Q: Is it right to use short and keyword heavy footers? What do you suggest using? Canonical and 301 redirect or just one of these, in case you have moved the content from one website to another?

A: Short, keyword heavy footers raise the keyword density site-wide, allow for link-sculpting around the targeted keywords, and also get natural syntax onto the pages. I don’t see anything wrong in having footer like this, as it is helpful for users & search engines. However, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Canonical301 redirect Which one is better, canonical or 301?

Coming to canonical meta tag vs. 301 redirects, these are different things. While a 301 redirect is a permanent move, the canonical meta tag points at the authoritative source. When it comes to redoing a site, using canonical redirects will be slightly more useful for SEO. So, canonicals are better in short term. However, you can transition a site by using canonical for some time and in longer run, kill the older pages with 301s.

 Which one is better, canonical or 301?

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