What kind of keywords shall I choose for SEO?

Q: Is using only low competition keywords the right way to start your SEO campaign? Do you think that we can rank high for medium & high competition keywords also?

A: My answer would be, it depends. I am not very fond of the competition feature of the keyword planner tool. The reason being, if you will choose reasonable keywords over educational keywords, the tool will tell that all these are high competition keywords.

Best Strategy for Choosing Keywords

What I suggest is looking at the Cost-per-click of the keywords and for those that are underpriced. It is similar to choosing a stock and you are looking for something others do not see value in.

Let’s take the example of keyword planner tool from Google. When Google announced that the new keyword tool will be replacing the older one, I presumed that the tool will get popular and people were actually searching for “how to use keyword planner” on Google. Also, even today the tool has a little competition so far.

This is however a contrasting thing with keywords that contain the word “SEO”. These keywords are very competitive, as they have a high CPC.

What Should Be Your Keyword Strategy?

The best way is to look out for keywords that indicate your customers but are still not found by your competitors. So, what you actually want are low competition keywords, as measured by the tool or CPC but have a high value.

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