Optimization Strategies- Don’t Rush Into Things

Your online business, your site will not take off in the skies of success by just having a great design. You need to have the right blend of web design as well as SEO. Now, you can introduce SEO to you site whenever you want, it will work. But for it to be most beneficial and deliver quick results, it has to be kept in mind throughout the site development. The composition of your pages, your site architecture structure is important and it needs to be supportive of what SEO does.

Here are important factors to consider as part of your SEO strategy:

Optimization Strategies- Slow And Steady Is The KeyDesign – When you work on finalizing the design of your site, keep SEO in mind. With a complex design you could miss the mark with your client, while with a simple one may not impress the visitors enough. When the designers are finalizing a look, they will look at it aesthetically and not from business point of view.

So you must make sure that the navigation of your site is user friendly. It is easy enough for people to understand and take actions on your site. Text based navigation is considered better for SEO than one composed of an image map or javascripting. Have lots of catchy content and colors so that the people are arrested by the site!

Writing for Conversion – Your content must be magnetic-relevant and informative. It should be persuasive enough at the same time not be duplicate. Each page of your website must have different information. Make every page-content-page title unique. This will get you a much better chance of getting indexed for certain keywords. Include the topics and the products or services you want the visitor to see first on the navigation bars. Each category then spreads to sub categories and so on. Each time unique title tag

Polish Your On Page SEO– Once you have your pages in place and the site navigation architecture finalized, it is time for On Page SEO. This means working on your permalink structure, use of tags, keyword selection, and other elements. You must have a validated HTML code for optimization, it will be helpful for both the search engine spiders as well as human visitors. Make sure that the codes are in compliance with W3C validation rules.

Site Testing-Well, testing of products is always done before their launch. This is essential to make sure the site does not have any problems while running. Check for HTML validity by running the site through a number of validation programs. You also do a check on external and internal linking, spelling and grammar. If the site lacks somewhere, fix it and run the test again. Keep testing toll the result is- zero error!

Make It Easier For The Bots Then Submit– When the search spiders come to your site, give them a Robots.txt file and tell them what to index on your site. This will really speed up the process. Then do submissions. Submit your sites to free as well as paid directories and choose the most authoritative names in your niche for submissions.

And once you have done the above, you must-

Work On Off Page SEO– It is equally important. Once your site is up and about, work on activities like link building, social marketing, article syndication, press releases, and more. Off page SEO lets you build your reputation and authority in your business area.

Parting Tip– Always promote or submit or invite the bots to a complete site! Your pages must be ready with their content complete and in place. An incomplete site is an irritant to the visitors, who will come to your site looking for some information and will be extremely disappointed, when they don’t find the same. The search engine robots will not be able to effectively index your pages.

Following this checklist can be really helpful when it comes to quick optimization tips. Keep this in mind and you will soon find yourself in the desired ranking for important keywords.

Ritu Sharma
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