How to reduce the conversion time?

Q: How can I reduce the conversion time on the website?

A: The very first thing I would tell you is the more time you can shave off things, higher will be the conversion rate. Page load time and on-page convert time are the two things that negatively impact conversions.

How to reduce the conversion time

A second’s delay in page response can reduce the conversions by 7 percent. Similar, when the visitor is on the page, how long does it take to convert him into customer is another critical factor we often overlook.

Theoretically, if the conversion happens faster, you gain more conversion. People leave the site at every stage in the funnel. What is important is to understand that longer the funnel, more people will leave. So, I would suggest that you shorten the funnel in terms of time to reduce the number of people leaving without converting.

How do we do it?

Increasing urgency

Urgency is a powerful motivation for human action. In the process of conversion, we want the user to act and that is why we have a CTA on every page.

  • Use time-specific words such as “valid till midnight”, “buy now” etc.
  • Add a timer to the website
  • Display inventory limitations such as “only 2 remaining in stock”

Placing CTA after every section on landing page

There are different rates at which users convert. While some need to ponder longer, while others can take quick decisions. If you have a longform landing page, use CTA at several points. The important thing to remember is that your user should never hunt around for a CTA.

Creating clear CTAs

A Call-to-action button is of utmost importance in creating a successful landing page that have higher conversions. So, make the CTA buttons bigger and tell the visitor what you exactly want him to do by being explicit in the CTA.

Having fewer funnel pages

Try to give users what they want in a single click. If this is not practically possible, try removing unnecessary funnel pages to make conversion fast and easy. Do not offer your visitors too many options or ideas that they lose their focus.

Creating pop-up

This is one of the fastest ways to get a conversion. Pop ups are good examples of short funnel.

These are some of the easiest ways to reduce the conversion time on the website. However, if you want to get deeper into the world of analysis, I recommend conducting split testing and see what works & what does not.

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