15 Shopify Speed Optimization Apps for Your Online Store

As an ecommerce business owner, you know that the speed of your online store plays a significant role in whether or not your customers keep coming back. Not only do slow loading times drive away consumers and potentially impact revenue, but they can also have a negative effect on the overall user experience of the website. That’s why it is important to optimize Shopify speed so that you can ensure optimum performance for all visitors to your store. Luckily, there are several Shopify apps available which offer tremendous assistance with this task – allowing you to quickly optimize site speeds and provide an enjoyable shopping experience no matter what device customers use! In this blog post, we’ll explore 15 shopify speed optimization apps and how they can help improve the performance of your store.

Speed is a crucial aspect of a customer’s in-store experience at a Shopify store. A reliable brand that is investing in its website shows that its website is fast. Sales also reflect this perception. For each extra second a site takes to load, you will lose 7% of your revenue. As a result, a faster website results in increased profits and sales. Normal websites are still not optimized for speed. That can be attributed to a variety of factors. Images that are too large or other factors necessitate modifying the code on occasion. For that reason you want to utilize one of the numerous Shopify page speed applications on the Shopify list. Most ecommerce website design companies take care of Shopify speed optimization at the time of website development. However, it may be helpful if you also have the basic understanding of Shopify store speed optimization.

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What are Shopify Speed Optimization Apps?

Shopify store speed optimization apps basically speed up your website. By reducing the amount of code required to load your pages, this is accomplished. The way each device does this is unique. Some Shopify page speed apps, for instance, will only reduce image sizes, while others will simplify coding. That has many benefits for your website. Page load speed is an essential aspect of Shopify SEO. Google may give your website a higher ranking if you respond quickly, which may result in significantly more visitors.

The end result will result in increased profits, revenue, and sales. Your brand’s ratings will improve in the end, and customers will have a better shopping experience.

15 Best Shopify Speed Optimization Apps for Your Store

  1. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer – Booster Apps

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

A tool for speeding up Shopify stores is Page Speed Optimizer. It is suitable for Shopify store owners who want to speed up their stores and boost their SEO. By obtaining a position that loads faster, Page Speed Optimizer can increase conversion rates. If you could load more quickly, the customer would be happy. They value quick, immediate results, regardless of the website. With just one click, the app will assist you in improving your store’s Shopify page load speed and load times. The app also speeds up the loading time of Shopify pages, which can be directly linked to increased conversion rates.

  • Rating – 4.9
  • Price – Free
  1. Plug in Speed – SureSwift Capital

Plug in Speed - SureSwift Capital

SureSwift Capital developed the app Plug in Optimizer, which also works to speed up desktop and mobile versions of Shopify stores. You can speed up the store without having to rely on developers by using the app. The app also lets you improve your Google search engine rankings and helps you get a lot of visitors to your website. It enables you to optimize your code and speed up page loading without affecting your pages’ existing codes or altering their appearance or functionality. If you want, you can also disable the code optimizations. Additionally, it gives you access to a customized Plugin Speed dashboard from which you can evaluate the app’s impact on your store.

  • Rating – 4.1
  • Price – Starts at $39 /month

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  1. Hyperspeed – Rvere

Hyperspeed - Rvere

Hyperspeed application allows you to boost sales. However, by optimizing the Shopify page load speed, it also aids SEO in lowering bounce rates. LazyLoad loads images onto your website when visitors are most likely to see them so that invisible images do not slow down your Shopify store. With responsive image sizes, you can load the right amount of space for each situation. In addition, this app makes use of predictive page loading to preload pages before customers click on them, making your shop appear to be moving quickly from the get-go. As a result, when you use this app, you’ll see an increase in both customers and sales.

  • Rating – 4.8
  • Price – $39 /month
  1. Page Speed Optimizer Pro – Crucial Commerce

Page Speed Optimizer Pro

The tool for increasing the speed of a website is called web page speed optimizer. Shopify should help any owner who wants to speed up their business and improve their SEO. A file called vital-commerce-webpage-velocity will be automatically uploaded to your website when the app is turned on. Shopify speed can be improved with the assistance of the Page Speed Optimizer Pro. Customers will not be inconvenienced while your application is being used, despite the increased loading times. You might also get a better rating on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Furthermore, it costs a free charge for download.

  • Rating – 4.7
  • Price – Free
  1. Page Speed Booster – RoarTheme

Page Speed Booster - RoarTheme

Your browser will be instructed by Page Speed Booster to either submit idle time to retrieve page content or to plan to retrieve it in anticipation of the user’s subsequent action. For instance, the individual is on a page at the same time that they are on the homepage to select a product to click. As a result, the product’s feature page could be the next page. By causing the browser to retrieve content even while the user is still browsing to find the right product, Page Speed Booster improves the page’s overall performance. Page Speed Booster will increase your conversion rate and make it simpler to create your website’s pages immediately.

  • Rating – 4.7
  • Price – Free
  1. SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed – AVADA

SEO Image Optimizer Page Speed - AVADA

SEO for Avada: Image Optimizer Page Speed is loaded with all the features you need to improve your SEO rankings and attract more visitors. You will be able to compress your images while also ensuring that their quality does not change. The app enables you to automatically add alt tags to each image, optimizes meta titles and descriptions, and assists you in ranking for relevant keywords. It not only provides you with solutions but also a comprehensive SEO analysis of your product pages, including reports and suggestions for enhancement. Also adds special ALT tags to all of the images from product, collection, and blog pages. Integrates with several other helpful Shopify apps to further enhance your website.

  • Rating – 4.9
  • Price – Free
  1. Fuzz Page Speed Booster – Fuznet

Fuzz Page Speed Booster - Fuznet

Another app on the list is Fuzz-Page Speed Booster. Developed by Fuzznet, this one will speed up your Shopify store’s navigation by preloading pages before you click on them. By compressing all of your images without lowering their quality, this app reduces the amount of time your Shopify store takes to load. It is designed to accelerate the execution of CSS and Javascript files in addition to compressing them.

  • Rating – 3.4
  • Price – $4.99 /month
  1. SEO Image Compression – SEOAnt (Formerly Giraffly)

SEO Image Compression - SEOAnt

You can get search engine optimization, image compression, page speed, and a slew of other features from this unique multifunctional app. It has a solid reputation in this industry and is trusted by thousands of stores. Therefore, you should give it a shot. Get a comprehensive SEO report for your entire Shopify website. Improve your on-page SEO and boost your Google ranking. Expert service for users who want to speed up their pages. Customers can browse more pages in a shorter amount of time if browsing speed is improved.

  • Rating – 4.8
  • Price – Free
  1. Page Speed Optimizer – Jumbo

Page Speed Optimizer - Jumbo

Jumbo is a free app for speeding up Shopify checkouts and increasing conversion rates. It increases conversions, reduces bounce rates, and pre-loads product pages.

When a visitor hovers their mouse over a link, the app loads product pages. Jumbo is here to assist you in optimizing your audience, whereas other optimization tools are here to assist you in analyzing it. To identify potential speed optimization opportunities, you should always utilize additional tools like a mouse tracker to comprehend what your users do. The good news is that Jumbo optimizes all links, removing the need for a comprehensive site-wide analysis.

  • Rating – 4.6
  • Price – Free
  1. SEO, Image Optimizer & Speed – TinyIMG

SEO, Image Optimizer & Speed - TinyIMG

The TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer app will help you speed up your Shopify store and help you fix slow page loads. Furthermore, Picture Analyzer assists with streamlining search engine optimization on page design and speed of your site to acquire natural traffic. By controlling the script and receiving notification of broken links-related issues before customers notice them, the page speed optimizer plug-in makes it simple to increase store speed. Implement JSON-LD and increase visibility with SERP snippets by improving metadata and alt texts for improved SEO results. With just one click, you can compress and optimize the images in your store without affecting image quality.

  • Rating – 5
  • Price – Free
  1. SEOmatic: Image, SEO Optimizer – Aheadworks

SEOmatic: Image, SEO Optimizer - Aheadworks

SEO Image Compression is an application that enables you to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and achieve higher Google rankings. If they are well optimized, websites with metadata and JSON-LD will rank higher on Google and other search engines. Images have an impact on loading speed, which is important for Google rankings. Because of this, the app’s image compression feature helps you improve your Shopify SEO. Automatic Image Optimization Mode, Lossy Compression, Lossless Compression, Automated Lazy Image Loading, and Image Watermark Feature are some of the features available in this app.

  • Rating – 4.6
  • Price – Free
  1. VF Image Resizer & Optimizer – ValueFly

VF Image Resizer & Optimizer - ValueFly

Another app on the list is VF Image Resizer & Optimizer, which helps you optimize images to speed up page loading. The higher your conversion rate and the ability to rank higher on Google when images are optimized, the faster your product pages load. Using the app’s edit filters and real-time preview, you can even select just the right images to edit. Image Rename SEO, Text/Image Watermark, Image Resize, Image Alt-text SEO are some of the features available in this app. You do not need to have any coding knowledge to use this app.

  • Rating – 4.9
  • Price – Free
  1. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer – Space Squirrel

Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer - Space Squirrel

Crush: SEO Image Optimizer is a useful application that speeds up website loading times. The app compresses images to reduce file size without sacrificing image quality. This speeds up the loading time of Shopify websites. This tool can also be used to optimize your images for search engine optimization. It has various features such as Automatic Image Compression, Reduce File Size Store Images, Automatic Image Compression, Manual Upload and Compress.

  • Rating – 4.8
  • Price – Free
    1. Profit Analytics & Benchmark – Conversific Profit Analysis

    Profit Analytics & Benchmark

    Downloading the all-powerful Conversific Analytics & Benchmark is a must if you want to monitor your load time and analyze your page performance. Your page load time, bounce rate, conversion rate, and repeat revenue will all be measured by this app.

    Improve the speed and profitability of your website as well as its performance, Monitor the overall performance of all of your industry’s rivals and receive regularly personalized recommendations and insights with the help of this app.

    • Rating – 4.9
    • Price – Free
    1. Progressify Me – Ampify Me

    Progressify Me - Ampify Me

    The Progressify Me, which was made by the Ampify Me team, is a crucial tool for all Shopify ecommerce vendors to make their stores faster, more trustworthy, and more engaging. With Progressify Me PWA you can assist clients with finding their items quicker and more straightforward. With PWA technology, you can speed up the loading process, make it easier for customers to find products, and install your website without any additional changes. You can also get useful insights and information. Smooth animations are another advantage of this app.

    • Rating – 4.4
    • Price – Free


    If you want to increase sales in your store, speed is essential. You can make a profit by having a fast loading store, which will also increase traffic to your website and the conversion ratio. There are a number of ways to speed up your Shopify store. This could mean improving the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code in your shop. Speeding up your Shopify store can reduce bounce rates, boost your search engine rankings, and significantly increase conversion rates. Overall, it is one of the most crucial metrics that will either make or break your website. All of the aforementioned apps are extremely useful and can certainly assist you in speeding up your website. As you begin evaluating every one, you will be able to find the most appropriate ones for your requirements.


    Are apps necessary to optimize a Shopify site?

    Apps are very much necessary for today’s requirements. They have in-built tools for optimizing all the features in a website which will help you save time and effort.

    Which is the best image optimizer for my Shopify site?

    There are many image optimizers available like the ones we have provided above. You can try using a few of them and see which one works best for your site.

    Do I need coding knowledge to work on these apps?

    You do not need to possess any coding knowledge to use these apps in your Shopify store.

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