nails to sell pictures of your feet. Even if your feet haven’t been well taken care of, there are buyers for them.

Is it legal to sell feet pictures?

You can legally sell pictures of feet online. To sell your photos, you must be of the legal age of 18 years.

How will I get paid when selling feet pictures?

The platform you use will determine how you get paid. A lot of platforms use Paypal or have built-in payment options. Be careful while sharing financial information.

Can I sell pictures through social media?

Yes, you can. You can have an account on social media, say Instagram where you give a glimpse of your work and provide the links to your profile from various other platforms where the clients can buy them.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money I earn by selling feet pics?

Yes, you have to declare the money you made by selling feet pictures while you file your taxes.

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