Is it okay to have similar content on various pages of my site?

Q: I am creating 3 web pages and optimizing each for similar but different searches. Is the okay to have similar content on these pages or same content in some parts of the page? Is it true that Google does not like similar or duplicate content?

A: Duplicate content has high chances of getting penalized by Google. If you have same content (exactly the same) on 3 web pages with same title tag, same picture, it may not be acceptable to Google. But if, you have three different blog posts that are closely related, make sure to have unique content, different title tag, and some different phrases on each.

Is it okay to have similar content on various pages of my site?

We can take this as an example of the power of good SEO-friendly blogging. It encompasses generating micro-focused pages for long tail keywords and this is why blogging is considered to be so powerful. While the individual, short blog posts can rank well for searches, a blog as a whole can act as an inbound traffic generator for your site.

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