What is more important for SEO: Technical SEO or Content Marketing?

Q: I have recently created a website and want to know if I should focus more on Technical SEO or Content Marketing?

A: Technical SEO and content marketing are the two broadest categories of SEO & both are equally valuable.

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A few years ago, if you had performed technical SEO well on the website, it was all that you needed. Good site structure, solid pages, keyword stuffed page titles, and heavy keywords on the main navigational pages was all that was required.

But, the practice doesn’t work anymore. In fact, it is now easy to have a perfectly optimized website and most competent companies know how to create one. So, you cannot win top spots in SERPs just by having a technically optimized website. It is just the start.

Content marketing has become the real source of traffic. Since, everybody is following the strict technical SEO rules, you have to take an extra step to differentiate yourself. It is where creating great content to get targeted traffic comes into picture.

In technical SEO, there’s a standard level of achievement one can get. For example, you cannot have a 301 redirect which is so better than the competition. It is possible to have a redirect strategy but a 301 will remain a 301. The same example goes for a keyword strategy. When you know your targeted keywords, all you can do is optimize the page & nothing beyond that.

If we talk about content marketing, everybody is doing it because it works in most of the cases (if done right).

Again, I would remind you that there’s no competition with one another. Content marketing and SEO go together. So, instead of thinking which one you should spend time on, focus on how should you spend the time on the both?

Attain Technical SEO Excellence

Everything that you do should be technically correct. Technical SEO is your road to success, so build the road.

Killer Content Marketing Strategy

There comes a point when you cannot do much with technical SEO. So, unleash the opportunity to create great content. The best part about content marketing is that it never stops but always evolves.

While spending time on the content marketing, do perform moderate amount of SEO such as reconfiguring keyword foci, reoptimizing titles, and auditing your link profile.

Both technical SEO and content marketing are important. However, the technical SEO precedes content marketing.

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