10 Different Types of Social Media Platforms

More than 4.7 billion people worldwide use social media. Social media services come in a variety of flavors to meet a variety of requirements and accommodate a variety of content types. Some have features that overlap, while others are more specific in their use and the services they provide. As a brand or advertiser, knowing the various sorts of social media is critical to interact with the crowd. Some social media platforms have more daily and monthly active users than others. First, choosing the right social media platform will be easier if you know what you hope to accomplish. Additionally, the engagement rates on each of these platforms vary. We must first comprehend what social media is before we can comprehend the various types of social media platforms. 

Social Media Platforms
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What are Social Media Networks?

Any platform that lets you share images, videos, or text in a variety of formats is considered to be social media. You can connect and communicate with people you know and people you don’t know through these platforms. Businesses and marketers now use social media to sell their brands, products, and services to a larger audience. Advertisers and entrepreneurs can now promote items and services to various individuals online to amplify the maximum capacity of web-based business. Reputable agencies offer social media marketing services that come handy for businesses. The type of content is the primary factor that sets social media platforms apart from one another. 

Businesses that wanted a new communication method to reach out to customers adapted to social media, which began as a way to communicate with friends and family. The force of virtual entertainment is the capacity to associate and impart data to anybody on the planet, or with many individuals at the same time. Social media is an ever-evolving and changing field, with apps like TikTok and Clubhouse joining established social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter almost every year.

Importance of Social Media Platforms

You don’t have to call or email random people to see if they are interested in your brand because of social media platforms. Since almost everyone in the world uses social media, you might be just a click away from your target audience. You can get your brand directly onto the page of the people you want to reach with hashtags, giving you a huge reach. Since there is a wide variety of dynamic individuals on social media, the degree for different traffic is likewise expanded. Enhancing social media as per users’ necessities can guarantee that you get visits and traffic from different individuals. Using keywords correctly and following other SEO guidelines would also guarantee more and better traffic.

Another successful way social media platforms benefit organizations is by furnishing the resources to team up with fitting records. There are now a lot of influencers on every social media platform, and each of them is willing to promote a product that they think is right for their followers. Businesses looking to expand typically get in touch with such influencers, who place paid advertisements on their pages and drive a lot of traffic to the business account. There are still a lot of benefits of social media that can help you personally and professionally but for now, we will now move on to exploring the various forms of social media.

Types of Social Media Platforms

  1. Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter


Facebook and Twitter make it easier for people to connect with one another and provide a plethora of opportunities for various brands to attract individuals. Users are able to share their thoughts, form groups based on their interests, curate content, upload images and videos, and take part in discussions that are held in groups. With the right targeting metrics, you can use advertisements to reach a wide range of people and influence influential people. 

You can also connect with these people, learn about user preferences, and keep an eye on online conversations about your business. You can use the information you learn about what people say about your brand on social media to build a positive presence and increase brand awareness. Brands can cultivate relationships with customers and followers that result in sales by producing content that is both informative and engaging.

Since these platforms are unquestionably data rich, you can contact a great deal of the ideal individuals without blowing your whole promotion spending plan. Use hashtags and groups to connect with followers, find customers who share your interests, or potential business partners, and build connections.

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  1. Image Sharing Networks: Instagram, Snapchat


People can share photos and related content on these social media platforms. Instagram and Snapchat give you a place to talk, encourage creativity, make your products look better, and get customers to talk about your brand. Taking and sharing photos has never been easier thanks to platforms like Instagram, which has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Brands that want to use this kind of social media marketing should concentrate on creative, high-quality images that tell a story.

As a way to engage with your brand, you can encourage your audience to create original content. Pictures can also be used to inspire, share personal stories, and interact with your audience. Shoppable posts and images can also be used by businesses to increase sales on these platforms. Businesses can post images that are linked to their items on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. When a post contains a shopping link, users are notified and can proceed to the merchant store to complete their transaction.

Websites that share content are advantageous to photogenic businesses. You can run campaigns to get people to take a picture or video of your product and share it with a new hashtag. You can inspire and engage users by curating, creating, and distributing your own content, uniting them around a common interest.

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  1. Video Sharing Networks: Youtube, TikTok


Video platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo, like image-based social networks, are attracting a lot of visitors with visual content. The reason videos are so well known is viewers need less effort to absorb video content. The only thing you can do is watch, no reading or scrolling. Additionally, videos are the best way to educate your audience. Social video content is built on tutorials and how-tos.

Businesses and marketers have reported seeing significant advantages from using videos. Because it facilitates assimilation and comprehension, this type of content is widely preferred by users. YouTube is one significant platform that has changed how people interact with video content. Video content that answers questions is frequently found when people search for a variety of things. This kind of content can be used to engage customers, promote a new product, answer questions, or explain features and packages as a business or brand. There are numerous ways organizations can profit from such stages. Ads are placed in between videos, and reports indicate that they have received more clicks. There are numerous opportunities to get to know the viewers of your content in the comment section of YouTube.

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  1. Discussion Forums: Quora, Reddit


Discussion forums are places where people can ask questions, get answers, and start conversations about a wide range of topics. Because they enable users to ask questions and receive responses from a variety of individuals, discussion forums are extremely important. Quora and Reddit platforms are made to get people talking about things they like or are curious about. The information and value provided by these platforms are what make them relevant, despite the fact that users cannot be identified by name. 

A better understanding of people’s attitudes toward specific products, services, or niche-related topics can be gained by businesses. It’s a way to hear what your customers are talking about on a daily basis and get unfiltered ideas. You can use these platforms to do research or answer any questions people might have about your industry. Your business or product website may see an increase in visits as a result of this respect and credibility. You can also conduct market research by asking people what they think of your brand and products in discussion forums. You may be able to develop marketing campaigns that are more focused as a result of this.

There are numerous subcommunities on Reddit. You can find people in your field, engage them, learn what they’re asking, and use this as a starting point for your content marketing strategy with a little research. Users of Quora also ask a wide range of questions. Responding to them can help you become a thought leader and increase traffic to your website.

  1. Bookmarking and Social Curation Networks: Pinterest, Flipboard


Users can save various ideas, posts, and other content for later use on bookmarking networks. Additionally, numerous individuals share links to lists of online resources. Pinterest and Flipboard are meant to talk about trends and find new content based on common interests. You can use these networks to get people to visit your website, interact with them, and get their feedback by sharing your own bookmarkable content.

Social bookmarking allows you to save pages so you can return to them later. Users can also add annotations, share bookmarks with others, and discover new content on these websites. Curate content for your team or customers using this type of social media. You can also create a content bucket there that you can use across all of your social media platforms.

  1. Customer Review Sites: Yelp, Tripadvisor


Customers’ reviews of businesses are shown on these websites, giving users a complete picture of the kind of services and products offered and the rate of overall satisfaction. Customer reviews can assist you in identifying any problems that are shared by a lot of people and in enhancing their experiences over time. Your company’s popularity and brand recognition can be increased by promoting positive reviews and carefully responding to negative ones.

As much as they trust personal recommendations, many of them also trust online reviews. In today’s business world, curating, collecting, and responding to online reviews are crucial to success. Yelp and TripAdvisor, two popular review websites, feature customer feedback on a wide range of products and services. This kills a great deal of the mystery that goes into booking a café or inn. Are you unsure if it’s the right move for you? You can find out by reading the reviews.

Examining customers’ positive and negative reviews can really help businesses. Reviews provide insight into the customer experience from their perspective. Make use of this to determine what is working and what needs to be improved. Reviews provide a chance to interact with reviewers and resolve any potential issues before they become major issues.

  1. Blogging and Community Networks: Tumblr, Medium


Businesses and marketers can reach their target audience and provide credible information to them by using blogs. Users can create a community on platforms like Tumblr and Medium where people with similar interests can follow them and read everything they have to say about a particular subject. In order to provide additional information about the brand, businesses can create blogs on these platforms or on their website. In addition to establishing you as an authority, curating content that permits customers to freely express their opinions demonstrates your brand’s relatability.

You can share your thoughts about your job, current events, hobbies, and more on these social media platforms. Without having to host your blog on your own website, you can enjoy many of its advantages. You can also find new readers among the network’s visitors looking for interesting content. To get more people to visit your account, you might want to think about writing blog posts about creative ways to use your product or posting news about your industry.

A blog can be intimidating to start. Find your voice, get some readers, and clarify your vision through platforms like Medium and Tumblr. You can use community blogging platforms to share, repurpose, and repost older content and expose it to a new audience if you already have a blog.

  1. Social Shopping Networks: Instagram Shop, Etsy


In recent years, social shopping has grown in popularity. Nowadays, users of the majority of social media platforms can browse products and make purchases without ever leaving their app. This provides brands with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sell their products directly to their target audience and is a convenient way for customers to shop.

People can use these networks to find new trends, share great finds, buy things, and follow their favorite brands. Instagram Shops and Etsy center around online business, and the social component makes it connecting with and engaging. If you want to sell to a larger audience and raise awareness of your brand, these social shopping sites are ideal.

Art, jewelry, crafts, and other items can be sold by small business owners. Customers who are looking for one-of-a-kind, handmade products can be reached by sellers. Other social shopping networks offer home-related items alongside information about home improvement, making them interest-based networks too. Social shopping features are now available on many social networks. It’s much simpler for people to get rid of old furniture and appliances because they can sell it to their friends, followers, and other nearby buyers.

  1. Interest-Based Networks: Goodreads, Strava


Share your unique interests and hobbies with others by utilizing specialized networks of Goodreads and Strava. Networking through shared interests can also be facilitated by apps and websites related to your field. For instance, an interest-based site could permit individuals to examine their number one books and get suggestions about what to read next. Profile pages could be created by authors to promote their work and respond to questions from readers. The beginning of the interest-based network can be attributed to the fact that the Internet’s ongoing development has provided us with new and improved options to meet our shifting requirements. People are adopting networks that are based on common interests with people they may or may not even know, as opposed to networks that are based on moving offline connections online. 

You can track the books you’ve read, the books you’re reading, and the books you want to read with a Goodreads account. Through its curated lists and detailed individual book listings, the website assists users in discovering new books to read. You can also check out what your friends and authors are reading, leave reviews, and comment on reviews written by others by following them. This is a more profound method of effectively communicating with people who don’t even know each other. It removes barriers like time zones, social norms, and cultural norms, leaving only the ideas and passions they share.

  1. Sharing Economy Networks: Airbnb, Couchsurfing


Networks in the sharing economy connect people who want to share something with those who need it. By encouraging people to share goods and services, these websites give people access to resources. A user might be able to find someone willing to look after their dog while they are away on vacation by using a pet-focused sharing economy site, for instance. It would be more comfortable for the pet and less expensive than a kennel. If you sell pet food or toys, advertising could help you get new customers. You could even give away free samples of your products or services. By pooling resources on a large scale, these communities provide opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without technology.

The flexibility of the business model and the ease of online access to shared goods and services are driving the growth of the sharing economy. The number of people choosing to leave the traditional workforce and join the sharing economy as a sustainable way to earn money has also increased due to the sharing economy’s low entry barrier and minimal regulations. Airbnb is a community for individuals to list, find and book remarkable facilities all over the planet – on the web or from a cell phone or tablet. By promoting their extra space to a broad and targeted audience, Airbnb users can monetize it. Traveling becomes a truly social experience when travelers connect with a global network of people who are willing to share life in profound and meaningful ways through Couchsurfing. In order to encourage cultural exchange and mutual respect, hosts offer their homes to tourists at no cost.

Final Thoughts

Businesses may be able to reach their desired audience and achieve their business objectives by utilizing all of these platforms’ features. Because there aren’t any hard and fast rules about how to use some of these platforms, you have to come up with creative ways to connect with your audience. Save yourself the hassle and ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms by repurposing content for use across multiple platforms. Explore the various forms of social media to determine which is most suitable for your company.


Which is the number one video sharing network in the world?

Youtube is the numero uno video sharing website in the world with more than 2 billion active users.

Which platform is good for writing blogs?

Medium is an uprising blogging platform used by many including the former US president Barack Obama. You can write and read about any topic here.

Where can I ask questions anonymously, so that I am not judged?

Questions can be asked on any platform, but Quora and Reddit are the front runners when you want clear, detailed answers for your questions. You can ask questions here without revealing your identity.

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