What Does the Yellow Heart Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

If you belong to the league of Snapchat users, you have certainly seen that the platform boasts many different types of emojis that are placed next to the names of your friends. Snapchat has become a popular social media marketing platform. These emojis represent your relationship with your friends. Unlike what many people think, these emojis aren’t randomly placed. Instead, they actually signify your relationships on the platform. All Snapchat emojis have meanings. On Snapchat, the sought-after emoji is the yellow heart emoji that signifies that you are the user’s number one best friend and that user is your number one best friend.

Snapchat Emoji Meanings

The Snapchat emojis appear with the name of the user you Snapchat. The Snapchat emoji meanings show the type of relationship you have with the user. Not only this, the Snapchat emoji meanings also indicate the length of your relationship with the user. Those who want to be successful at Snapchat marketing should know the working of the app. So here it is….a detailed guide on Snapchat emoji meanings.

The yellow heart tells that you are the number one best friend with the user for two weeks. Once this relationship stays beyond two weeks, the yellow heart becomes red. In this post, we’re going to discuss all the essential things about the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat.

If you want to become a pro on the preferred social media platform of generation Z, continue reading.

How Do You Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart?

If you want to get a yellow heart emoji on snapchat, you need to send regular snaps and snap videos for consecutive weeks to a person. Start chatting with them and build a bond.

You need to be active daily on snapchat to increase the snapscore with that person. Snapchat notices every time you give someone more importance for a few days.

The process of getting the yellow heart is quite straightforward – you need to send many snaps to each other. However, you’ve to do this more times than you do with other users. If a lot of people constantly receive snaps from one or both of you, it may become more difficult for you to achieve the yellow heart. As there will be more people to compete with, the process of gaining the best friend status will become longer. However, if you truly want to gain the yellow heart with somebody, try to ensure you snap them as frequently as possible.

The yellow heart tells that you are the number one best friend with the user for two weeks. Once this relationship stays beyond two weeks, the yellow heart becomes red. In this post, we’re going to discuss all the essential things about the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat.

If you want to become a pro on the preferred social media platform of generation Z, continue reading.

Is It Possible to Get the Snapchat Yellow Heart without Multiple Users?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a yellow heart without multiple persons. The yellow heart stands for a special emoji, and you need to put some effort and time into maintaining the best friend status with another user. Note that gaining the yellow heart is still easier than gaining the red heart emoji or the pink one.

The red heart emoji signifies that you’ve remained best friends with each other for more than two weeks, while the pink one tells you’ve been with this status for a minimum of two months. If you want to get the yellow heart with someone other than the one you currently have it with, simply stop snapping the present person and snap the person whom you are looking to be best friends with.

The Significance of Snapchat Yellow Heart

The significance of the Snapchat yellow heart lies in the fact that you can only share it with another person. As the yellow heart signals best friend status, it only appears with the user to whom you send the maximum number of snaps, and that person also does the same thing to you. As mentioned above, the yellow heart is essentially the initial step in getting more vital friendship emojis, such as the red and pink heart. It tells about the person who is your number one best friend on the platform.

What Are the Meanings of Snapchat Emojis?

The meanings of Snapchat emojis signify the length or type of relationship you have with another user. If you want to succeed with Snapchat marketing, it pays to understand the meanings of Snapchat emojis. Let’s see what the different emojis entail.

Heart Emojis

  • Yellow Heart
    You already know that this emoji indicates that you’re best friends with the user on the platform, and you’re that user’s best friend. You send snaps to this person the most, and the person does the same to you. It’s also known as the besties emoji.
  • Red Heart
    This one signifies a step ahead of the yellow heart. The red heart indicates that you’ve been maintaining the best friend status with the user for two weeks. The red heart emoji lasts until one of these things happens: two persons remain best friends for two months, or they aren’t best friends anymore. This emoji is also known as the BFF emoji.
  • Pink Hearts
    On Snapchat, this is the ultimate extent of the best friend status. These hearts indicate that you and the user have been maintaining the best friend status for two months straight. You need to put effort into maintaining such a high level of commitment on Snapchat. Since this is the final level of friendship on Snapchat, gaining this signifies that you’ve achieved a significant milestone. This one is also known as the super BFF emoji.

Face Emojis

  • Smiley Face
    This emoji indicates that the user you’re snapchatting is among your best friends. The person isn’t your number one best friend, but they are in that group.
  • Grimace Face
    This one means that your number one best friend is also another person’s best friend. Therefore, both of you snap the same user the most.
  • Sunglasses Face
    When the sunglasses emoji appears next to the name of a friend, it signifies that a best friend is shared by you and this user. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is the number one best friend of one of you. But it means that both of you send snaps to this person often. It frequently happens with users who belong to the same circle and have mutual friends.

Miscellaneous Emojis

  • Fire
    The term snap streak is so popular that it’s known to lots of people who aren’t even Snapchat users. This emoji displays the number of days you and the person have been continuously snapchatting each other. If any of you fails to send a snap within a timeframe of twenty-four hours, the snap streak, as well as the flame, doesn’t stay anymore. If this happens to you, you have two options: contact Snapchat support in a bid to get it back or start the streak right from the beginning.
  • One Hundred
    This one is associated with the fire emoji. It indicates that you and another person have been maintaining a snap streak for one hundred days. This only shows up for the hundredth day.
  • Baby Face
    This emoji indicates that you have become friends with another person very recently, and it vanishes after a couple of days. On Snapchat, it indicates a new friendship.
  • Hourglass
    This emoji signals that your snap streak with a user has come near to its expiration. Therefore, if this appears next to any of your snap streaks, just continue snapping. You can also utilize the Snapchat Timer Feature to up your game on the platform.
  • Zodiac Emojis
    This emoji is displayed under the profile of a user instead of next to the name of the user. The appearance of the correct one relies on the birthday of the user and whether or not they’ve mentioned it in their profile. From this emoji, you get to know the zodiac sign and slightly more information about a user.
  • Birthday Cake
    The appearance of this emoji next to the name of a user signifies that it’s that person’s birthday. Snapchat displays the emoji so that the person’s friends can send them happy birthday wishes while utilizing the platform.

Why Does Snapchat Have So Many Emoji Meanings?

The objective of Snapchat emojis is to classify and give insights into the relationships between the users. These emojis make individuals motivated to use the platform more frequently and boost the number of messages sent by them. You can think of it as a goal where individuals gain a Snapchat yellow heart first, then a red heart, and ultimately pink hearts. For friends, these emojis act like a common goal that they try to achieve by working together.

The snap streak (displayed by the fire emoji) is another Snapchat emoji that motivates people to send snaps to each other constantly. Once you snapchat each other for three days, the snap streak appears with a fire emoji, displaying the number of days you guys have been snapchatting each other. Other Snapchat emojis focus on factors such as mutual friends that both of you often snap, if you both share a person as the best friend, together with other insights. All these emojis help establish your relationship with other persons, your mutual friends, and the period of time you’ve been snapchatting with another person.

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When Did Snapchat Introduce the Emoji Functions?

The Snapchat emoji function started its journey in April 2015. Before its introduction, the app used to have a list displaying your top three best friends, whom everybody could see. After that, the emojis’ meanings got updated. In 2014, a popular feature called the geofilter was introduced by Snapchat. You clicked on a user, and it would display the persons the user sent snaps the most. What differentiates the emojis is that they cannot be seen by the public and are only displayed to the persons concerned. The emojis, as well as their meanings, give much more insight compared with the list of best friends available earlier on Snapchat.

Increased privacy concerns were the reason Snapchat removed the publicly visible list of best friends. It also triggered some embarrassing situations between individuals because of these lists’ public nature without any option to hide them. That’s also another situation where the emojis became significant as private lists of best friends. Today, the list of your best friend is fully private to you, and you can add a maximum of eight persons to the list. Now the emojis only show information about friendships to the concerned users, eliminating these privacy concerns.

How to Customize Your Friend Emojis

Snapchat gives you the ability to modify the default options of emojis. This means you can modify the meanings of the emojis according to your personal preferences. If you wish your best friend to be displayed with a balloon rather than the Snapchat yellow heart, you can do so on Snapchat.

If you use Android, follow these customization instructions:

  • Visit “my profile”
  • Click the settings icon available in the top right corner
  • Choose customize emojis
  • Change your friend emojis according to your preferences

If you use iPhone or iOS, follow these customization instructions:

  • Visit “my profile”
  • Click the settings icon
  • Go to additional services
  • Click manage
  • Choose friend emojis
  • Customize the emojis according to your preferences

Now you know that Snapchat emojis are not random. They tell you all about your relationship with your Snapchat friends. It’s time to snap that friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the yellow heart on snapchat?

A yellow heart means you are best friends with each other on snapchat. You both snap each other a lot. This also means, you have been best  friends with each other for at least two weeks.

What does a red heart (????) on snapchat mean?

Red hearts stands for BFF. This means that you have been each other’s number one best friends for two continuous weeks.

What is the difference between smiley (????) and yellow heart (????) on Snapchat?

???? Smiling Face: You’re both are each other’s best friends. You snap each other a lot. 
???? Yellow Heart: You’ve both snapped each other more than anyone else lately.

Why don’t I see a yellow heart (????) on Snapchat?

If you don’t see ????, this means you no longer meet the criteria for being best friends. The ???? next to that person’s name will no longer show.

How to get a yellow heart (????) back?

 If you have lost the yellow heart, you can get it back. But you’ll need to work at it, to start back at the yellow heart, to work your way back up to the top.

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