Can I claim someone else’s Google Local Listing?

Q: I am helping small businesses with Google Places and noticed that most of them haven’t claimed their listing. The reason could probably be that they don’t know about it. If I am setting up their listing by adding photos, advertisements, reviews etc., am I taking the advantage of their ignorance to generate business, when they could have done it themselves?

A: After reading your question, I am assuming that you want to claim someone else’s listing and optimize it for yourself. This is a black hat SEO but you cannot claim somebody else’s Google+ Local listing because you don’t have a control on their phone or address. There are two ways of Google verification, one is telephonic and another is postal card. So, you cannot claim somebody else’s listing.

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If you are saying that one business is helping others to claim & optimize their listings, it’s true. Since, Google has made the process easy for non-geeks; there are chances of a business helping other companies in navigating the Googleplex and learning to

1) Claim their business listings
2) Optimizing them for SEO purpose

This technique is called local SEO and is a growing business. Here’s the link to claim your business on Google.

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