Q: Is it true that Google no longer rewards a press release? If I am submitting press release, will it give any SEO value? I run a small landscaping company so it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for blogs. But, now I am worried if my website is getting any value from the PRs I am submitting for SEO purpose.

A: Press release do have a positive impact, provided you add NOFOLLOW links. Let me get into details of the process.

A few years ago, websites used to write a press release and syndicate it through PR services. A “dofollow” or some good SEO links that passed PageRank were embedded in the press release. PageRank has always been an important factor for Google to evaluate the authority of a website. So, higher the PageRank, higher your website will appear for targeted keywords.

Press Release seo Is a Press Release Useless or Useful from SEO Perspective?

However, Google took a major step against link manipulation and warned companies to add a NOFOLLOW attribute to the embedded links. This is how PRs lost a lot of SEO value.

Are PRs still helping SEO?

It is true that NOFOLLOW attribute has hurt the SEO value of PRs, however they can still be useful. I recommend that you write a couple of PRs every month and syndicate them. If you use http:// link and “keyword proximity”, add the keywords before and after the http:// link.

A press release can often rank for targeted search and bring traffic to the website. When a PR ranks on Google, the user will click on it and will most probably also click on your website.

As we know that Google values fresh content. Posting a press release on your website will indicate Google crawlers of the updated content & it will add value to your SEO efforts.

At the End

Press release still plays a vital role in adding a value to your SEO campaign. But, you need to go by the rules of the game.

 Is a Press Release Useless or Useful from SEO Perspective?

Navneet Kaushal

The author is a first generation entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of India’s most award winning SEO Agency, PageTraffic. He also works as an advisor and consultant with many large companies. He helps value-conscious businesses build site traffic increase the user base, and boost web sales and bolster customer satisfaction. He can be reached @navneetkaushal on Twitter

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