How to Use Sponsored Twitter Ads to Grow your Business?

An active user base of more than 200 million. 400 million tweets every day. $950 million total ad revenue. Twitter is growing every day and giving you more and more options to grow your business. Why not utilize this platform for more exposure, leads and sales for your business? Twitter has several paid options for your business.

How to Use Sponsored Twitter Ads to Grow your Business?

Why You Need to Advertise on Twitter?

If you are wondering why you should be advertising on Twitter, here are some solid reasons for you:

  • People are increasingly following brands on Twitter to get information on discounts and offers.
  • Twitter ads increase brand awareness by bringing your business to new audience.
  • By increasing your followers, Twitter ads let you leverage this number for future promotions.

Before understanding the working of sponsored ads on Twitter, you should be aware of what kind of ads you can run on Twitter.

  • Promoted Account: If your business’s Twitter account has not been doing well due to lack of attention by users, then you can consider running the Promoted Account ad campaign. Dong so will make your Twitter account pop up in other sites with a Follow option.
  • Promoted Tweets: While the previous one runs on a cost per follower pricing system, this one runs on a cost per engagement pricing system. When someone clicks on your link or takes an action on your promoted tweet, you will pay for that.
  • Promoted Trends: Then there are promoted trends. This can however be expensive if you want to reach more Twitter users. Promoted trends can be found next to the user’s timeline along with the organic trends.

You can now decide which sponsored ad campaign you want to run for your business. If you just want more followers, go for Promoted account campaign, on the other hand, for more click through top your website, Promoted tweets will be the best choice. The higher your bid, the more the chances of your advertisement appearing to your target audience.

Setting Goals for your Twitter Ads

What do you want to get out of your Twitter efforts? You should have a clear idea of what exactly you are on Twitter for. Whether you want more sales through your website or you are looking for more followers. You can use this information to set a goal for your ad campaign. Most importantly, be specific on how many followers you want for your account or how many click through you are expecting to your site.

Setting a Budget for your Campaign

You are supposed to set a maximum amount for your campaign at the Campaigns level and once the set amount is reached, the ad will no longer appear. However, you get the option to manage the frequency of the serving, to make sure that the ads are evenly distributed throughout the day or accelerated quickly.

According to Twitter, advertisers who are starting for the first time should set bids at $1-$2. For small businesses it might be difficult to run a campaign for long with higher bids, so it is recommended to start with a lower cost and then you can obviously increase the cost gradually.

Measuring the Success of your Twitter Ad

It is essential to keep a regular track of the performance of your ad campaign. For this purpose, Twitter provides the Analytics dashboard. The Analytics dashboard shows the fundamental metrics for your Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts campaigns, which includes impressions, Retweets, clicks, replies and follows in real time.

The secret to Twitter success lies in understanding what kind of customers you want to target for your business. By specific targeting and by seeing things through the consumer’s perspective you can find more success on Twitter. Another thing to remember is that Sixty percent of Twitter users log in via mobile devices and 50% of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from mobile ads. As such, businesses who are mobile ready will get better results as people are increasingly using mobiles to access social media.

Have you tried the Twitter sponsored ads? What were the results that you got? Let us know by commenting below.

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