Does SEO in Yelp also results in an improved Google Ranking?

Q: Is it true that moving up listing or say Search Engine Optimization in Yelp also results in an improved Google SEO Optimization?

A: If you think of Yelp as a search engine, the very first step would be to claim your free listing on Yelp. The next step would require optimizing the listing by placing the search queries or keywords that people type into Yelp. For example, if you are a California Consultancy firm, you should enter phrases like “California Consultant” or “Best Consultancy firm in California” etc. One thing I would want to tell here is that all the search engines, be it Google, Yelp or Bing reward listings that have the exact phrases, which people search for; into their search results/listings. So, your focus should be on preparing a well-written listing with phrases people search for.

Search Engine Optimization in Yelp

If you populate your Yelp listing with niche keyword phrases, there are chances of your listing not just showing up on Yelp but on Google Search as well. Yelp listings can help in pulling traffic from Google to Yelp, to Yelp listing, and then to customer inquiry via phone, email, or landing page. Always remember that it’s not Yelp or Google – it’s always Yelp and Google.

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