The New TikTok Logo PNG 2024 Latest

Get the latest and trending TikTok logo PNG 2024 images for your social media profile or website. The new TikTok logo features the company’s name in a sans-serif font with a red and black color scheme. The old logo was simply the word “TikTok” in white against a black background. Check out our collection of the latest TikTok logos below!

The new TikTok logo takes inspiration from Douyin and the old logos. Creators and marketing people across domains are looking to download TikTok logo for free to use it for their marketing material. You can easily download TikTok logo from this post. Another way of making your marketing material superb is opting for a social media marketing service. This way, you can focus on creating awesome content while your team does the marketing tasks for you.

TikTok Logo Uses

TikTok Logo PNG can be used for a variety of purposes like:

  • Alongside pictures on a blog post
  • For print media
  • To use in your marketing material
  • To represent TikTok at a multilevel platform
  • To portray your connection with the app

The New Latest TikTok Logo PNG Transparent 2024

Download The New TikTok Logo PNG 2022 Latest

This TikTok vertical logo PNG can be used to portray the entertainment app’s characteristics as well as its uses. You can also use it when writing about TikTok app.

Inspiration Behind New TikTok Logo

Inspiration Behind New TikTok Logo

The new TikTok logo brings enjoyment and inspires creativity among creators and the audience. People love how creators showcase their talent and skills with amazing dance, company, sports, and other kinds of videos.

The designer who created the logo wanted to design something that represents the soul of creators- their art. Post the launch of their new logo, TikTok confirmed that their logo designer is indeed a young, energetic person who is a music fan, especially at rock concerts.

Apparently, the logo design idea popped up in his/her mind while attending a concert where a large crowd was present. The designer got lost in thoughts when they saw complete darkness and a brightly lit stage. Post this experience, the designer wanted to create a logo that emulates TikTok’s experience as a shining light, exactly how the stage appeared to the artist.

As part of the final representation, the designer chose a black background for the logo. According to them, the color portrayed how TikTok has become a platform that provides an unjudged space for flourishing talent. Post this, the design of a music note was added to the logo. Once it was complete, the designer added an electronic wave effect to the 2D design.

After trying iterations of this design, the concerned department was able to finalize the logo, one that is being used today.

The new TikTok logo is appealing to the eye and encourages the users to get up and try their talents. It inspires creativity with its colors and effects. The logo certainly stands out among other social media brand logos.

Horizontal Full Color TikTok Logo with Glyph

Horizontal Full Color TikTok Logo

This TikTok logo is perfect for use in banners and as a cover for your profile pages. You can also embed it to the bottom of your image to express representation.

Full Color TikTok Logo Font Image – Horizontal

Full Color TikTok Logo Font Image - Horizontal

The TikTok marketing team has done an awesome job when it comes to selecting the best font for a logo design. They have used Sans Serif font for TikTok logo text.

Also Read

Why is TikTok so Popular?

TikTok is one of the newest big social media platforms to emerge, and it has exploded in popularity among people of all ages. Although the platform is geared toward a younger audience, it has also attracted the parents and grandparents of the initial target group.

TikTok, like other social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook, has worked out how to make the platform addictive. TikTok’s brief videos and dopamine doses might cause users to lose hours of their day to the app. It has also made a name for itself by ensuring that you get the type of material you like to see, thanks to an algorithm that learns how you use the platform.

The more you use TikTok, the better it becomes at predicting which videos you will like.


TikTok’s growth story is not a fairytale. It is the result of a carefully implemented strategy along with the hard work of the company and independent creators. You can use TikTok logo PNG in your marketing material to talk about the brand. However, before utilizing it for commercial purposes, it is better if you take permission from TikTok’s parent ByteDance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TikTok’s new logo?

Against a black background, the logo depicts a three-color note (pink, blue, and white). It was not by chance that the designer was inspired to create this logo. The emblem’s distinguishing feature is that it appears to be three-dimensional: neon colors overlap each other, symbolizing music vibrations.

What is the symbol of TikTok?

The design contains the letter ‘d’ shaped in the shape of a musical note, which represented the app’s name (Douyin) at the time. The app’s name was changed to TikTok when it was introduced internationally, but the company kept the same design.

Where can I download the new black TikTok logo?

You can download the new black TikTok logo HD 2024 here.

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