Getting Started With Facebook Touch: A Quick Guide

Undoubtedly, Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the planet. In order to access their service, more than 2.5 billion users log in each month. One third of them utilize the platform several times per day. This success can be attributed in large part to the accessible product designs used by the company. Facebook Touch is one such innovative product in the company’s portfolio. It also has several other great tools in its basket like the messenger, Facebook pixel and others.

Facebook started out as merely a website but has now transformed into a billion-dollar corporation that runs under the name META. The company was among the first websites to develop their own smartphone app when smartphones initially gained popularity. The idea was basic. The kind of uniformity we see now was not present, and mobile browsers were clumsy. Facebook is a complicated website that would not operate consistently on all phones. However, Facebook desired to provide a consistent experience for every user, regardless of phone, with an app. If you are looking to develop a Facebook like application for your business, hire a dedicated development team to take over your project.

On some phones, the Facebook App is infamous for operating slowly in real life. Additionally, the graphics are inferior compared to the website. But Facebook Touch, a substitute app, is a readily available substitute. It was created by H5 Apps, who have continuously provided support for it ever since its 2009 debut. It is also free to download and use, much like the Facebook App.

What is Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch

Facebook Touch was launched to the market in 2009 in order to familiarize smartphone users with touchscreen devices. It is stated to be a condensed mobile version of the Facebook website that, thanks to a nicer user experience and sharper graphics, serves as a more effective substitute for the Facebook apps for Android and iOS.

It also operates more quickly than the latter. The Touch version of the Facebook app is still offered as a choice even though it has been a great commercial success in an effort to give users more options. There is a lot more to know about the application that you will only understand after using it. However, it is only available for Android devices, keeping away iOS users from getting an easy to use version of the Facebook app.

How Is Facebook Touch Different?

What makes Facebook Touch preferable to the official Facebook App, then? It mainly boils down to improved appearance and performance. The name is reminiscent of the early years of smartphone development. It is as a result of Facebook Touch’s touch screen optimization. Naturally, a lot has changed in that time. Let’s look at the features that this app currently provides.

  1. Better Interface
  2. Improved Media Quality
  3. Less Data Usage & Faster Loading Speed
  4. Reduced Memory Consumption

Now that you know about the key differences, we will look at them in detail.

  1. Better Interface

The buttons are all more responsive than those in the official app and have all been tuned for mobile use. Everything is well organized and presented in a way that makes sense. Even better, you can set the program to run in full-screen mode, which will make your Android system buttons invisible. There is no need to be concerned about icons, videos, and images getting cut off by the screen’s edge.

  1. Improved Media Quality

Compared to the desktop website, the Facebook App offers lower-quality copies of images and videos. You will not be able to view a version with a higher resolution. Images and videos on Facebook Touch are displayed at their original quality.

You will be able to view someone in all their splendor if they have uploaded an ultra-high resolution image. Just bear in mind that no app can increase an image’s initial resolution. Any way you browse Facebook, if the original image was low-resolution that is all you will see.

  1. Less Data Usage & Faster Loading Speed

Facebook Touch consumes less mobile data even though it offers crisper images and videos. Because it employs more sophisticated transmission methods than the official app, this is the case. We are willing to attempt a guess because there is not much information available regarding how this works.

Facebook Touch might restrict the majority of ad tracking traffic. Facebook would never take such a step, but a third-party developer might. It would undoubtedly shed light on how H5 was able to create a speedier app.

  1. Reduced Memory Consumption

Because it is lighter than the official app, Facebook Touch is preferred by people using smartphones with low storage capacity. Because it consumes less RAM, it will not significantly slow down your other apps. This also means that it functions better on older or inexpensive prepaid phones.

How To Access Facebook Touch?

There are different ways with which you can access Facebook Touch app. Here we have shared how you can access it on your desktop system.

  • Visit on your desktop browser to access Facebook Touch.
  • You will be prompted to sign in using your Facebook account when you first visit Facebook Touch.
  • Your News Feed will be displayed after you log in.
  • By tapping on the icons at the bottom of the screen from here, you can access all of Facebook Touch’s capabilities. Home, Friends, Messages, Notifications, and More are the icons.
  • Tap the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box at the top of the screen to publish an update or upload a photo.
  • Find friends and connect with them by using the ‘Search for people, places, and things” box at the top of the homepage.
  • Check into places by using the ‘Add a location’ option at the top of the page. You can also tag your friends and share an update via this option.
  • Tap the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the screen, then choose Games or Apps from the drop-down menu that displays to access a range of other entertainment features.

Download Facebook Touch On Your Smartphone

Neither the App Store nor Google Play Store has the Facebook Touch app. There is only the standard Facebook app available when you search for Facebook Touch in either of these two stores. You will need to download an APK file instead. Once downloaded, sign into your account to view the improved user interface and higher resolution photos. Follow these instructions to access the APK file for Facebook Touch:

Search & Download The Facebook APK

Download The Facebook APK

Search for ‘Facebook Touch APK’ in the search bar of the web browser you regularly use and download the apk file from a trusted website. Make sure you do not download it from a website that seems suspicious else, the file might come with some malware.

Allow Installation From Unknown Sources

Allow Facebook Touch Installation

The next thing to do is modify your device’s authorization settings after downloading Facebook Touch. For this, allow the installation of apps on your smartphone from unauthorized sources. You will need to do this from the settings of your phone.

Install Facebook Touch APK

Install Facebook Touch

You can choose to install the program after downloading the APK file. To execute this, click the ‘Install’ button. The application will automatically install post this as it does not require any additional permissions.

Open & Run Facebook Touch

Run Facebook Touch

By starting the app and logging into your account with your account login information, you can take advantage of all the features of Facebook Touch. The app is easy to use and loads up very fast, so you should not face any problems while setting up your account for the first time.

Can You Send A Message Using Facebook Touch App?

Facebook Touch does not support messaging, just like the official Facebook App. Facebook has taken a different approach with their mobile experience even though messaging is essential to the desktop version of the site. Facebook Messenger will open if you select the ‘Messages’ icon in the Facebook App.

Facebook’s chat functions are the only ones available in Messenger, a separate programme. With Messenger, you can receive updates in real-time because it is a live chat app. Like Signal or WhatsApp, you can, for instance, see when the other person is typing, is online and utilize several other features.

How To Use Facebook Touch On A Slow Connection

There are a few things you can do to enhance your experience if you are using Facebook Touch on a slow internet connection.

  1. Switch to The Low Bandwidth Mode

You will be prompted to select the low bandwidth mode when you first log in to Facebook Touch. An easier-to-use, less-data-intensive version of the Facebook Touch user interface will load in this mode.

  1. Turn Off Picture Loading

By choosing ‘Settings’ from the ‘More’ menu, you can disable high-quality photos. Next, choose ‘Advanced Settings’ and deselect ‘Display Images’.

  1. Use WiFi

We advise using your WiFi connection instead of your mobile data connection if you have access to one. You will be able to move among app screens as quickly as feasible as a result of the better connection.

Pros & Cons of Facebook Touch

Let’s take a broad look at Facebook Touch’s advantages and disadvantages before we finish. What does it excel in, and what could be improved?

Facebook Touch Pros

Facebook Touch supersedes the original Facebook app in a number of aspects. Few of them are listed below:

  • Increased app loading speed
  • Less data consumption
  • Decreased battery use
  • High-quality pictures and videos
  • Enhanced user experience compared to the official app
  • No post width or height restrictions; can zoom in as necessary

Facebook Touch Cons

There are various aspects that can be viewed as Facebook Touch’s limitations even though it performs better than a Facebook app.

  • There is not much of a visual distinction between the two
  • There is not much reason for you to begin using Facebook Touch if you are currently fairly comfortable with Facebook and have no issues with its performance or quality
  • Facebook Touch may not perform as well on desktop as it does on mobile
  • Facebook has also released several touchscreen lite app versions, some of which may be superior to Facebook Touch


An excellent alternative to traditional Facebook surfing is Facebook Touch. However, iPhone users will not be able to install it. The app, however, has a lot to offer over the official app for those looking for a more customized mobile experience. You will have access to a sleeker user interface and improved performance once this app is installed. You will not have to worry about the Facebook App’s notorious battery-hungry nature, at the very least.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch is a third-party application created by H5 (now called Lighthouse). It was developed especially for touchscreen mobile devices. It includes a user-friendly layout in addition to a variety of features that might make your experience better. In other words, it will operate more quickly (using less data), and the graphics and display may also be improved.

What is the difference between the official Facebook app and Facebook Touch?

Facebook Touch was created specifically for touch-enabled devices, which is the key distinction between Facebook Touch and the standard Facebook app. You can quickly access your News Feed, recent messages, and notifications using Facebook Touch. You can quickly locate friends and connect with them using Facebook Touch. Additionally, you may share what you are reading or watching, upload updates and images, check into places and tag friends, play games, and use an official app.

How can I change my profile picture via Facebook Touch?

The option to modify or choose a new profile photo will appear when you pick your current profile picture on Facebook Touch. You may change your account’s profile image from there.

How does the homepage look like on Facebook Touch?

The Facebook stories would be displayed first on the Facebook Touch app, followed by posts from the individuals and groups you follow. You will also see advertisements, suggested pages, and suggested people in between.

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