How to Create a Poll on Facebook: Simple Steps to Follow

With over 2.7 billion active monthly users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It offers a wide range of features and one of these features is the ability to create a poll on Facebook. Polls are a great way to gather feedback, opinions, and insights from your audience. They can be used to spark discussions, increase engagement, and even help you make important decisions. In this post, we will guide you through the simple steps to create a poll on Facebook, and help you make the most out of this feature. Whether you are a business owner looking to gather customer feedback, or an individual looking to engage with your followers, this guide will help you create a poll that will get people talking.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get feedback from your Facebook followers, consider creating a poll. Polls are easy to create and can be a great way to engage your audience. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to create a poll on Facebook.

Creating a poll on Facebook, whether for your business or to interact with your family and friends, is not only entertaining but also a quick way to gather information on social media. Such data would be difficult to obtain in other ways. There are various types of polls that can be created on Facebook.

Sometimes polls are created by companies to determine which product you prefer to frame their strategies. A full social media management package covers creating polls and other substantial aspects related to social media platforms.

A successful marketing campaign must include gathering user feedback and should only publish at the best time to post on Facebook. Polls interact with users and provide an interactive platform for them to provide feedback to a company or individual. This way, people can even share feedback that they do not share otherwise due to lack of time, disinterest, and several other reasons.

What is a Facebook Poll?

A Facebook poll is exactly what the name implies: a poll created on Facebook by anyone with a Facebook account. Polls are an optional feature that can be added to your timeline, story, or business page for free.

This feature allows you to ask a question and provide answers in a multiple-choice format for your audience to choose from. They can select an answer from the options you provide or enter their own if you provide that option.

You can set a poll deadline after which users will no longer be able to submit their responses. After the poll is completed, the results are displayed against each answer – how many votes an answer received and what percentage it represented.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Facebook Poll?

Facebook Poll
  1. Find Out What Your Audience Thinks

Facebook Polls allow the audience to express their thoughts. They can select from the options you created and express their opinion. It is critical for any business or marketing plan to learn everything you can about your target audience.

If you are planning a social media marketing strategy, it is a good idea to learn about your target audience’s thoughts on various topics. This allows you to plan more effectively and implement your marketing strategy.

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  1. Increase Audience Engagement

Polls are an excellent way to increase audience engagement and interaction. People are more likely to participate in your poll and submit their responses because it is basic human psychology to feel valued if their opinion is taken into account.

Consider polls to be the customer touchpoints between your company and a sale. Encouraging your audience to participate increases activity on your profile and draws attention to your company.

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  1. Get Real-Time Results

Manual labor and a significant amount of time are required to evaluate poll results in offline surveys and questionnaires among your target audience. A poll on Facebook, on the other hand, provides instant results in the form of the number of votes each answer has received and the percentage of voters who have voted for that answer.

You can post the results to your profile and use the data to inform future social media campaigns and strategies.

Types of Facebook Poll

Facebook not only allows you to create polls, but it also offers a variety of polls with unique features. Let’s go over some of the different types of polls you can create on Facebook before learning how to do a poll on Facebook business pages. 

Facebook Groups Poll
  1. Polls in Facebook Groups

These are polls that you have created or are a member of on Facebook. Because groups typically have a large number of members, your poll may attract a large number of users to answer the poll questions. It eventually helps to build a community of people who are interested in your business, which increases sales.

  1. Polls on Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are business pages that you can set up to promote your company. They differ from your profile in that they offer paid promotional options. Only administrators can post on a page.

Polls on Facebook are an excellent way to inform your followers about upcoming events or products. You can inquire whether they like your products, select a time slot for an event, or wish to attend an event.

  1. Polls on Facebook Stories

Stories are one of Facebook’s most popular features. Because of its instant appeal and 24-hour timeline, it is ideal for sharing daily images and videos. It is a great way to get your followers’ attention and get them to interact with you.

Making a poll on a Facebook story provides an instant engagement platform for people to respond to your poll questions.

  1. Polls on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the company’s chatting platform. Using Messenger polls, you can get feedback on questions you want to ask privately. For questions that should not be shared publicly, use group chat polls.

  1. Facebook Video Polls

In the audio-visual era, videos are a powerful marketing tool. According to statistics, viewers consume approximately 95% of the message while watching a video. You can use videos to attract attention and polls to gather feedback from your audience.

How to Make a Facebook Poll: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Facebook to create a poll is a simple and effective way to engage your audience. It costs nothing and provides a wealth of information about your target audience’s preferences.

Before you begin, make sure you have the admin credentials for that page, as only administrators are permitted to create polls. 

  • How to make a poll on a Facebook business page

Step 1: Go to your company’s page. On the left-hand panel, select “Publishing Tools.”

Step 2: In the upper right-hand corner of the box, click the “Create Post” button.

Step 3: In the lower-left corner, click the “Classic Post Creation Tool” button.

Step 4: Locate the “Poll” option. Click on it.

Step 5: Create your poll question and answer options. Select “Share Now.”

  • How to make a poll on a Facebook Messenger

While polls can no longer be posted to your News Feed, Facebook has added the feature to group chats in Messenger for your personal account.

Hopefully, Facebook will expand the feature to business page chats. It would be an excellent method for conducting quick customer satisfaction surveys.

Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Join an existing group chat or start a new one.

Facebook Messenger Post

Step 2: At the bottom of the Messenger window, tap the “+.” Following the Text Box

This will open a new window.

Facebook Create Poll

Step 3: Click on the Facebook Poll Icon and enter your question.

Create Facebook Poll

Step 4: Fill in your options and click “Create a Poll.”

Facebook Create Post

This enables you to share it with your group. 

  • How to make a Facebook Poll on Event Pages

Polls are an effective tool for brands that host in-person or virtual events.

You can make one to solicit valuable feedback on details such as:

  • Whichever location, date, or time works best for everyone.
  • Attendees’ reactions to the event.
  • How many people want specialized catering?
  • Voting on different itineraries.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account and select “Events” on the left-hand side of the screen. If the event icon is not visible, click the expand button and scroll down until it appears.

Go straight to your page’s events tab for events created by a Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Events

Step 2: Compose a Post

Select the desired event, then click the “Discussion” tab and then “Add a Post.”

Facebook Event

A new window will open, with the poll icon on the right side of the “Add a Post” section.

Tap the three dots to expand the post options if you don’t see it.

Step 3: Make a poll.

When you click the poll icon, you’ll be taken back to the “create a post” screen, where you can enter your question and options.

By clicking the “+Add Option,” you can add more possible answers. Allow people to add options and enable/disable people from selecting multiple answers by using “Poll Options.”

Create Poll Group

When you are ready, click the “Post” button to add it to the page for your event.

  • How to make Video Polls on Facebook

With 500 million people watching videos on Facebook every day, you cannot go wrong with including video content in your marketing mix. Video polls are a quick and simple way to personalize a viewer’s viewing experience and entice them to stop passively consuming content.

Here’s how you can make one:

Step 1: Make a video and post it to your Facebook page.

You can also use Creator Studio to edit a video that you’ve already posted on your page.

Facebook Video

Step 2: Select the “Edit Post” option.

A new window will open, allowing you to change the title, caption, and tags for your video.

Edit Video Post

Step 3: Choose the “Polls” option.

Scroll down on the right side of the pop-up until you see a grayed-out “Poll” section.

Facebook Video Poll

Choose it and then click the blue “Create Poll” button.

Step 4: Submit Your Question

Your video will appear with a slider on the left side of the pop-up. You can move it to wherever you want the poll to appear in your video.

Fill in your question and answer options on the right side. There are only two options by default, but you can add up to six more by clicking the “+Add another option” button.

Step 5: Select Your Poll Options

Scroll down to the bottom to complete your poll settings. You can specify when the poll should appear, how long it should last, and when the results should be published.

Step 6: Save Your Facebook Video Poll

When you are finished editing your poll, click the “Save” button to begin collecting results!

Tips for Creating Facebook Polls For Your Business

Facebook Polls Business
  1. Ask questions that are important to you and your stakeholders

You should not post questions just because you can post polls for free. Consider what you really want to know your audience’s thoughts on. In order to make your audience feel valuable, ask questions that will assist you in making business decisions.

  1. Observe and learn about your audience

With each poll question, you get to learn what your audience thinks. Learning about your target market can help you sell more. Make your audience feel as if their opinions are valued.

  1. Analyze the information received

Polls and their results are useless unless they are analyzed. With the new information, you will have a better idea of what needs to change and what can be improved.

Advantages of Facebook Polls

Facebook Polls are a type of free quiz that helps brands make major business decisions using their social following. There are numerous advantages to creating a poll on a social media platform, such as receiving customer feedback, building a community, generating content, and so on. The following are some significant advantages of Facebook Polls:

  • Services and Products Feedback

Companies typically spend a significant amount of money to obtain social listening tools in order to monitor what people are saying about their brand and its products. They use third-party services to create surveys for customers to provide feedback on the product.

Why not create a poll, ask customers directly about the products on a social media channel?

If a user follows your brand on any social media platform, there’s a good chance they like your product and value your brand. You can only get some lengthy and honest feedback from these people because they will be happy to do so. Brands benefit from customer feedback to improve their products.

  • In-depth Understanding of Customers in Real-Time

Polls allow you to solicit opinions that can help you better understand your customers and community. You will be able to learn about the products they prefer. It gives you deep insight into your customers and readers, which can help you develop better advertising and marketing campaigns.

Find out if your customers prefer Samsung to Apple or if they are big World Cup fans.

Users express their opinions on specific topics, as well as various products and services related to your industry.

  • Content Creation

Another feature that enhances social media polling is that it generates content. The first is in the pool itself, and the second is when you announce the results. You can also solicit user feedback on previously generated content and gain insights.

There are several methods for generating content. For example, in the beginning, you could use a poll to assess user opinions on any of your products or a recent industry change, and in the middle, you could survey them on the current issues that they are experiencing.

  • Increases Traffic

You can expect increased traffic to your blog if the content is generated in two parts and encourages users to share the poll. Social polling is an effective way for marketers to increase traffic.

Porter Haney, the CEO of Wedgies, defines traffic flow as follows: 25% of readers vote on the poll, 20% of those voters share the poll, resulting in a 3-4% share rate of the page.

Each social share or vote on the poll increases traffic to the page, potentially resulting in a 20 to 25% increase in traffic to a poll-enabled page.

Community Polls encourage user engagement and conversation. They demonstrate to users that no social communication channel is a one-way street, and they invite them to participate and have fun. The community also seeks feedback because they know you are listening and eager to improve your brand, website, and products.

Displaying the results indicates that you want the entire world to know what the community thinks about a particular product or topic. Customers will be pleased if you use their suggestions and feedback to improve your products.

How Can Polls be Used to Increase Fan Participation?

Successful businesses communicate with their target audience in order to increase participation. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, including requiring them to ‘share’ or ‘like’ the post, creating a poll, asking for the same, providing a sneak peek or offering advice, and many others.

The one we will be discussing is making a poll. How can we increase user participation on Facebook by creating polls?

Facebook users love to express their thoughts. Including an image and some options in the poll makes it easier for users to participate. Users’ feedback is important in improving the brand and its products.

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To summarize, polls are an excellent way to obtain product feedback and a thorough understanding of what consumers desire. Polling aids in content generation and increases page traffic. There are numerous online tools available to help you learn how to implement polling. If you need to know what your customers think and don’t have much time, you can simply create a Facebook poll.

Polls allow the audience to select the option they prefer from the various options available, and this is how you get to know your customers. The displayed feedback and poll results help brands improve their products and make customers realize how important their opinion is to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Include More Options in a Facebook Poll?

Allow people to add options and enable/disable people from selecting multiple answers by using “Poll Option.” When you click the poll icon, you’ll be taken back to the “create a post” screen, where you can enter your question and options. By clicking the “+Add Option,” you can add multiple answers.

Is It Possible to Change the Options in a Facebook Poll?

You certainly can. Click the “Edit” button to make changes to a poll you’ve created before participants begin voting. Poll creators and group administrators have the ability to add and remove poll options at any time.

Can I Run A Poll On My Facebook Business Page?

Yes, open the Facebook app and sign in to your business page. Press the ellipsis icon in the “Write a post…” menu. Choose “Poll” and enter your questions and answers. If you want, you can also include images or GIFs.

Is it still possible to conduct Facebook polls?

Yes, you can still create a poll on Facebook to ask a question, customize the responses, and allow people to vote for their preferred option. In this example, we’ll demonstrate how to make a poll on a Facebook page. You can, however, create a poll in a Facebook group or in a story.

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