How can we handle the content that will be duplicated across several sites?

Q. Content such as specifications or features of a product will be same across every website selling it. So, how can we handle the content that will be duplicated across several sites?

A. The first thing you should know is that duplicate content works at different levels. The duplicate content within your website can be the biggest problem for you. If there are exactly two same pages, you have to use canonical meta tag to help Google and Bing understand, which page is the authoritive one.

unique content
Second case is the presence of duplicate content on your and other websites. If there is a press release that exists verbatim on your website and via syndication on other sites, it is a lesser problem. Syndication and duplication happens all over the web. What I would suggest is that you release your press release on your own website first and then release it via syndication after a few days on the other press release syndication sites. If the press release is just a click from your home page, Google will index your site frequently and you press release will get better value over the syndicated examples.

Third case is when you and other’s websites have similar content for a single product such as a mobile phone. You should focus on differentiating your product listing from that of the competitors with following tips:

  1. Be the first one to talk about the product on the web and using a press release would be a smart way to create a faster buzz. Being first has got several advantages.
  2. By posting your own blog about the product, recommendations, and reviews, you can create unique content.
  3. You can wrap the duplicate content with unique and different content like site navigation, footer content, links to related content etc.
  4. Try getting inbound links from reliable sources as this will help you in sticking out huge in terms of SEO

These are easy ways to make your own content unique and stand out of the competitors.

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