Is a Press Release Useless or Useful from SEO Perspective?

Q: Is it true that Google no longer rewards a press release? If I am submitting press release, will it give any SEO value? I run a small landscaping company so it gets difficult to come up with new ideas for blogs. But, now I am worried if my website is getting any value from the PRs I am submitting for SEO purpose.

A: Press release do have a positive impact, provided you add NOFOLLOW links. Let me get into details of the process.

A few years ago, websites used to write a press release and syndicate it through PR services. A “dofollow” or some good SEO links that passed PageRank were embedded in the press release. PageRank has always been an important factor for Google to evaluate the authority of a website. So, higher the PageRank, higher your website will appear for targeted keywords.

Is a Press Release Useless or Useful from SEO Perspective?

However, Google took a major step against link manipulation and warned companies to add a NOFOLLOW attribute to the embedded links. This is how PRs lost a lot of SEO value.

Are PRs still helping SEO?

It is true that NOFOLLOW attribute has hurt the SEO value of PRs, however they can still be useful. I recommend that you write a couple of PRs every month and syndicate them. If you use http:// link and “keyword proximity”, add the keywords before and after the http:// link.

A press release can often rank for targeted search and bring traffic to the website. When a PR ranks on Google, the user will click on it and will most probably also click on your website.

As we know that Google values fresh content. Posting a press release on your website will indicate Google crawlers of the updated content & it will add value to your SEO efforts.

At the End

Press release still plays a vital role in adding a value to your SEO campaign. But, you need to go by the rules of the game.

Press releases are a great way to help boost your website’s SEO ranking. They can be used for numerous other strategies and techniques on the list, but they remain an important part of any site’s strategy in order to see success with their search engine optimization efforts.

press release

A press release is a great way to improve your company’s SEO ranking. However, not all websites gain increased numbers of web traffic by utilizing this tactic. However, not all websites gain increased numbers of web traffic by utilizing press releases. There are several reasons that hold them back from getting impressive boosts in SEO rankings using the press releases tactics we want you to know about here today!

The main purposes behind using press releases

In short, a press release is an official announcement of an important event or activity conducted by an organization. Suppose your organization is going to merge with a larger organization to the utmost growth and you want to inform your customers about that. In such a case, publishing a press release is the simplest way to serve your purpose. When you publish a press release, your main intention behind that is to get your press release featured in a reputed media portal.

Most website owners and company owners prefer releasing press releases for the following reasons-

  • Press releases get featured in most online news portals and platforms. Hence, a brand stands all the chances to enhance its reputation in the industry by releasing a press release. While announcing an internal event, an organization aims to get featured on a platform with a wide network and circulation.
  • Media coverage helps a brand increase its brand value faster than the brand owners generally assume. Effective press releases help a brand reach out to its target audiences efficiently.
  • If your organization’s reputation is negatively impacted, press releases help your clients understand your brand’s viewpoint clearly. That is quite impactful in terms of repairing your brand’s damaged reputation.

As mentioned before, press releases are extremely helpful for expanding your business on a larger scale, those are bound to boost your website’s SEO. If you consider press releases from this viewpoint, those become more valuable for your website’s SEO. So, you must start focusing on creating attractive press releases for ensuring top SEO rank in the search engines.

Relevance of press releases in the present scenario

Links to press releases of established and popular companies and websites were great tools for boosting SEO initially. However, the entire scenario changed a lot as time passed. Most websites and brands started releasing press releases for every other event or activity regardless of its importance. That resulted in a massive increase in the number of no-follow links. Links to irrelevant and less-important press releases don’t help your website anyway.

That decreased the significance of links to press releases in terms of getting higher SEO ranks. However, spending for press release promotions is still worthwhile and relevant. All you need to do is consider the main purpose of writing a press release. If your press release doesn’t include crucial and important pieces of information or announcements, there’s no point in releasing that press release. You won’t be able to improve your website’s SEO ranking through those press releases.

Generally, ideal press releases that help in boosting SEO ranking are released to inform the following things-

  • Your company or brand is all set to launch a new venture or it’s undergoing a merger with a larger organization. Also, the purpose of the press release can be to invite your target audiences to participate in your brand’s upcoming event.
  • You can also create a press release to make your customers aware of your upcoming products and services.
  • Creating press releases for giving a positive push to your brand’s reputation and brand value is also a valid purpose makes sense.

Apart from these reasons, publishing press releases on unnecessary events or activities won’t help your website advance in SEO ranking. If the purposes mentioned above are your purposes behind publishing press releases, you can proceed with your intention.

Associating  press releases with SEO ranking  is a complicated SEO strategy. Press releases don’t have direct impacts on your website’s SEO ranking.

Rather, those function indirectly to help your website get SEO-boost. As your press releases get published on platforms with greater circulations, more people get attracted to those. Hence, you stand higher chances to generate more leads and expand your business.

The simplest tricks to create a successful press release

A successful press release refers to a piece that attracts more audiences to your website. The more people come across your products, services, and offerings, the easier it becomes for you to

  • First of all, your press release should be featuring a significant event or announcement. Pick a newsworthy event to write a press release on. It will be better for you if you highlight one or more products through your press releases.
  • The press release you write needs to be an attractive one. The writing tone, objective of the press release should be clear and precise. Also, you should optimize your press releases by optimization strategies to grab the attention of your target audiences.

press release ever

  • Share your press release with the journalists who will help you get the most out of it. If you share your press releases with every other journalist you come across, that doesn’t help you boost your website’s SEO ranking. Inefficient journalists will do nothing but make your website get some no-follow backlinks.

The more press coverage you have, the greater your SEO. If you’re looking to take full advantage of this technique and get in front of as many people as possible with a single release, then seeking out professional journalists is crucial for success.

The benefits are two-fold: You’ll be able to generate an immediate buzz about what’s going on at your company because it will make headlines right away when they publish or broadcast information from your piece; additionally–and most importantly–your site will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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