How to Control Google Sitelinks Display?

Q: What are sitelinks? How does Google decide which sitelinks to display for a particular search? Can I customize them according to my preference?

A: The links below a site on Google are called sitelinks. If you search for a company name, Google will often display sitelinks. For example, search for, and you will see sitelinks below.
By having a good site architecture of links between pages, including a breadcrumb trail and sitemap, you can tell Google which sitelinks you want.

How to control Google sitelinks display?To customize the sitelinks you want Google to display for a particular search, you need to:

  • Login to Webmaster Tools.
  • Click on Search Appearance.
  • Select Sitelinks.
  • Deprecate the ones you do not like. If you don’t see any sitelinks there, it means Google has not yet selected any.

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